Why is visual search important in 2022?

Why is visual search important in 2022?

Why is visual search important?

One of our clients asked this question in between our talks.

I was saying the importance of visual search in E-commerce SEO.

There, I thought why did we write about how sites can benefit from visual search


Let us look upon why visual search? or

What is visual search?

Visual search is a new technology in the field of AI (AI) as well as machine learning (ML) that can change the way consumers search for and purchase products. 


Through streamlining the way we search, companies will be closer to the immediate gratification that a lot of customers want.

62 % of Millennials are keen to visual search for any new technology. Some of the major players like Google, Amazon, Pinterest and Bing, the main players in visual search have already developed substantial capabilities in this area.


“The new search of the future will revolve around images rather than words,” stated Pinterest CEO, Ben Silbermann.

With so much branding and consumer weight behind it, it’s not a surprise that visual search is expected to be the biggest major trend in 2022.


Let me clarify why is visual search important with some examples of visual search.


If you’re searching for the perfect style of decor for your home or a dress for an event or even information on the location you’ve stumbled in, visual search is the most effective tool available.
But don’t think visual search will aid you always.

For example, if you are looking for editing software for your editing needs, the visual search won’t help you.


But, Be aware that 90 % of information processed by our brains is visual.


Sometimes, words aren’t able to accurately describe something that we observe. This is why visually-based search can be so effective and why some of the world’s largest companies investing in it.


Let us talk about our topic.

Why is visual search important in 2022

why is visual search important


simply put, visual search uses images to encourage product searches on the internet that are searched by customers.


Algorithms will look at an image from the web and provide buying options for either the specific item or similar ones.


HubSpot’s most recent Survey of 2019 statistics discovered a distinct trend: how important visual media content is on social networks.


One of the studies that were highlighted discovered that an average person is able to remember about 65 % of the content they view more than three days later.


If you consider that the average person experiences around 5500 advertisements every day, that amount of recollection of images is remarkable, and ought to be an alarm for all marketers.


So the future of visual search is twinkling like a star and certainly, it will guide the future marketing world.

Visualization is certainly essential to the social media marketing process. However, it’s equally important for each touchpoint of the customer’s journey.

This is especially true of the process of identifying products as customers develop an increasing desire to avoid searching for irrelevant information.

This is the reason why technological advancements in visual searching have become crucial.

Visual search is anticipated to have a major impact on the marketing of e-commerce and not just by changing the way that customers purchase items that are visually appealing as well as how it can improve customer expectations regarding the experience.


In this article, I’ll describe the technology of visual search as well as how it functions and how it can influence you and your team’s marketing in the near future. 

Who is Using Visual Search

How Does Visual Search Work


quick text-based visual search and we are talking about it frequently. The biggest one can be found in Google itself.


In the last few years, Google released visual search capabilities, which they call ” Google Lens“, which can perform a variety of amazing actions which integrate technology seamlessly into your daily life.


As an example, suppose you’re in a new town and stumble upon a place that you’re interested in trying.


It’s hard to see the name or the address of this restaurant from the other side of the road, therefore simply snap a picture of it in Google Lens.


In just a few seconds, you’ll be provided with its address, name, and menu, as well as Yelp ratings as well as reviews. You can also get notifications that indicate if any of your friends previously had dined here.


Alongside Google, in addition, there’s Pinterest which is a visual search that is in the process of revolutionizing the way we think of it.


Hey reader, tell me then, why is visual search important
Pinterest is a business that is visual and visual search was an obvious choice for their roadmap for products.


Thanks to the technology they have, customers can take pictures of an outfit they like and upload it to the Pinterest visually-focused search engine, browse similar styles and then purchase instantly from these websites of retailers.


Pinterest is working on technology that will allow you to expand on the outfits you design. For instance, if you purchase a pair of sneakers, visual searches could be used to locate the right outfit.


How is visual search different

from image search?

Google’s image search uses the form of a text query and tries to find the most effective visual match. Visual Search, on the contrary, lets users search for images and not only for them. In other words, instead of typing it is possible to use an image to query.

Visual search is a term used to describe visually-based data input and retrieval including the latest reverse search engine as well as the old model of keyword-in/image-out.


 How Does Visual Search Work

The topic of visual search for quite a while however over the last few years, it has become a reality.

Super-powerful smartphones, intelligent artificial intelligence, and the growing demand from consumers fuel the development of this thrilling technology. But how exactly does visual search function?

Visual search is powered by computer vision , and is aided through machine learning. Computer vision is described as the technology that helps computers perceive.


It also allows computers to comprehend how they see, and allow them to make something useful with this knowledge. In a way computer vision attempts to make machines comprehend the world that we perceive.


Computer Vision has been around for years and, with the help of technological advancements and huge new discoveries in the field of machine learning, it is growing by leaps and leaps.


Machine learning is a significant source of the data needed by an algorithm to comprehend the meaning of images.


For the machine an image is an assortment of random numbers. It requires context in order to gain any understanding of what’s in it. Machine learning could provide this contextual information.


How Sites Can Benefit From Visual Search

How is visual search different from image search


The benefits of visual search eCommerce for companies are numerous and numerous. Here are a few of the advantages.

