Top 5 digital marketing companies in Kerala


Top 5 digital marketing companies in Kerala

“ If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”- Bill Gates

What do you think about this quote?

Though it is a small or medium-sized business, a common question arises that “ Why does every business need an online presence and why do we approach digital marketing companies for digital marketing services?”

First of all, let me clarify why every business needs an online presence, Digital marketing company in kerala.

◈  Improves your companies visibility – This is a major reason to start your business online as it helps to increase your company image. You should start a website and start selling online. Today’s companies of all sizes establish an online presence. People begin to wonder that without a website, blog, or online presence, how seriously you take your business. Without an online presence, you can’t get the expected benefits from it. So you need to have an online presence to reap benefits.

◈  Low start-up cost- Doing business online is cheap compared to offline, as you don’t have to construct buildings, don’t want to hire staff, and even don’t want to buy vehicles. You have to simply build a website and start selling.

◈  Good customer support- You get better customer support if you provide relevant answers to the customers’ questions and solve their problems. If you provide better customer services, it improves your likely customers and even your company visibility too. With an online presence, you can give them the information they are looking for.

◈  Work from anywhere – Taking your business online gives you location freedom so that you can live and work from anywhere you want, so you don’t have to be stuck in a particular place. You can work from any part of the globe and run a business successfully.

◈  Help to gain credibility- Having an online presence gives your business instant credibility. Customers are more likely to trust your business when they reach your professional website. It also opens up your business to a world full of opportunities that are further built on trusts, such as through online reviews and testimonials.

After reading this, several questions must arise that if we don’t get relevant results through an online presence, what is next? How can we improve our business online? If we can’t do this by ourselves, who will help us? So the foremost answer for all these queries is Digital marketing companies.

So through this blog, I will tell you how digital marketing companies help you to improve your business and also the top 5 digital marketing companies in Kerala.

First of all, let me tell you what a digital marketing company is.

Top 5 digital marketing company in Kerala

In this competitive digital world, you must need a solid online presence to maintain your business. Every single competitor has added online marketing to their marketing technique—many of them turn to a digital marketing company for assistance.

The services of digital marketing companies are different, but the objectives are the same – to reach the target customer and make them buy a product that you are selling online as well as offline. The approach to reaching the target customer is to target the digital ways that the customer follows. They help to increase your online presence, Perform market research and integrate your online profiles and platforms.

 So what Does a Digital Marketing Company Do?

➩  Website Designing
➩  Website Optimization
➩  Content Optimization
➩  Content Creation
➩  App Development
➩  Search Engine Marketing
➩  Search Engine Optimization
➩  Social Media Marketing
➩  Mobile Marketing
➩  Placement of Online ads
➩  Email Marketing
➩  Online Branding
➩  Reporting of Digital Strategies and Tactics

So you may be confused about which are the best digital marketing companies in Kerala. Here we are going to check the top 5 digital marketing companies in Kerala.

Nexxa Corporates

Nexxa Corporates Infotech Pvt Ltd, one of the best digital marketing companies in Kerala expertise in delivering digital results regardless of the size of companies and always provides more than you expect.

They help to develop strategies after understanding particular niches and craft plans that avoid anxiety and provide results. They have a bunch of dedicated, self-motivated, and hardworking professionals who are competent in their fields.

They came across effective planning strategies to help the clients considering the value of time. They provide 24*7 support even after completion of the project and their proficient teammates are proactive in every action and foresee the needs, changes and eager to find real results or accurate solutions. They consist of a talented team of digital marketing experts as their strength and are a leading digital marketing company in Kerala itself.

❐  They provide the best services in digital marketing which includes:

➥  Branding- They assist to develop a brand which to acquire name & fame, to deliver something relevant, and to develop a connection with the customer.

➥  Search Engine Optimization- To rank at the top, to drive quality traffic, to get a conversion, they provide SEO services. Search Engine Optimization assists to be on top highest web results and excel in business.

➥  Social Media Marketing- They provide a Social media marketing service that is excellent in the cost-effective promotion. It helps to find an appropriate audience, to get more traffic and results & to be spread by word of mouth.

➥  Content Marketing – A strategic approach to attract and retain an audience, enhance branding, improve search engine ranking, and encourage to take profitable action.

➥  Web & App development -They help to develop a website and app, which is user-friendly, optimized to work in all sizes and shape of the device, to show the online presence.

➥  PPC- PPC services are provided for you to get fast and measurable results and to get a target audience.

Nexxa Corporates offer a wide variety of services. You can get SEO help so you can boost your rankings in search, get paid traffic support so that you don’t waste money trying things that don’t work, or practically anything else when it comes to marketing. Choose the right one for getting the expected results.

Webdura Technologies

The expectations of customers are always growing. To meet this growing demand, the Digital platform is today used as the main source to reach customers as it’s time-saving and has more benefits than we expected.. Digital Marketing has empowered small and medium-scale businesses to achieve success with its systematic approaches as it was more effective.

