6 Influencer marketing trends 2021 that need immediate  attention

6 Influencer marketing trends 2021 that need immediate attention

6 Influencer marketing trends 2021 that need immediate attention

BY  AYSHA  |  JUNE 08.

influencer marketing trends 2021

Why do influencer marketing trends 2021 require your attention?

In recent years, influencer marketing is the new strategy that brands are looking to expand their reach, brand awareness, and build their own community.

When did you notice about influencer marketing ?

In the year 2020, the world has experienced a new normal as lockdown and social distancing.

Businesses of various sizes and kinds did experiments to conduct meetings, sales and marketing in the digital paradigm.

With the outbreak of covid-19 , television shoots, traditional ad campaigns stopped completely and people searched different ways to engage themselves.

They started watching recipes, some DIY’S, home decor ideas, etc.

In those circumstances, brands perceived that influencer marketing is the best strategy to deliver their message to the audience and by that way, they can make some impact in their lives.

Hence, brands manipulated their strategy and opened their budget for digital media to leverage the hottest influencer marketing.

The influencer marketing effectiveness statistics posed a brand new welcome to the newcomers.

It generates hope and aspiration to creators and influencers !

Influencer marketing earns 11x the ROI of a standard digital campaign

influencer marketing

Meanwhile, you might have wondered, does influencer marketing arise along with the outbreak of covid-19?

What was its history or its evolution?

Influencer marketing was here long before 2020. But it was in another form.
The evolution of influencer marketing was here before social media .Read the facts about evolution of influencer marketing.

In the current scenario, the scope of influencer marketing is growing high and high.

Let me substantiate with some examples.

Today, people are watching more online videos than before.

Searching online before they make a purchase decision.

As per Nielsen studies, 60% increase in the amount of video content consumption globally. In U.S alone, the number of persons watching live videos has increased by 50% and the platform has introduced additional features to support content creators.


With a rise in demand, popularity , company fund allocation for influencer marketing. You must be different and set your own goals and go to the extreme. These trends are some hints which clearly articulate where you should focus, give emphasis to get more content thereby personal brand reach and earn more profit.

6 Amazing Influencer Marketing Trends 2021

❖ Why Micro and Nano influencers ?


Micro niche is the segmentation of a broad topic.

Basically, niche is the segment of a wider topic you work with.

For instance, shoes is such a broad topic and the topic leads to more traffic.

it is not possible to convert much the bounce rate tends to high.

So be specific in your niche.

How about choosing your niche as a men’s shoe.it leads to acquiring quality traffic, more engagement and higher conversion too.

Despite being involved in a broad topic, be particular and be a rising star.

Micro influencer marketing advantages are the following :

Creating content for micro niches is easy , rather than the broad niche. Be sure about the quality of content and pose an unusual approach to deal with the topic.

Profitability in micro niches are high, The audience who are searching for the specific product or specific content will increase engagement rate and have high impact.

❖ Short video Marketing will be the rule


While watching a social media content creator, we tend to play short videos there .

Right ?

Because we are curious to know what it encompasses.

Short videos are videos which do not exceed 3 minute long. It is one of the effective ways to communicate with the audience.

That is why short videos are in the frontline of social media influencer marketing.

Attention span of the audience is getting shorter and shorter by age intimacy.

With a creative and fun short video with a less time span of fifteen seconds conveys a brand message to the audience impressively and which tends to stay in mind for long.

Instagram reels need not require any special mention. Around 50 million reels are watching every day.

If you are a beginner in business or a small business owner, check out 5 powerful content strategy tips for small business.

So, if you are preparing a career in influencer marketing or social media influencer marketing, try out short videos.

❖ Shoppable content to gratify instant desire


A few years back, while turning the pages of magazines ..

We encountered several glossy things and craved to own such beautiful things.

But traditional marketing is incapable of satisfying our instant desire.

Let us delve further into shoppable content, shoppable content is any type of content that is video, article, image which allows readers or viewers directly purchase or either add the product into their cart while viewing or reading the content.

It satisfy the immediate purchase desire of the audience.

❖ Source

Studies show that 89% of people prefer interactive content which access to their demand.

As an influencer, be true to yourself and genuinely promote the product.

❖ Rise of new social media platforms


When the pandemic has closed each and every door, social media has opened new doors to occupy the more people. Club house, the invite only, voice based app is one of its kind.