Effective product discovery

For the majority of consumers to accurately describe things, whether it’s clothes or furniture, isn’t effortless.


Through allowing users to search for items through images, visual search enhances the process of finding products.


Instead of having to sort through endless results that don’t match what they’re looking for, buyers will be presented with the closest match, which is and that’s crucial that they can purchase.

Just some effective visual search best practices.


▶ Conversions have increased

In addition to improving customer experience, visual searches cut the buyer’s journey to purchase. Looking back to the Forbes article that was previously discussed, BooHoo reportedly saw an 85percent conversion rate when customers used Camera Search versus those that did not. Forever21 had an increase of 20% in average purchase value following the introduction of visual search to its online store.


The merging of offline 

  and online shopping


Customers are increasingly looking for an experience that is multichannel Visual search is a way to satisfy the desire of shoppers to seamlessly transition between offline and online worlds.


Stand apart from the crowd


With the number of online stores making it difficult to stand out on Google isn’t easy. However since visual search isn’t widely used, it allows brands to differentiate themselves from the rest of their competitors .

They also make sure that their customers can see products in their catalogs of products.

What is the Future of Visual Search / A new era of search using visuals?

What is the Future of Visual Search


Visual search is rapidly growing.
The more people use it and the more popular it becomes, the better it will become.

It is possible to make reservations for flights by snapping photos of the destination you want to visit.


While traveling you could even verify your allowances for cabin bags simply by scanning your luggage using your phone camera.

There is a lot of potential for visual searches in the retail market as well. For home interiors, as an instance.

Think about using the camera to look for the ideal table or sofa that matches the color scheme of your space and furniture.


Then imagine it in your mind before buying by using Augmented Reality.


Expand this to larger purchases. If you happen to stumble across the construction of a new block of flats and are curious about whether there are open units, and what the price might be. You can simply point your smartphone and get the information.


Social media is set to become more sophisticated as we start to tag videos with products as well.

With various smartphone makers including AI, AR and visual search into their products as standard, it’s evident that visual search will be around for a while and we’re well-prepared to take advantage of it.


Don’t blink your eyes.

Embrace why is visual search important.

The Best Visual Search Practices

future of visual search

To increase your website’s chances of appearing in visual searches you’ll need to improve the quality of your images and your website.

Search optimization involves taking measures like:

▪ Add search-engine optimization keywords to your images on your site.

▪ Making a lot of images available on your site.

▪ Always add alt text to your images. Always add alt text to your utilizing the best formats and file types for your photos.

▪ Integrating captions into your images whenever appropriate.

▪ Using high-resolution images

▪ Make sure that images are included in your sitemap.


Visual search is spreading like a wildfire and it is expecting many developments in the near future.

That is why the question,’’ why is visual search important’’ became out of scope.


To benefit from visual search, some strategies that marketers can employ now include.

Chatbots and retailers can engage in a conversation that is initiated by a chatbot that is based on a photo taken by the user.

with this. Let’s say that you snap a photo of a food item that is labeled as foreign.


Then, a chatbot pops up asking you if you’d like an English translation of the product or locate similar products.

Create an inventory of images for the products Retailers should make sure that their products include an image so that search engines using visuals can find them in the near future.


Combining visual search and text Marketers should figure out ways to combine both rather than focusing on visually-based search as a rival to text search.


Increase the visibility of images on social media. In terms of the integration of visual searching, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat are the leaders, and arranging photos that are shared on the platforms in a way that is organized can make them more easily recognizable by search engines that use visuals.


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12 amazing Chatbot benefits for business that will maximize your revenue.

12 amazing Chatbot benefits for business that will maximize your revenue.

Chatbot benefits for business is really thought-provoking for entrepreneurs.


The AI-powered chatbots enable powerful chatbot business opportunities and maximum impact on your business.
Let us go!



Thankyou for your reply

How can I help you?


chatbot benefits for business


You are not logged into a customer service section, Here is a glimpse of chatbot conversation.

I am sure you, are familiar with it.

because today we all are searching everything online and making decisions based on the results we got.


So, very often, you had engaged in conversation with the producer of a particular product or any other service provider.


Right ?


Because we have many queries before making a purchase decision, and we have another set of confusions after the purchase.


But we don’t have time to visit the physical store frequently or sometimes no physical store is available.


Because it is an online world and e-commerce stores are thriving!


So, chatbots are our favorite salesman out there.
It’s one of the rarest kinds of humblest salesmen we have ever met.


Talking sweetly,
Not being rude
So sweet

A common advantages of chatbots communication with customers must be quick, whether for marketing, sales, or customer support.

otherwise, they will get irritated
And feel grumpy.

If your company hasn’t been able to provide smooth customer service your customers won’t stay with it.

There comes the benefits of chatbots for business.


AI powered chatbots are able to bring their voice to the forefront since they can be automated for customer communications and enhance assistance in a huge way.


In reality, 58 % of customers are in favor of companies being able to use chatbots in order to enhance their communication strategies and provide the best experience.