Webdura Technologies is the best digital marketing company in Kochi that provides digital marketing services to its clients to generate more traffic and leads. At Webdura, they provide a systematic Digital Marketing Strategy for their clients.

In 2010, Webdura has grown to become the most impactful digital marketing company in India by providing result-oriented digital Marketing solutions to enhance the image of clients and help enable their digital dream with a platform that communicates the core essence of the company to their target audience.

Having associated with over 20 global brands, Webdura is able to support the needs of clients by understanding their requirements and providing a thorough insight into all the parallels to meet their Digital Marketing needs. The team, consisting of experts in various fields of Digital Platform, provides various services to their clients by throwing them effective business strategies.

In Webdura, with their expertise in the diverse fields of Digital Marketing, assist small and medium-size businesses by implementing effective strategies which help to generate more leads and turns to more sales. They constantly strive towards becoming the most impactful digital marketing company in Kerala. They came up with result-oriented and effective digital methods to meet the needs of their clients.

The services they provide were:

➥  Digital Marketing- The primary significance of Digital Marketing is that you can target an unlimited audience around the globe. In webdura, they make use of modern technology and associated parallels like Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. They operate within your budget and work to achieving the maximum returns on your investments.

➥  Search Engine Optimization- Get your website listed on top of Google’s search engine with Webdura’s Search Engine Optimization services. Get in hand with Kerala’s leading digital marketing company and take your business to the next level.

➥  Pay per click- Their Pay Per Click services ensure more leads using the platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc., and boost your business with your expectations and budget.

➥  Social Media Marketing- Be known in the world of social media. The social marketing team at Webdura helps you to explore the benefits of engaging in social platforms to gain and attract your target audience.

➥  Web Development- A great website is not only evaluated on how it looks but also on factors such as security, accessibility, and user guidance. This requires a team of expert coders who are up to date with the latest and greatest in the world of coding.

➥  UX design- A UX Design has to be strategized so as to serve the purpose of the client or a product from the perspective of the user. Their service involves a deep study of the target audience by using analytics tools and understanding their behavior in terms of what it is that they need.

➥  Mobile app development- They design intuitive and customer-centric apps for clients across all the major ecosystems like IOS, ANDROID, and WINDOWS.

Webdura Technologies is a results-driven digital marketing agency based in Kochi, Kerala. They develop and strategize business models that are more effective and ensure that their clients have a trustful platform for future progress. Webdura Technologies is one of the only full-service digital marketing companies with dedicated experts to handle clients from different sectors.


SocialPulser is a leading digital marketing company in Kakkanad, Kochi. They manage to run other digital marketing companies by following high professional standards & bringing out innovative ideas.

They help businesses achieve their goals through their advanced digital marketing solutions. They provide inspiration to others who are in the digital marketing industry through their effective strategies which aim to increase customers’ expectations and brand awareness.

When it comes to business, what you need is not just another digital marketing partner, but a trustworthy friend who would love to see you succeed. Social pulsar, One of the top SEO and Social Media Marketing Companies in Kerala, their top digital marketing strategies and tactics help you to increase your company’s revenue and increase the brand identity.

They are a team of leading digital experts who are passionate about digital technologies and are always ready to serve you. Their digital marketing services bring to you the very best of online technology and assure effective results. SocialPulsar brings to you a variety of services specifically designed to give you organic searches and reach for your online activities. Social Media Services, SEO Services, Content Marketing, App Store Optimization – this highly effective range of solutions will easily help you to achieve the expected results.

❐  They provide the best services in digital marketing which includes:

➥  Social Media- SocialPulsar enables your business to attain success through social media. Their marketing experts club all the data sources – mobile, website, social media, and analytics to form effective strategies for consumers. They deliver creative branding strategies and social media campaigns that boost your business.

➥  Search engine optimization- Socialpulsar provides quality SEO techniques that increase your website findability and allows it to appear among the top in searches. Your business will benefit from the increase in quality traffic to your website.

➥  Media Buying- They provide media buying services, including shopping campaigns, display ads, google ads, native advertising, search engine marketing & mobile app marketing.

➥  Branding- They implement effective strategies that provide great hikes to your business which helps to build branding for your company. Your brand value ultimately invites more business. In the traditional way, it takes so much time and works to create a , but come to digital marketing, it only demands a short period. They deal with more systematic ways to build your brand the way you dreamed.

➥  Digital strategy- Digital marketing strategy is a method that contains a series of operations that are executed through a chosen online marketing channel. SocialPulsar implements quality digital marketing services to accomplish your business goals.

➥  Social pulsar offers a wide variety of services. You can get SEO help so you can boost your rankings in search, get paid traffic support so that you don’t waste money trying things that don’t work, or practically anything else when it comes to marketing. Choose the right one for getting the expected results.

The Viral mafia

The viral mafia is a top digital marketing company in Calicut, Kerala. They offer a variety of contemporary, focused, and proven services which help to bring your enterprise maximum exposure and credibility. They pave the way to their clients to the global market by implementing digital marketing strategies and tactics in a way that is relevant and applicable.