So , as a social media content creator, socialise yourself with new social media platforms and make an idea about how you can represent yourself there and what all the activities can be done to be unique.

If you have any concerns over the clubhouse, examine, club house social media app.

❖ Paid advertising for broad reach

Yes, we are aquaintained with paid ads, right?

In this landscape of influencer and branding , paid advertising can be utilised for wider reach. It can benefit both of them for the paid advertising.

❖ Employee driven content will capture credibility

As influencer marketing trends get hyphenated, we have already seen how user generated content has made an impact in the sales and marketing.

Employee driven content is another trend, Macy, a U. S based brand offers financial rewards and incentives to the employees who use Macy’s product every day in their life and share those content ideas to sales.

Behind the scene :are another attractive notion that adds credibility to the audience. So, go ahead with employees to share content that makes sense.

Final wordings

The trend influencer is expanding a charm around. Many people are coming to the trend and proclaiming themselves as influencers.it is easy to start and hard to stay.

You need to emphasize the trend, the influencer marketing trends, and be unique in the trend. Think how you can be extraordinary in your niche.

For that, you need to be a micro and nano influencer.

Give unparalleled attention to increase your brand engagement.

Be genuine , be truthful to yourself, build your own community.

Happy Marketing

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how businesses use social media to connect with customers

how businesses use social media to connect with customers

How businesses use social media to connect with customers like never before 

BY  AYSHA  |  JUNE 04.

how businesses use social media to connect with customers

The mystery about how businesses use social media to connect customers is something every business is looking to clear up or unearth the secret.`

Is there any secret behind it ?

Unfortunately , some entrepreneurs forget social media represents their brand extension and it is an important place to show their brand personality and build community.

In fact, if you use social media the right way, it can be used to build social relationships.

In reality, people are setting up their social media platforms just a Facebook and Instagram page.

And they leave it , giving no concern there. The effect is no marketing via social media.

The entrepreneurs wail about lack of Facebook post ideas to grow their business.

Giving great experience to your audience through social media can increase your branding, trust and loyalty.

People use social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc for fun, but there are sales that come through these social media.

It is obvious that each social media has different goals and uses , using it in the right sense can only make a difference.

Let us examine.

It is common that mistakes can arise at any time of the day. But how do you dealt it , how do you take it in a positive sense can make a difference


Table Of Contents


How to do customer service in popular social networks


How should businesses use social media to connect customers around the globe


Social media and customer service tools

How to do customer service in popular social networks

how businesses use social media to connect with customers

Discover the best social media platform that connects your customers.That is the thought of every business personnel.

Remember, it depends on your goals and accomplishments.

For instance, if you are looking for a younger audience, opt Facebook or Instagram. If your prospects are professionals, go for LinkedIn marketing.

Most popular Social networks in India are the following:

Your company’s Facebook response time must be included in your page.
We are fortunate enough to have Ai powered bots that render the best solution to the audience .

Customer service on Twitter

On twitter people expect a reply immediately.
With the constant overflow of information, people are expecting an instant reply. You need to listen, appreciate and resolve the issue.

Instagram for customer service

●  Add customer service contact info in your bio

●  Set up quick replies for most commonly asked questions

●  Enable notifications to know brand mentions

How should businesses use social media to connect customers around the globe

Use hashtag tactically

 Social media is a great customer service tool. but it’s is your duty to handle or resolve customer complaints and concerns to show how dedicated you are. It builds branding and loyalty.

It is saying that each business has a separate strategy for the smooth service. The same applies for building customer relationships.

You should know your customer service strategy can build or ruin your reputation.

Here are 4 pro tips to use social media as a customer service tool.
Be real in your customer relationship
Many businesses use social media for self promotion. they hardly check their messages or seldom give replies .

Studies show that 42% of customers expect to get a response to their complaint through social media within 60 minutes and nearly one third of the audience expect a reply within half an hour.

Examine your experience, if you have a query about a product, and you asked your concern. what will you do next, keep on checking the message and expect a reply as soon as possible.

If you don’t get any reply, you lose your interest. Same principle here. Your customers start to be averse to your business. Be real, give reply and maintain a smooth relationship.

Maintain a separate handle for customer service

How about a separate social media account for customer service. Imagine, you have only a account for your business.

There is a chance to get orders,

There is a chance get queries over the product or service

There is a chance to get complaints.

If you get everything in the same page. there is a chance you can go unattended.

Right ?

If your customer contact the wrong handle for customer service, kindly ask them to connect the customer service handle.

