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Many businesses use social media to connect with customers and generate profits. Facebook advertisement is a proven way to engage potential customers. Displaying ads on Facebook has emerged as a valuable option for sellers who want to attract buyers online.

With the help of various tracking and optimization features unlocked through Facebook Ads service, the brands can generate more leads, increase conversion and sales with high ROI.

Even you can target the right audience on Facebook through Facebook Ads without budget overrun by partnering with the best Facebook marketing company in Kerala.

If you want to promote your products or services online, you can benefit from Facebook Ads.

We are a Facebook Ads Agency in Kerala pledged to help our clients achieve their goals and deliver the right messages to the right audience at the right time.

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Researching & Planning

Every successful campaign starts with planning and research. During the researching and planning stage, our Facebook ads expert will research, and make a plan that delivers the required results efficiently through custom Facebook Marketing services. Even though this process takes some time, it brings valuable information to the table.

Tracking & Reporting

Every ad campaign aims at achieving particular goals. There are various methods to track the progress of the campaign. For Facebook Ads campaigns, tracking and reporting are crucial steps, where valuable details about target audiences are collected. Our top Facebook Advertisers use several ways to find analytics.

Testing & Optimizing

All money is valuable when spending on digital ads. Optimizing ads means getting better results without increasing resources. Once we start displaying ads, it is important to test the user response and observe their interaction thereby, optimizing the effectiveness. We use various testing methods to optimize Facebook Ad copy that converts with high ROI.

 The Facebook Ads strategy and Facebook post ideas that work for one company or brand may not work for another because each seller has different messages for their ideal buyers. 

 As a Facebook Ads Agency in Kerala, we make sure we deliver the best results and satisfy our customers in every way possible!

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Meet Your Advertising Goals With the Best Facebook Advertising Agency

Whether you’re looking to earn more sales, generate more leads or attract more followers, our Facebook advertising agency in Kerala can help you achieve just that by providing world-class Facebook Marketing services.

We have proven our ability to create and manage successful Facebook ad campaigns.

We can help you identify the goals of your Facebook advertising campaign, define who you want to reach, and create your ad.

We will monitor each and every aspect of each campaign performance, including impression, click, and conversion numbers, regularly.


Our Facebook Advertising services include:

  • Custom Facebook Ad strategy


  • Setup Facebook Ad account and Facebook page 


  • Creation of Facebook Ad campaigns 


  • Optimization of Facebook ad campaigns


  • Full geographic and demographic targeting


  • Daily monitoring of your ads


  • Stopping underperforming ads


  • Monthly reporting and performance analysis


  • Recommendations of next steps


  • And more. 

Most importantly, We don’t believe in autopilot when it comes to Facebook ads.

We work month-to-month with all of our trusted clients to create better results each time to help them become the best brands on Facebook.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I start promoting my business on Facebook?

Yes, you should start promoting your business on Facebook. You can promote freely or by running ads that are paid. With careful research and planning, you can communicate with your target audience and potential customers, engage with them and increase sales. You can achieve this by working with the leading advertising agencies in Kerala.

How much does a Facebook Ad cost?

The cost per ad varies depending upon various things. The average cost per click ( CPC) for Link Clicks Costs Rs. 0.52 To Rs. 2.3, the average Cost Per thousand Impressions (CPM) Is Rs.9.3 approximately. 

How to measure the success of a Facebook Ads Agency?

You will notice more traffic, more conversion, and more optimized costs. However, if it is a brand awareness campaign, you will notice more reach and engagement. 

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