With so many advantages of chatbots for businesses, it is imperative to immediately begin planning to automate your customer service and make sure that customers have a smooth journey through every stage.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and digital, chatbots are becoming businesses and customers ‘ most reliable allies.


chatbots that have been programmed and created to quickly respond to user queries.


For example, the bot that you can talk to regarding a product within the small pop-up window in the bottom right part of your display while you are doing courses shopping is the chatbot.


But, chatbots have many applications and are extremely versatile.

The benefits of chatbots in customer service are huge!

advantages of chatbots


They can be utilized in Human Resources management, in school administrations, and in many other settings.


With the help of algorithms, basic chatbots, also known as chatbots are based on rules and are able to handle basic tasks such as suggesting products or setting appointments.


However, there are some extremely advanced chatbots, referred to as artificial intelligence-powered chatbots that make use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to perfect their understanding of the inputs of the user.

Chatbots with AI can tackle more complicated tasks.

Let us stop talking about complicated aspects of chatbots and start looking at the advantages of chatbots.

It makes a big difference to your business.

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Are you not convinced to incorporate chatbots into your company yet?


Let us walk you through the top advantages chatbots can offer your business, customers managers, employees, and customers.


12 Remarkable chatbot benefits for business

No off day for chatbots

The primary benefit of chatbots is they are able to work. They are available all day long all week long.

In the present, Super office found out that 88 percent of customers are expecting an answer from businesses within 60 mins and 30% anticipate an answer in one hour at the most.
A study done in conjunction with the CMO context.

l found that being able to provide rapid responses to clients was the top quality factor in good customer service.

In a world that is increasingly globalized, where customers are expecting quick, and even instant responses from businesses in different parts of the world, chatbots are likely to prove very useful.

Yes, benefits of conversational AI.



✦ Chatbots create more conversations

chatbot business opportunities


A study that was conducted by Mobile Marketer discovered that young people prefer talking to chatbots over an employee who is human for instance, when they need to know the status of an order or looking for more information about an item.


This is because they need quick and accurate answers.

Additionally, they are more at ease asking questions to chatbots since they know they won’t be judged if they think their question may be a bit ignorant.


So, implementing a chatbot in your company will result in more interactions with customers.

Because no more judgments, and feel free to ask. It is yet another advantages of chatbots


✦ Chatbots are able to handle multiple

   customers simultaneously

 A human worker can handle between 3 and four simple customer queries at a time. Advantages of chatbots however, you can manage as many inquiries as you’d like simultaneously.


Through automatizing responses to the majority of inquiries, chatbots dramatically make employees’ lives easier so that they can concentrate on tasks that add value.


✦ Chatbots don’t have to be subject to             

     mood changes

One of the important chatbot benefits for business is that the chatbot is not subjected to mood swings or no more leave for them.


Employees may be sick and won’t be capable of responding to customers’ inquiries for several days, resulting in additional work for employees, or additional work for them once they return to work following sick leave.


The introduction of a chatbot to your business will ensure that your staff won’t drown in requests from customers as chatbots can solve each question.


Furthermore, employees might be depressed and thus less accommodating to demanding demands.


Chatbots aren’t subject to emotional swings, and they are available to respond to customer questions, all day, seven all week.


This is even more significant considering that according to an study released by Microsoft, 56% of customers around the globe have a time or more quit conducting business with a company due to poor customer service.



✦ Chatbots can gather and analyze 


benefits of chatbots for business


After you’ve incorporated chatbots into your business, you’ve created an all-encompassing report telling the chatbot how it is utilized by clients, what types of kinds of requests are most frequent or recurring, etc.


Then, you’ll be able to analyze the data and modify the chatbot in line with this data and enhance your chatbot after it’s been implemented.



✦ Chatbots can allow you to 

    personalize   your interactions

    with your customers


As mentioned in the previous paragraph, chatbots can collect information by analyzing customers’ inputs.

With this information, they are able to alter conversations to the user depending on a variety of factors like the type of request they make and the manner in which they talk or speak, etc.


Chatbots from the past can for example include the name of the user during the conversation.


Chatbots with more advanced features can dramatically personalize conversations that make the conversation more natural and enjoyable for the user.


This is a significant benefit of chatbots in customer service. 


✦ Chatbots are able to speak several               



In India, we people are unity in diversity.

Additionally, it is costly and difficult to locate a support representative who can communicate in multiple languages.

If your company is established or expanding throughout India and internationally, you should certainly consider using a chatbot because they are able to speak a range of different languages. 

They are able to answer questions in a variety of languages.

They are also able to directly inquire for information about the language that customers are using at the beginning of conversations and adjust in accordance with the language spoken.

Chatbot! you are amazing..


✦ Chatbots are a great way to

automate a  variety of procedures


Chatbots go beyond simple chatbots.

They are able to be linked to numerous APIs that, for instance, allow them to handle the widest range of customer’ demands.


They also can automate tedious and repetitive tasks such as sending out emails to customers and prospects or answering questions and many other things.


If embedded on an e-commerce website, chatbots are also able to directly handle payment transactions.


Apart from being useful in courses purchasing, chatbots may be useful for the HR team in helping employees manage routine tasks like the granting of annual or sick days and other such things.


Advantages of chatbots, chatbots are more way to go.