Keep a separate social media handle for customer service and be an apple of your customer’s eyes.

Rightly handle the angry customer

Many angry or frustrated customers leave negative comments or messages.

you must not avoid them.

It is confusing how to treat them .

Promptly give them a reply and show them you give value to them.

don’t encounter everything in public.

Kindly ask them to come on private message.

You can discuss positive matters in private as well. It shows that you value them more than public praise.

Use hashtag tactically

Hashtag keeps everything organised and navigates everything easily. You can use hashtag to curate content, For example, a trending content hashtag and it is also valuable to use brand specific hashtags. Please be note that don’t string too many words together. Limit the number of hashtag you use.

Find some best social media customer service tools that give best result. It is a way of letting you know the trends, keywords, mentions and conversations that require service.

Social media and customer service tools

Social media and customer service tools

Find some best social media customer service tools that give best result. It is a way of letting you know the trends, keywords, mentions and conversations that require service.

Sparkcentral by hootsuite

◈ Instagram
◈ Twitter
◈ Facebook Messenger
◈ WeChat
◈ WhatsApp

● You can manage conversation in all these medium
● Use Ai powered chatbots to handle simple queries


⦿ Identify conversation that need service response
⦿ Store and share support content
⦿ Connect the customer support team with incoming support messages .
⦿ Track, analyse and measure your customer service effort


◒ It is a live chatting app that helps to connect your brand on twitter .
◒ Use a private interface that resolves customer service issues in actual time.


◓ It is a chatbot that can use in Facebook
◓ It interacts with customers in multiple language
◓ When human help is required, it will notify you through the Hootsuite inbox.

How businesses use social media to connect customers is not a novel topic. However, it requires wide attention. Building social relationships can make and break your business.it is essential to choose the best chatbot service and important customer service tools to give maximum support, pleasant experience to your customer.

Please note that a customer counts his/ her experience with your brand and it decides how loyal they will be to your enterprise.

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Why online marketing automation is the next digital marketing future?

Why online marketing automation is the next digital marketing future?

Why marketing automation is the next digital marketing future?

BY  AYSHA  |  MAY 12 .

online marketing automation

‘’McAfee software, popular for McAfee anti-virus software,

increases leads for  4 x.

Conversion rate increase for four fold,

The overall leads reduce by 35% but the quality improved.

Connection between marketing and sales were greatly enhanced…..’’

The lecturer was moving to the next topic, but this story stayed in mind.

I started studying the facts,

It spread out another world in the marketing

‘’Online marketing automation.’’

Why is marketing automation important ?

What are the automation tools for digital marketing ?

How an organization can make use of online marketing automation?

Questions start disturbing, and finally I found myths, facts, advantages and unbelievably golden opportunities.

What is online marketing automation

Marketing automation is the software which helps to automate marketing campaigns and ease repetitive tasks like email – marketing, social media tasks, ad campaigns and to provide personalized experience.

The definition looks simple, what are the activities which can be facilitated by online marketing automation.

•  Email marketing
•  Landing page creation
•  Segmentation
•  Lead generation
•  Retention
•  Website personalisation
•  Measuring ROI and much more

That is tasks involved in digital marketing, in other words we can say, digital marketing automation.

Myths and facts about internet marketing automation

Myths and facts

Once upon a time, it was believed that marketing automation replaces the marketing team.

In fact Marketing automation assists the team to work efficiently, an automation couldn’t craft a message. It is a technology to scale the marketing effort and help to use the time effectively.

Another assumption was we can use Marketing automation for emails only In reality, it is used to automate social media, personalized web experience, integration of different Other misinterpretation is marketing automation is only for marketing team More apparently, the sales team defines a quality lead and converts it smoothly. The workload of the sales team reduced extensively.

In short, the benefits of digital marketing automation are enormous and choosing the right tool, and an eye on qualified leads provides greater revenue and increased ROI.

What are the top three elements of marketing automation ?

◇  Behaviour based marketing segments:

Artificial intelligence backed marketing automation, and it uses different codes to track human behaviour and provide personalized recommendation.
For example: we have seen many of the e-commerce websites. Suppose 10 customers have registered on an e-commerce website, 3 of them add products to their cart, and one of them leaves the cart without payment.
Here the automation software sends an offer mail to the people who have never visited the website after registration.
Another mail for those who leave the website half way and a tracking for those who checkout.
That is behaviour based marketing check outs.

