There is nothing worse than experiencing a creative block after setting up a Facebook business page.

You have seen many businesses bloom after a significant post.

How do they get Facebook post ideas?

Is there anything exceptional?

No, not at all.

Nothing supernatural!

They believe slow and steady wins the race.

Consistency is important.

The power of scrolling  Facebook feed

Scrolling Facebook feed is an inescapable routine in our day today life. 

Once we were kids we used to open the refrigerator every minute, we are aware that there is nothing new in it. 

The same principle applies to scrolling a Facebook feed.

It became a habit. No matter if there is nothing fresh.

So the posts must be engaging and interesting to capture the attention of your audience.

Few tips before finding perfect post ideas

  • Firstly, you are advised to find your audience. It doesn’t mean peeping into competitors’ pages to examine who are the inhabitants in their page.
  • Set an accurate audience demographics to find your audience.
  • The next step is planning the post type you are going to do. It might be informational, entertaining, short videos, memes, etc.
  • Set a specific time to post regularly. Check the engagement rate , post another time in the next week and compare the reach. Find your time.
  • Utilize Facebook stories for deeper connection

Do you know a set of surprising tools to speed up the growth and find inspirations daily?

Social Media Calendar: It is a framework that helps to plan ahead of time and keep you organised. It’s an important part of social media marketing.

free social media calendar

Well, you have realised how to plan an error-free content planner and what are the contents you need to fill it.

It will be dull and interesting if you post entertainment or infotainment need to sprinkle a bit of information, a pinch of entertainment and some spices too.

Spices are a flavouring agent, just like that some kind of post add a bit of excitement, arouse interest and ultimately convert your audience into ravishing customers.

Let us check how it works !

Discover 10 Amazing Facebook Post Ideas

A talk with a leader in your industry

Spark a conversation with a leader in your niche. It adds more authority and trust to your brand.

Watch out for influencer social media handling before you speak with them.

Use an opinion poll to choose an interesting, relevant topic your audience wants to listen  .

Ask your audience to express their questions through the comment section, it will add a sense of belongings for the audience with the product or service.

Resources for free

Who doesn’t like free stuff, if it is some downloadable materials like e-book, white paper, checklist or cheat sheet. Your audience will love it.

Repurpose popular post 

How about showing off your popular post again?

Don’t feel bad about it.

Bring it out and extract its essence while posting something now, or take out the popular post of last year and repost with pride.

Post photo of customer using your product 

It is one of the excellent ways to convince others to show them that your customers are happily using the product or your product has changed their life or created a positive impact.

Disclose the factor which leads to creating the business.

Reveal a personal factor or motivation to start your business. It often drives to have a closer look on the intention of the founder. Try not to amplify the cause.

New hire 

Magnify the new talent in your company. You can share what all the changes you can expect from the newly hired employee.

Share interesting industry research

It is always welcoming that share the snippets of exciting industry research which was created by you or you were collecting from the web. From wherever it is include the interesting facts.

Talk about mistakes / failures

Is it bad to express our mistakes or failures?

No , not at all . But you don’t need to exaggerate and invite unwanted attention. Just mention how you overcome the failure and try to add a sense of inspiration..

Expose the big challenge that you overcome

Challenges and hurdles are common in the path of success. You need to climb the stairs to reach the top of the mountain. Expose the enormous challenge you came across and how you overcome the difficulties.

Tools to measure the impact

Facebook is just a social media for common people, but it is an opportunity for brands.

If you want to outgrow the business, make sure you have used the opportunity properly.

There are many social media tools available to scrutinise the efficiency of your content, examine the type of audience and to check the engagement, reach and popularity of Facebook posts.

Facebook page insights

A free software that provides complete insight about performing your page, likes, total views and it gives an opportunity to check how well your competitor is performing.


A tool that manages and analyses social media content including Facebook. You are able to compare the result with competitors on the basis of key metrics including likes, interactions, etc.

It helps to identify your flaws and assists you in making improvements.


Quintly is the tool that optimises and benchmark your social media performance. It allows to view all pages you manage in one stop and measure all relevant Facebook fan metrics.

Rival IQ

Rival IQ is a tool that helps to identify the audience demography and what type of content resonates with them. It is better for competitors analyse and it also can analyse performance in social media, website content, search engine keywords etc. With If you use it rightly, the best information is provided with.

Suggestions for a change

There are many other tools available. Choose your tool based on productivity, profitability and competence to make a difference. First and foremost, make a strategy before setting up a Facebook page, implement the strategy, choose the post type that suits your tactics and policies.

Don’t sit back once you post, measure it, treasure it.

Hey, what are you waiting for? 

post, measure, and make changes.

Happy posting.

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