evolution of influencer marketing

I want to be an influencer..

Why is influencer marketing a powerful marketing strategy ?

What is the future of influencer marketing ?

Is there any scope for influencer marketing ?

If these questions prick you, this is your guide for the evolution of influencer marketing.

To get inspired

Grow your community

Surprisingly , brands are spending one by fourth of their revenue for digital solutions and brands need influencers in action.

Why this much amount ?

Because it is evident that ..

Word of mouth is the powerful strategy

A substantial amount of customers are using any of the social media
Consumers follow opinions, decisions and information in social media.

Knowingly or unknowingly, consumers are convinced by the content they consume in social media.

Basically, we don’t give much attention to the emergence of influencer marketing.

We are constantly looking for the influencer marketing trends in 2021, but unaware of its scope, future and opportunities.

Come on !

Let’s get deep into the evolution of influencer marketing !!

History of influencer marketing / evolution of influencer marketing

History of influencer marketing

Stage 1

 It was in the year 1765, Josiah Wedgwood ,who lived in the English Hills ,his bread and butter was pottery making. He destiny changed when one of his cream colour artwork got approved by Queen Charlotte.

Queen was the major social influencer of the time.

He came to known as ‘His Majesty’s Potter’. Wedgewood strengthened his status and began to promote his pottery as ‘queens ware’. It was the emergence of the world’s first luxury brand.

The queen’s endorsements strengthened his brand, and people started flocking for his product.

Stage 2

The very next era has witnessed the wave of fictional characters.do you heard about coca cola’s santa ?

During the time of the great depression, the beverage drive sales with a jolly image of Santa Claus who cheered up the target audience.

Decades after, quaker oats’s little Mikey was another wave in the marketing the brand wanted the target audience to like ‘ if Mikey likes it, I like it ‘.

These ads influenced people and these fictional characters were the influencers of the past.

Stage 3

‘’Boost is the secret of my energy ‘’. Do you remember it ?

It was another example of celebrity endorsement.

Yes, the next stage of influencer marketing.

Compared with fictional characters, celebrities are human, just like us .

So, they have the ability to convince the audience of their endorsement.

Slowly, people couldn’t relate to their over the top lifestyle and they became discontented of celebrity endorsements.

The power of Influencer marketing

The power of Influencer marketing

Massive use of social media platforms, like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and everyone started to exhibit their lifestyle .

It is common that celebrities and popular personalities have large followers.
However, common people with highly engaging content and close interaction with followers came to be known as influencers.

As compared with celebrities or cine actors, these regular people share more relatable content . Their consistency and credibility has earned attention and trust by the followers.

Meanwhile, these influencers share the bitter phase of life. Their achievements, their happiness..etc.

It is more similar to the experience of the followers.

Followers perceive the influencers as one among them.

As the emergence of influencer marketing, brands started to approach influencers to implement best influencer marketing strategy.as such increase their reach and dominance.

Future of influencer marketing

future of influencer marketing

Are you wondering about the future of influencer marketing ?

If you are ready to build a career in influencer marketing, you must know about its future and golden opportunities it provides.

So get, set , ready .

Strict guidelines for influencer marketing

There are many instances of promoting fake products, giving false promises and earning controversies.

That is why a strict guideline has been enunciated to protect the rights of customers.

Influencers must expose whether they are involved in a paid promotion or revealing their own experience.

Please be patient, more guidelines are on the way .

Wait and see.

Micro influencers for more engagement

‘’Jack of all trades but master at none ‘’

Is that you?

Sorry , it is not applicable in the field of influencer marketing.

If you are promoting whatever is in your way, you don’t have any worth.

Choose your area, your area of interest & expertise.

Don’t forget to recheck the marketing value of the same.

Be a micro influencer , share your knowledge.

Create quality content for more engagement.

Performance based Marketing

Influencer marketing statistics show that influencer marketing is ready to hit 15 billion dollars by 2022.

Such an enormous amount.

Be careful about your performance.

Metrics analyse your performance.

The reach, engagement, conversion, etc.

To that end brand will clearly analyse reach, clicks, and other metrics too.
Regardless of your niche, get ready to be different!

Scope of influencer marketing

scope of influencer marketing

The scope of Influencer marketing shows the opportunity in the main domain.

A life without digital platforms is out of our rational thoughts.

Apparently, Brands are depending influencers and content creators. That is the success of influencer marketing . so the scope is unending and opportunities are vast.

However , an influencer marketer must be picky in his / her niche.

Be consistent with the content.

Be alert about the newly emerging social media platforms and try to unearth your potential.

Be a good observer to learn the beats of the marketplace and ever changing trends. 

Let us sum up

The evolution of influencer marketing sounds interesting. Because everyone from celebrities to laymen, they are influencing us in one or other way .We can say influencers are booming all around. 

Yes, the competition is rising, and you need to beat the competition heating up.

The best way to hold your presence is to be choosy and selective .

Do research before you start your influencer marketing journey.

Consider the marketing value of your niche, count your experience, scratch your interest.

When this trio clubbed together, go ahead.

The power of influencer marketing is beyond your imagination.

Delve deep into the scope.

Start your journey today !

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