◇  Business development automation:

The biggest use of marketing automation is lead generation With the help of marketing automation, we can understand more qualified leads and be able to push the potential customers toward the end of the sales funnel.

◇  Workflow automation:
Every marketing department has different tasks to be done.It can be automated with the help of automation. Imagine your prospect has subscribed to your newsletter. You need to personalise the content, require pitching products into it, need to follow up the email based on the open rate, clicks and not respond, etc. It demands a lot of responsibility. Marketing automation made it simple and minimised workflow.

Advantages of Marketing automation.

online marketing automation

◇ Decrease marketing cost:

Let us consider an example of how marketing automation decreases marketing cost. Let us explain it with the help of an example. For example, we don’t need different software to create landing pages and PPC .It can be done with the help of a single website.
It reduces the marketing cost considerably.

◇ Able to differentiate cold and hot lead

When a lead came, the sales team needed to work on it continuously and figure out each stage of the conversion. When you depend on marketing automation. You set the messages prior to the campaign. When a lead comes, automatically the message goes accordingly during the stage of buying

◇ Decrease marketing cost:

Let us consider an example of how marketing automation decreases marketing cost. Let us explain it with the help of an example. For example, we don’t need different software to create landing pages and PPC .It can be done with the help of a single website.
It reduces the marketing cost considerably.

◇ Build better relationship with customers:

Marketing automation helps to personalize communication and can address the exact pain points..it makes more conversations and builds better relations with the client.

◇ Improve customer lifetime value:

There must be a balance between customer acquisition and customer retention. Do you agree with it?
In order to provide a personalised campaign for existing customers and new customers, you can rely on marketing automation. More product recommendations based on their behaviour, send answers to their queries and keep them engaged with your brand.

◇ Use artificial intelligence to generate automatic content to the visitor:

With the help of artificial intelligence, we identify customer content consumption, customer demographics, and past purchasing history and provide personalised content.

Why does your business need marketing automation?

Are you confused about investing in marketing automation?

If you have below listed requirements, then you must have to make an investment in marketing automation.

◒ If you are not able to generate high-quality leads, due to poor quality content.

◒  You have many repetitive tasks in social media and email marketing .

◒  You need to provide personalised content .

◒ You need to combine different digital marketing services like SEO, PPC, Social media in one place

◒  You need to connect with your customer as soon as they come up with an enquiry.

◒  You are required to maintain a long-term customer relationship.

◒  You cannot convert a lead into conversion.

Let us sum up:

online marketing automation

Competition in every business is high, and it required an effective strategy to crack the competitor. Marketing automation is one of its kind, which generates high-quality leads and it reduces the marketing cost.

Investing in marketing automation is one of the solutions to improve your business and strengthen your overall marketing strategy.

What are your thoughts on marketing automation?

What is your experience ?

✦  ✦  ✦  ✦  ✦

Why Business Need to Invest in Digital Marketing ?

Why Business Need to Invest in Digital Marketing ?

Do I need to invest in digital marketing?

If you are an entrepreneur, you keep on asking this question. 


Read the entire article and find your answer.

Well, recently , we are witnessing a massive growth in digital marketing. Many organizations are investing their marketing budget completely into digital.

Many entrepreneurs are afraid to invest in the digital domain.

Once they start to harvest the fruits of digital strategy 

Surely you will fall in love with it .

It is comparatively cheap and more reachable than traditional marketing methodology.

oh , still you are thinking ‘’do i need to invest in digital marketing ?’’

Select your category and explore maximum

Health Care

digital marketing in health industry

We all have a nasty habit of checking our health issues or symptoms online and concluding  these as a part of some serious illness.

Right ?

It was a funny scene before the emergence of covid-19. Once the coronavirus has arrived, most of the consultations became online. We depend on hospitals only for emergency situations.

There spring up the prominence of health care online. Use blogs, social media posts to make awareness about deadly diseases and to drive attention to lifestyle disorders.

Law Firm

You might be surprised how law firms are connected with digital marketing.

Well, lawyers can express their area of expertise through blogging and there is a higher chance of personal branding and invite more attention.

If you are a lawyer, educate your audience about the rights and violation of rights.

Interact more and be authority.

Food Industry

digital marketing for food industry

Micro cooking , Macro clicking, this is our story today. We tend to post our day today cooking experiments in social media. Many home makers have developed their passion for cooking to drive income.