✦ Chatbots can be used anyplace


program allows you can quickly create a chatbot and put it in the channels you’d prefer: Facebook, Messenger texts, Slack, WhatsApp, and many more.


As many channels, the chatbot can be placed on and the more people you’ll be able to connect with.


✦ They can boost your sales

If you are able to provide the right information and offer to your prospective customers when they are ready, you can significantly increase the likelihood of closing a sale.


Chatbots will assist in this.

For instance, a chatbot will offer assistance on your website and help the customer on his journey through your website and courses shop.


It may also offer advice and aid the user by, for instance, helping them select an item or suggesting appropriate offers.


A study conducted by Intercom reached the conclusion that businesses could increase revenue by as much as 67 percent thanks to the aid of a chatbot.


According to the survey respondents, these reasons are the primary reason:

➣ The company can respond faster to inquiries from customers. They can respond three times quicker.

➣ Chatbots in addition has also helped them increase the satisfaction of their customers with support at a rate of 24 percent. 


You will gain insight

into the behavior of

your customers


Another major benefit of chatbots for business is the insights they give into the behavior of customers.


You can gain valuable information about your future business strategies from the issues, questions, and products that are talked about in chatbot chats.

As an example, you could improve your content strategy according to the issues and questions of your clients.


You can identify what is motivating your customers and the issues they are facing.


This allows you to develop content that gives the correct solution.

These insights can also be useful in your product range.

For instance, you could determine popular items in order to position them better on your shelves.


There is also a chance that your customers may ask for items that aren’t in your portfolio of products.


In this scenario, you can include the products in your inventory.


✦ They are able to use a

variety of possibilities

Chatbots provide a variety of uses and aren’t restricted to one specific sector or usage.

For instance, typical examples of use include:

Customer Support Helping with FAQs, offering support in the case of issues
Marketing lead generation and product consultation data collection, improve interaction
➣ Sales Leads: Qualification of leads and assistance during the entire sales process
IT Service Helpdesk Support for both external and internal software for service desks
HR Help with HR development or onboarding


so , these are some of the amazing benefits of chatbot for businesses for every aspect of a business , let us be ready to face the future business.

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Be prepared for the impact of chatbots

Keyword Research tools

Chatbots are slowly changing the face of customer communication.

Chatbots are bringing a new dimension and dimension to various aspects of the industry, including customer service, sales, marketing, and engagement.

That is why we can say chatbot benefits for business are wonderful!

Your business must have a plan in place to make the most of bots for lead generation, customer insight, onboarding, and customer support scalability.

It is important to identify your areas of concern first, then implement chatbots to gain the desired business benefits.

Majorly, chatbots avoid any additional expense like hiring customer service professionals and other human workers.

In order to get maximum profit incorporate conversational Ai into your business.

There are so many benefits to businesses that integrating a bot into your business and would be a mistake ever. If you plant it properly.

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✦  ✦  ✦  ✦  ✦

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Top 5 social media marketing strategy for e-commerce

Top 5 social media marketing strategy for e-commerce

top 5 social media marketing strategy for e-commerce

BY  AYSHA ANSAR  |  Nov 08.

social media marketing strategy for ecommerce


Have you ever thought about how far and how strong these social media marketing strategy for e-commerce can go? Stay close ‘cause in this article, we will take a closer look at how social media helps e-commerce business.

Taking the percent of people using social media, we can see more than half of the world’s population are active users of social media, i.e. 56.8%. Among these, India holds second place in using social media and social networks.

The point I am trying to make is very simple. In a country like India who holds the second position in social media users, you can play a very intelligent game of marketing.

how does e-commerce work – with and without social media strategies


Before directly stepping into the social media marketing strategies for e-Commerce let’s take a look at how The E-Commerce industry works with and without social media marketing strategies. and by knowing the difference between these two you will make clear how crucial the social media strategy for e-Commerce is.

First, let’s see what will happen when you don’t team up with social media marketing tactics for your e-commerce.

Ecommerce works digitally, if put into a more general way, we can say that an ecommerce store is the store which we establish within the fingers of customers where they are likely to spend most of their time currently. Not articulating that store digitally will not be benefitted in any way.


If not articulating your e-commerce site with social media marketing strategy correctly, you won’t be able to:

  • Reach out to the customers you want
  • You might have to spend more than the usual time gap just to let people know your store exists.
  • Won’t be able to establish your brand
  • High chances of bounce purchases
  • Cannot get to the right customers at the right time – you can easily lose the moment
  • Will not find your store developed or something trustable

And much much more…

And talking about the benefits that you can gain by using social media marketing strategies for your e-commerce tackles all the problems above. Sure they do…

Using social media for e-commerce will help you to come up with sophisticated and practical solutions for your e-commerce problems that might arise. A perfectly structured strategy that is designed on the basis of the product, services, cores, customer preference, your store potential is the key to everything.

And now see how does e-commerce work with social media marketing strategies.

