influencer marketing trends 2021

Why do influencer marketing trends 2021 require your attention?

In recent years, influencer marketing is the new strategy that brands are looking to expand their reach, brand awareness, and build their own community.

When did you notice about influencer marketing ?

In the year 2020, the world has experienced a new normal as lockdown and social distancing.

Businesses of various sizes and kinds did experiments to conduct meetings, sales and marketing in the digital paradigm.

With the outbreak of covid-19 , television shoots, traditional ad campaigns stopped completely and people searched different ways to engage themselves.

They started watching recipes, some DIY’S, home decor ideas, etc.

In those circumstances, brands perceived that influencer marketing is the best strategy to deliver their message to the audience and by that way, they can make some impact in their lives.

Hence, brands manipulated their strategy and opened their budget for digital media to leverage the hottest influencer marketing.

The influencer marketing effectiveness statistics posed a brand new welcome to the newcomers.

It generates hope and aspiration to creators and influencers !

Influencer marketing earns 11x the ROI of a standard digital campaign

influencer marketing

Meanwhile, you might have wondered, does influencer marketing arise along with the outbreak of covid-19?

What was its history or its evolution?

Influencer marketing was here long before 2020. But it was in another form.
The evolution of influencer marketing was here before social media .Read the facts about evolution of influencer marketing.

In the current scenario, the scope of influencer marketing is growing high and high.

Let me substantiate with some examples.

Today, people are watching more online videos than before.

Searching online before they make a purchase decision.

As per Nielsen studies, 60% increase in the amount of video content consumption globally. In U.S alone, the number of persons watching live videos has increased by 50% and the platform has introduced additional features to support content creators.


With a rise in demand, popularity , company fund allocation for influencer marketing. You must be different and set your own goals and go to the extreme. These trends are some hints which clearly articulate where you should focus, give emphasis to get more content thereby personal brand reach and earn more profit.

6 Amazing Influencer Marketing Trends 2021

❖ Why Micro and Nano influencers ?


Micro niche is the segmentation of a broad topic.

Basically, niche is the segment of a wider topic you work with.

For instance, shoes is such a broad topic and the topic leads to more traffic.

it is not possible to convert much the bounce rate tends to high.

So be specific in your niche.

How about choosing your niche as a men’s leads to acquiring quality traffic, more engagement and higher conversion too.

Despite being involved in a broad topic, be particular and be a rising star.

Micro influencer marketing advantages are the following :

Creating content for micro niches is easy , rather than the broad niche. Be sure about the quality of content and pose an unusual approach to deal with the topic.

Profitability in micro niches are high, The audience who are searching for the specific product or specific content will increase engagement rate and have high impact.

❖ Short video Marketing will be the rule


While watching a social media content creator, we tend to play short videos there .

Right ?

Because we are curious to know what it encompasses.

Short videos are videos which do not exceed 3 minute long. It is one of the effective ways to communicate with the audience.

That is why short videos are in the frontline of social media influencer marketing.

Attention span of the audience is getting shorter and shorter by age intimacy.

With a creative and fun short video with a less time span of fifteen seconds conveys a brand message to the audience impressively and which tends to stay in mind for long.

Instagram reels need not require any special mention. Around 50 million reels are watching every day.

If you are a beginner in business or a small business owner, check out 5 powerful content strategy tips for small business.

So, if you are preparing a career in influencer marketing or social media influencer marketing, try out short videos.

❖ Shoppable content to gratify instant desire


A few years back, while turning the pages of magazines ..

We encountered several glossy things and craved to own such beautiful things.

But traditional marketing is incapable of satisfying our instant desire.

Let us delve further into shoppable content, shoppable content is any type of content that is video, article, image which allows readers or viewers directly purchase or either add the product into their cart while viewing or reading the content.

It satisfy the immediate purchase desire of the audience.

❖ Source

Studies show that 89% of people prefer interactive content which access to their demand.

As an influencer, be true to yourself and genuinely promote the product.

❖ Rise of new social media platforms


When the pandemic has closed each and every door, social media has opened new doors to occupy the more people. Club house, the invite only, voice based app is one of its kind.

So , as a social media content creator, socialise yourself with new social media platforms and make an idea about how you can represent yourself there and what all the activities can be done to be unique.

If you have any concerns over the clubhouse, examine, club house social media app.

❖ Paid advertising for broad reach

Yes, we are aquaintained with paid ads, right?

In this landscape of influencer and branding , paid advertising can be utilised for wider reach. It can benefit both of them for the paid advertising.

❖ Employee driven content will capture credibility

As influencer marketing trends get hyphenated, we have already seen how user generated content has made an impact in the sales and marketing.

Employee driven content is another trend, Macy, a U. S based brand offers financial rewards and incentives to the employees who use Macy’s product every day in their life and share those content ideas to sales.

Behind the scene :are another attractive notion that adds credibility to the audience. So, go ahead with employees to share content that makes sense.

Final wordings

The trend influencer is expanding a charm around. Many people are coming to the trend and proclaiming themselves as is easy to start and hard to stay.

You need to emphasize the trend, the influencer marketing trends, and be unique in the trend. Think how you can be extraordinary in your niche.

For that, you need to be a micro and nano influencer.

Give unparalleled attention to increase your brand engagement.

Be genuine , be truthful to yourself, build your own community.

Happy Marketing

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