They have been consistently going to the vast field of digital marketing and setting new ways according to customers’ needs. Their venture is designed by a group of motivated teams, who had a deep insight into digital strategists with 15+ years of media planning and 6+ years of digital marketing experience. This would maximally help you to unlock the fullest potential of your online venture.

The services they provide were:

 ➥  Social Media Marketing- The social media marketing services by the viral mafia help your business grow, improve brand awareness, relationships, and website traffic. They provide you with a relevant social media plan that aims at boosting the growth of your business. So use the right social media channel to effectively reach your potential customers.

➥  Search Engine Optimization- the viral mafia has the most eminent team, who support clients with their proven SEO services. If you are looking for dominant Search Engine Optimization services you can seek Viral Mafia-Digital Marketing company.

➥  Digital campaigns- Digital campaigns are the digital marketing tactics used by companies to increase brand building, leads, and traffic. They carry out these digital campaigns through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, etc which are widely accessed by a large number of people nowadays, and ultimately they were able to successfully come up with effective campaigns for the target audience.

➥  Content Marketing- Their team consists of able and cognitive professionals who are extensively specialized in content marketing, issuing content that is worthy which helps to increase leads and business.
Search Engine Marketing- They provide SEM services, in such a way that, when people search a product or service, the advertisement of the brand of that particular product or service which has adopted in the search engine marketing strategy, will be shown at every visible spot in the search results. They obviously visit that website and thereby stimulate huge leads and sales.

➥  PPC Marketing- Viral Mafia company contained an efficient team of PPC specialists whose work has attracted many clients to their company. They serve their customers with novel strategies which ensure fast results in a short time.

➥  Web design and development- They have served many blooming and established enterprises to set up their own website and traffic. They provide effective ideas in the design, content, and development of the website. You can always reach out to us with a click.

➥  Data analytics- They have specially trained experts in this area of data analytics and they already established an identity in the businesses by measuring their data analytics constantly.

The viral mafia has a customer-focused approach and helps to optimize the brand marketing and reap maximum advantage after the implementation. They develop and strategize business models that are effective and ensure that their clients have future progress. So choosing the right digital marketing company is always a better option for boosting the business.

Aklak Digital Solutions

Aklak Digital Solutions is a top digital marketing company in Thiruvalla. They gain their position among the top digital marketing companies in Kerala because of their motivated team who are dedicated to making the business dreams of their clients a reality.

Reach out to a potential customer is one of the issues faced by many businesses and Aklak Digital takes care of the dreams of their clients by using advanced digital marketing tools. They have unique digital marketing strategies to meet the objectives of the clients. They help clients achieve increased visibility, traffic, conversion rate and strengthen the customer engagement process.

Aklak digital solutions form many campaigns and make their clients to be their ideal ones. They offer the best quality designs for websites and they have a 24 x 7 service support team to provide technical assistance at any time. They have a qualified team of professionals who are highly qualified and experienced in the digital marketing field.

❐  They provide the best services in digital marketing which includes:

➥  Search Engine Optimization- SEO simply refers to the process of optimizing a website as well as all the content on that website in order to make it appear in prominent positions in the organic results of search engines. As the best SEO services in Kerala, their experts have an understanding of how search engines work, what people search for (i.e., keywords and key phrases), and why people search on the internet.

➥  Search Engine Marketing- Being the best digital marketing company in Kerala, they offer pay-per-click ads which are available in a variety of formats. These include a variety of ads that are more visual, product-based advertisements that allow consumers to see important information quickly, such as price and reviews.

➥  Digital Marketing- With the emerging of new technologies, marketing made simple. They offer online marketing services that can help you to reach your potential customers and increase online sales.

➥  Software development- Aklak has experienced professionals who have expertise in providing top-rated software development services with their highly experienced team. Their expert team focused on developing solutions according to customer needs.

➥  Web development- Their efficient Web developers and designers are here to help you create a strong relationship with your customers by improving your brand’s online presence by creating attractive websites.

➥  Social Media Marketing- Social media marketing can be used to enhance your presence in the digital platform and help to generate interest in a new product. Their team helps to promote your profile/brand through Twitter accounts or trends, Facebook & LinkedIn Ads, or sponsored YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest content.

➥  Brand Management- Maintaining, improving, and upholding a brand is vital to the success of every organization. Their specialized team will be able to solve any potential problem associated with your brand in the digital space.

Choosing Aklak digital solutions is the right option for the best digital marketing company in Kerala. They provide various services that help to reap benefits and to boost your business.


Top 5 digital marketing company in Kerala

Digital marketing companies offer a variety of services to businesses and the results are unimaginable. They create responsive websites with attractive page designs in order to achieve conversions. Posters and videos are an inevitable part of digital marketing and these companies help businesses to create eye-catching posters and videos for the purpose of marketing. Building effective traffic to the website is the most important service offered by any digital marketing company and different tools such as SEO and PPC are used to optimize the results. They help the businesses with effective solutions which is essential for them to survive in a competitive world.

So always choose the right digital marketing companies for your business that helps to reap high benefits. So always look for your choices, pick the best one out and go for it….

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