  • You can reach out to your target customers
  • You can let people know about your store right from the beginning
  • Branding can be easier than ever
  • Well optimized social media strategy will help to reach zero bounce purchase
  • It Will help you to grab the right customers at the right time – moment secured
  • Customers will find your store developed and trustable when they see you have an image on the social media
  • Can catch the prospects with detailed metrics based on their activity on social media
  • Can always improve the social media marketing tactics based on the previous experience thus can be more growing.

And this does not end here, we have a whole article to talk about the social media marketing strategies for e-commerce. Now I think we can move on to the strategies that will help you to grow your e-commerce like nobody else.

social media marketing strategy for e-commerce to implement right now

Working on social media platforms is supposedly the most difficult task ‘cause that is the place where we are most likely to get distracted.

Or is it just me..

Anyways, let’s move into our topic.

Staying in social media can be very easy, but establishing yourself on social media can be a really tiring task that can shake you from top to bottom. This requires consistency, planning, developing, discipline and dedication.

Sometimes you might require an entire team of social media marketers to do that, or sometimes a single expert, if you are new to the methods then it would much better when you seek the help of a social media marketing expert to help you with all the plots and also to help you to do that your own for the future.


So how social media helps e-commerce business?


Don’t make a transactional relationship right from the beginning

Don’t try to make a transactional relationship right from the beginning when you are starting to establish an eCommerce business among the social media. The way, how businesses use social media to connect with customers should always be strategic.

you have to be aware of the mind set of the prospects that is viewing your content. Always focusing on a transactional relationship will only destroy the foundation stone for the trust.

There Are various stages in which a prospect is likely to stay and you have to make sure that you provide them with the content that is appropriate to the subscription stage that they are. providing an offer poster or a content that would entice a person to buy something won’t be selling at the very first stage of marketing.

For instance, the customers who are seeing your website or viewing your content for the first time won’t be so happy if you ask them to buy your product or service right away.

If they are at the very first stage, make the post informative, tell them about your products or service, let them see how you stand out.

Let us look at the relationship between social media and ecommerce.


choose the platform carefully by analysing the purpose

Every social media platform exclusively serves a different purpose. The marketing tactics that you use in linkedin cannot be used in facebook and those that you use in facebook cannot be used in instagram.

Before creating any content for the platform, you have to consider the target audience that you are focusing on.

For instance if you are selling cosmetics or skin care products, i would like to recommend you to pay a little more attention to pinterest and instagram other than facebook or twitter or linkedin.
Let me tell you why;

When taken the census of people who use pinterest, it is reported that only 14% of men use pinterest while there more than 60% of women who use pinterest – statista

Since your target audience is women and you have to get to them, find the platform where they are more active and then propose engaging and enticing contents to draw attention. Keep it slow, steady and constant. Thus you can find strong potential customers.
And drive revenue through ecommerce social media strategy.



make use of the social media advertising tools

Some of the major platforms where you can play a very strategic game of advertising are facebook, instagram, linkedin, twitter, youtube, pinterest and snapchat.

All these platforms have their own specific features which will help you to run the ad campaigns successfully.

Now taking facebook as an example, we can just take a peek at some of the features that facebook offers that helps ecommerce abundantly.

  • Facebook helps to virtually establish your store completely. This will help the customers to buy your products, or get to know about your service or anything else.
  • You can also sell your products in facebook marketplace or groups where you can filter out a number of potential customers.

And if you are having any troubles regarding your marketing procedures with facebook, you can always seek the assistance of facebook ads agency in kerala, where they can lend you a helping hand to lift you up in this particularity.

Keep up with the consistency

According to the latest studies it is revealed that ecommerce owners have received around 86% of their purchases from social media interactions. 11% of Customers viewing the social media contents of that particular ecommerce buy their products or services right away.

And remaining ones still engage with their websites and social media account for further enquiries which is still hopeful since the customers are not lost, and with right interaction personalise enticing social media contents, there is still hope to convert that remaining 75% into potential customers.

But all these can only be possible when you consider consistency as the key.

That doesn’t mean that posting contents abundantly will help. Success made slower will last stronger. So try to create an ecommerce promotion  strategy and a perfectly aligned time table that will help you to keep the consistency and catch the right customers from the level they are currently in.

Make use of the analytics of social media platforms

If we are talking about social media marketing strategy for ecommerce, then we just can’t move without mentioning the amazing feature of social media where they provide the users to track their customer’s activity in their social media account.

This is a wonderful option for the owners, since they can collect accurate data from the analytics and can plan their further moves.

For instance, consider instagram, and from there from your social media account, you can access the data on the number of users who visited your handle, how many people liked your contents, how many people considered further interaction, how many of them visited your website, and etc.

And if you want to know more about this particular social media platform, consider reading this –
5 powerful instagram content strategy tips for small business

With this data you can create personalised ads for the customers based on the needs they are looking for. You can also understand their needs better, and via that you channelise your account more proficiently in the way of customers.

wrap up

social-media-marketing-for-ecommerce (1)

For the question of how to use social media marketing for e-commerce, the answer can be as simple as considering or dusting out the amazing features hidden in various social media platforms. There are tons and tons of social media marketing strategies for e-commerce that you can apply as well, after knowing the basics strategies that can be used in spite of the difference in kinds of services or products.

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The Splendid Scope of E-commerce In India

The Splendid Scope of E-commerce In India

scope of e-commerce in india and the emergence of future online shopping

BY  AYSHA  |  NOV 05

future online shopping


“Dont assume it all works! Put yourself in your customers shoes and do everything they will do.”
_ gary gebenlian

 Dont think this article is not related to your search just because I started off with this quote, since youve been looking for the scope of e-commerce in india, i thought something like that would help you. if not now then sometime else.

 Okay then let’s talk about the scope and the future of ecommerce in india.

 Considering the current situation, ecommerce can be tagged as one of the wisest options to choose. Why?
Let’s see why.

 Ever since the pandemic has struck the world, it has become really difficult to follow the manual and regular life that we were used to. Everything was switched to virtuality.

We were forced to attend everything and do everything virtually with digital help.

 But somehow people sought to find ease in this. They dont have to step out of their house, even if they want something right away.

 And this has made a tremendous rise in the demand of online shopping. 

scope of e-commerce in india

The above picture can be more than evidence to show how india is beating the other countries in terms of development in online shopping, in fact india is the topmost country who are most likely to shop online.

And you can consider this as our first point to support the tremendous growth and scope of e-commerce in india.

To sum up the point we can say, since the pandemic has prohibited everyone from moving out, this has given the entrepreneurs a chance to level up their pursuit or the beginners to try something new that is most likely to be successful.

Now that I have emphasized a little bit of confidence in you about the amazing future scope of online shopping, let me make you acquinted with some guys that will help you to have a little more firmnes on the matter.

You can also dive deep into the ecommerce field and be a pro in it. How? Learn digital marketing.

Since ecommerce is simply marketing through the digital methods, there is no better option or way than that.

And by the way, everything in the world has its pros and cons, and the online shopping business in India may too have that.

But only because you see some cons you can’t take back, if the pros outshine the cons you can definitely try that.

Let’s start from the begining

scope of e-commerce in india – the evolution of online shopping

evolution of ecommerce in india

When speaking about the evolution of eCommerce in India, it is a vast area to cover but still I will make an effort to let you understand the awakening picture of the growth of eCommerce in India and how this knowledge can help you to set up your home e-commerce pursuits.

When we are particularly talking about the online shopping business in India then we cannot start without mentioning K vitheeswaran who started the first eCommerce business in India called fabmart.com in 1999.

Only after tthat was born the well reputed ecommerce websites that we know today which are amazon, flipkart, myntra etc.

An exception in amazon, because amzon was originated in usa on 1995 and was then articulated into india in the early 2000’s.

India is a developing country. India is always ready to update themselves into much more of a sophisticated lifestyle and that is also one of the reasons that can assure the positive scope of e-commerce in india.

Because people are neither hostile to the new technology nor the new ways.

In fact checking the amount of rise in the internet users of India can reveal shocking results which can be considered as a key factor why the online shopping businesses in india are hitting such a positive growth.

Since there are a lot of reasons for an ecommerce business to become successful in India, now pause and take a look at these current ecommerce businesses born in india.

Ecommerce websites in india from 2000’s

Ecommerce websites in india

1. MakeMyTrip – 2000
2. Myntra – 2006
3. Flipkart – 2007
4. Zomato – 2008
5. Paytm – 2010
6. Byjus – 2011
7. Nykaa – 2012
8. Grofers India – 2013
9. Amazon – 2013

These are some of the successful eCommerce websites in India that are mostly running right now. Just like any other businesses, they too have their own and confidential business tactics and strategy that takes them to the heights.

But if a business is successful apart from the well designed strategy, it should be a business that is adaptable in the location in which it is going to be implemented and to the people in there too.


The evolution of eCommerce in India and the current growth of e-commerce size in India is a great piece of evidence to assure that futute and scope of ecommerce in india is still high.

I know the evolution I showed you here is not a full picture, but, well that is not my objective here anyway.


I just wanted to show you how from the last decades ecommerce or online shopping businesses have been such a great succes in india.
Now moving on to something more.


Lets see the importance of ecommerce in India in the current situation and how you can grab the moment.

current importance and scope of e-commerce in india

online shopping businesses in india

As I mentioned above, the current situation is the most vital and important thing that you will ever need, to start an online store.


Now people cant go out and buy things on their own due to the pandemic, people will most probably prefer the safest method of living in order to survive, and that’s where you will grab the moment.

Since India has been lately known as digital India, and the covid situation being a blessing in disguise for entrepreneurs who are looking to start an e-commerce, can ultimately have a head start because the demand is now, more than ever, more demand, more supply.


And from the latest studies and surveys that were conducted during the pandemic to measure the difference and effect of covid on e-commerce, it has been clearly shown that covid has supported the e-commerce industry to grow.

importance of ecommerce in India

This is the difference or growth jump in the ecommerce industry in India after the covid was started. This can clearly depict the importance of ecommerce in India right now.

If you are not satisfied with the evidence that is collected during the covid-19 to prove the scope of e-commerce in India, you can also take a look to the growth of eCommerce industry in the country from 2015 onwards, which will also show results as the same; a constant growth which will most probably be the same in the future.

objectives of an ecommerce website

This picture shows the gradual growth of online retail spending in india. People who are ready to spend on online shopping is increasing day by day and it will almost cover the majority of the population by 2020.

Now that evidence is laid and proof has been submitted. Lets move to the key assigns that you have to keep in mind while opting for the ecommerce industry.

Nothing so vast, just the major objectives of an ecommerce website and what you will most probably require to start an online business in india.

The major objective of  e-commerce website in India

future scope of online

Do you still remember the quote i mentioned at the begining, we just have to follow that for a good ecommerce website.

Just imagine yourself in a situation where you are buying something from an online website, what will be your expectations, what wil be the things that you expect to provide you, make yourself at the most demanding and high expectative stage and think of the things that you want from their service.

And that’s how you make the best website at present.

Let’s take a closer look.

Before moving onto that, one more important thing, optimise your ecommerce app on the play store and the app store.

Right from the beginning:


Welcoming And Engaging Landing Page

The landing page is the first page that the customer steps into, so, indeed messing up the first impression of the customer is the last thing you want.

engaging landing page

When talking about the landing page you must keep the customer mindset at the top. Feeling some kind of rush and conjunction right from the beginning wont help the further movements.

Keep it simple and curious. Try to entice them with various offers, delivery methods and catching headtags. You can also take the assistance of the best landing page providers.


Language ease and easy translation method

Since you are in this article ‘cause you’ve been looking for the scope of e-commerce in india, and talking about india, it is diverse country with immense number of languages.


Even if the 50% people in India choose English over their mother language, there is the other 50% who might choose their own language over English, and sometimes there are chances where the potential customers will be in the other 50% and you dont want toms that right.

So make sure to give language options.

Easy navigation throughout the website


There are chances,where the customer comes to buy something and wants to buy something else too or they can’t find the things they want but are stuck with something else in your website; and this is a crucial part where you can convert them to potential customers.

You just have to make their way a little bit easier. Make your website easily navigable. Place large and attractive buttons. Make it really enticing, like make them want to do it. Make everything look simple yet informal.

Easy contact options

Customers are not very fond of the one way communication, despite that insecurity if they are trying to do online shopping with you that means they trust you, and do not break that trust.

Most of the ecommerce websites in India are being pushed behind because of the low customer service they’ve been providing. direct or easy contact options are the major reason for the low -quality-service-providence. You see!

So make sure you give the customers an easy way to contact you if they have any trouble with the website or delivery or any others. No matter if the matter is out of your authority like something that has to do with the delivery or anything else. Just make sure to give them something that can keep them at ease. Assure them trust.

And finally, before concluding the article we should also take a peek at the cons of starting an online shopping business in india. That you might face if you’re not following the customer friendly methods to establish the pursuit.

how e-commerce works in India? – negative aspects

how ecommerce works in india?

When considering any question, analysing the positive and negative aspects of a solution is mandatory. Just like that, when considering the question – how ecommerce works in india? Its solution too has its own negative aspects.

There is also a way to overcome the negatives which is to give the job to the best ecommerce development company in kerala, where they will sort out everything and give you the site ready to use with very simple steps.

Since weve alrendy spent the entire article optimistically on the positive aspects of the scope of e-commerce in india, now let’s take a look at the negative aspects for you to be prepared from all angles.

Let’s take from the top:

☛ The first point that should be taken into consideration is that it is hard to earn the trust of the customers.

When talking about india, amazon, flipkart, and other early established ecommerce pursuits has already managed make themselves reach out to every corner of the country, so trusting a new website for their needs will be rarely occuring, especially when they provide almost all the necessary items at ease.

☛ The next point that should be noticed is payment methods.

Even though we provide a lot of online payment options to our customers, they still prefer cash on delivery which can sometimes be a problem. And assuring strong security to the website since money transferring is occurring is crucial. And the most difficult part is, the costumers realising that the website is highly secured. They dont easily trust a newborn.

☛ It is noticed that Indian citizens have a tendency to return the products easily.

This thing over here “ the returning thing” is a lot of work sometimes. Sometimes the payments will be already done and customers will be returning the product unexpectedly that can cause a lot of trouble. If you have already paid for the dilivery services and other things like that, an unexpected return of the product can cause alittle more trouble.

☛ Another issue that rules the negative world is the delivery issues.

Ahhh… the delivery issues. Havent you experienced any delivery issues since the pandemic. Actually we can’t really blame the websites, ‘cause it’s not their fault really. It is because of the uneven and constant lockdown in many of the regions. And that can be considered as of the major issues that should be taken into consideration while starting an online shopping business in india.


Wrap Up

By stating the negative sides too, i think it’s time for me to conclude our little talk on the scope of e-commerce in india. Before concluding, I would like to remind you to analyse every aspect and angles of the step you are going to adopt. Hope all this information comes in handy to you.

✦  ✦  ✦  ✦  ✦

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A hand guide for the Evolution of Influencer marketing; Past, present  & future

A hand guide for the Evolution of Influencer marketing; Past, present & future

A hand guide for the evolution of influencer marketing; past, present & future

BY  AYSHA  |  JUNE 10.

 evolution of influencer marketing

I want to be an influencer..

Why is influencer marketing a powerful marketing strategy ?

What is the future of influencer marketing ?

Is there any scope for influencer marketing ?

If these questions prick you, this is your guide for the evolution of influencer marketing.

To get inspired

Grow your community

Surprisingly , brands are spending one by fourth of their revenue for digital solutions and brands need influencers in action.

Why this much amount ?

Because it is evident that ..

Word of mouth is the powerful strategy

A substantial amount of customers are using any of the social media
Consumers follow opinions, decisions and information in social media.

Knowingly or unknowingly, consumers are convinced by the content they consume in social media.

Basically, we don’t give much attention to the emergence of influencer marketing.

We are constantly looking for the influencer marketing trends in 2021, but unaware of its scope, future and opportunities.

Come on !

Let’s get deep into the evolution of influencer marketing !!

History of influencer marketing / evolution of influencer marketing

History of influencer marketing

Stage 1

 It was in the year 1765, Josiah Wedgwood ,who lived in the English Hills ,his bread and butter was pottery making. He destiny changed when one of his cream colour artwork got approved by Queen Charlotte.

Queen was the major social influencer of the time.

He came to known as ‘His Majesty’s Potter’. Wedgewood strengthened his status and began to promote his pottery as ‘queens ware’. It was the emergence of the world’s first luxury brand.

The queen’s endorsements strengthened his brand, and people started flocking for his product.

Stage 2

The very next era has witnessed the wave of fictional characters.do you heard about coca cola’s santa ?

During the time of the great depression, the beverage drive sales with a jolly image of Santa Claus who cheered up the target audience.

Decades after, quaker oats’s little Mikey was another wave in the marketing the brand wanted the target audience to like ‘ if Mikey likes it, I like it ‘.

These ads influenced people and these fictional characters were the influencers of the past.

Stage 3

‘’Boost is the secret of my energy ‘’. Do you remember it ?

It was another example of celebrity endorsement.

Yes, the next stage of influencer marketing.

Compared with fictional characters, celebrities are human, just like us .

So, they have the ability to convince the audience of their endorsement.

Slowly, people couldn’t relate to their over the top lifestyle and they became discontented of celebrity endorsements.

The power of Influencer marketing

The power of Influencer marketing

Massive use of social media platforms, like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and everyone started to exhibit their lifestyle .

It is common that celebrities and popular personalities have large followers.
However, common people with highly engaging content and close interaction with followers came to be known as influencers.

As compared with celebrities or cine actors, these regular people share more relatable content . Their consistency and credibility has earned attention and trust by the followers.

Meanwhile, these influencers share the bitter phase of life. Their achievements, their happiness..etc.

It is more similar to the experience of the followers.

Followers perceive the influencers as one among them.

As the emergence of influencer marketing, brands started to approach influencers to implement best influencer marketing strategy.as such increase their reach and dominance.

Future of influencer marketing

future of influencer marketing

Are you wondering about the future of influencer marketing ?

If you are ready to build a career in influencer marketing, you must know about its future and golden opportunities it provides.

So get, set , ready .

Strict guidelines for influencer marketing

There are many instances of promoting fake products, giving false promises and earning controversies.

That is why a strict guideline has been enunciated to protect the rights of customers.

Influencers must expose whether they are involved in a paid promotion or revealing their own experience.

Please be patient, more guidelines are on the way .

Wait and see.

Micro influencers for more engagement

‘’Jack of all trades but master at none ‘’

Is that you?

Sorry , it is not applicable in the field of influencer marketing.

If you are promoting whatever is in your way, you don’t have any worth.

Choose your area, your area of interest & expertise.

Don’t forget to recheck the marketing value of the same.

Be a micro influencer , share your knowledge.

Create quality content for more engagement.

Performance based Marketing

Influencer marketing statistics show that influencer marketing is ready to hit 15 billion dollars by 2022.

Such an enormous amount.

Be careful about your performance.

Metrics analyse your performance.

The reach, engagement, conversion, etc.

To that end brand will clearly analyse reach, clicks, and other metrics too.
Regardless of your niche, get ready to be different!

Scope of influencer marketing

scope of influencer marketing

The scope of Influencer marketing shows the opportunity in the main domain.

A life without digital platforms is out of our rational thoughts.

Apparently, Brands are depending influencers and content creators. That is the success of influencer marketing . so the scope is unending and opportunities are vast.

However , an influencer marketer must be picky in his / her niche.

Be consistent with the content.

Be alert about the newly emerging social media platforms and try to unearth your potential.

Be a good observer to learn the beats of the marketplace and ever changing trends. 

Let us sum up

The evolution of influencer marketing sounds interesting. Because everyone from celebrities to laymen, they are influencing us in one or other way .We can say influencers are booming all around. 

Yes, the competition is rising, and you need to beat the competition heating up.

The best way to hold your presence is to be choosy and selective .

Do research before you start your influencer marketing journey.

Consider the marketing value of your niche, count your experience, scratch your interest.

When this trio clubbed together, go ahead.

The power of influencer marketing is beyond your imagination.

Delve deep into the scope.

Start your journey today !

✦  ✦  ✦  ✦  ✦

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