What is the story of dining out ?

Mostly we post pictures of fine-looking food pics, reviewing and tagging the hotel.

It attracts more attention, and it is a kind of marketing.

It is high time for hoteliers and restaurant owners to show off, online .

Digital marketing is the only solution.

Please note , if you are not online, you are missing a chance to win the heart of prospects.

Real Estate

What do you think about digital marketing in real-estate ?

How does digital marketing help real-estate?

People are searching properties online. For example,’ flat for sale’, ‘villa in Cochin’ just like that.

If your website appears on the first page. You are expecting more human traffic.it will enhance the brand awareness, and more conversion.

So real-estate owners never be late to find an exact digital marketing strategy that works for you.

Training Institute

Are you running a training institute ?

What are the marketing problems you have faced?

You can’t reach the right audience.

It seems harder to expose the training you are providing.

Digital marketing can help you find the right audience, reach accurately in a cost effective manner.

The results are instant, measurable and data driven.


digital marketing for schools

E-learning is dominating all over the world.

One of the benefits of e-learning is flexibility and ability to learn from the comfort zone.

Have you ever -imagined , what are the benefits of digital marketing for schools?

Schools are competing for unique ideas and activities for children in order to instil values, knowledge and wisdom.

Rarely, they exhibit it. Mostly the activities are confined in the four walls. Parents aren’t aware of those activities.

Starting a website is the best way to showcase your activities, provide info to the parents, and supply every minute detail.

The importance of social media can’t be forgotten. It is another circle. If you use it more creatively, it will engage and attract more and more.

Content marketing is another powerful tool .

Don’t stare at me.

Content marketing is not about sending contents unevenly.

Educate the parents.do awareness through contents.

Believe me, it will attract more and more.

There is a chance for word-of-mouth marketing.


We are buying groceries online. Nothing more to describe how digital marketing can help you. Be there, be visible to your customers.

While considering the strategy, it is entirely different from what kind of strategy can a supermarket make use of.

If you are new in the town, it is another story.

If you have been serving for years, you need to embrace a different strategy.

Mainly, monitor whom you are serving, what your audience likes and dislikes.


Digital marketing for agri-business

Agri-business is not limited to the supply of organically grown vegetables or fruits. It can be anything related to agriculture manufacturing , production or processing.

When you start your agri-business, it might realise that more and more people are trying to change their habit and they are expecting an ecologically balanced, sustainable way of living.

Right ?

Why can’t you exhibit your products online ?

If you have already bombarded your products or service online. Why don’t you get the desired result?

Did you think about it?

The reasons might be: you have opted for a wrong channel

You don’t have a clear-cut strategy.

You didn’t find your audience.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help. 

Do I need to invest in digital marketing?

We are aware of the benefits of digital marketing.

Then why don’t you invest in digital marketing.

If you don’t think about the need of the hour, you’re wasting years of hard work.

Hey, don’t waste your time.

Time and tide do not wait for men.

For any enquiry, contact us- Nexxa Corporates.

Revealing How Facebook Post Ideas Can Grow Your Online Brand

Revealing How Facebook Post Ideas Can Grow Your Online Brand

There is nothing worse than experiencing a creative block after setting up a Facebook business page.

You have seen many businesses bloom after a significant post.

How do they get Facebook post ideas?

Is there anything exceptional?

No, not at all.

Nothing supernatural!

They believe slow and steady wins the race.

Consistency is important.

The power of scrolling  Facebook feed

Scrolling Facebook feed is an inescapable routine in our day today life. 

Once we were kids we used to open the refrigerator every minute, we are aware that there is nothing new in it. 

The same principle applies to scrolling a Facebook feed.

It became a habit. No matter if there is nothing fresh.

So the posts must be engaging and interesting to capture the attention of your audience.

Few tips before finding perfect post ideas

  • Firstly, you are advised to find your audience. It doesn’t mean peeping into competitors’ pages to examine who are the inhabitants in their page.
  • Set an accurate audience demographics to find your audience.
  • The next step is planning the post type you are going to do. It might be informational, entertaining, short videos, memes, etc.
  • Set a specific time to post regularly. Check the engagement rate , post another time in the next week and compare the reach. Find your time.
  • Utilize Facebook stories for deeper connection

Do you know a set of surprising tools to speed up the growth and find inspirations daily?

Social Media Calendar: It is a framework that helps to plan ahead of time and keep you organised. It’s an important part of social media marketing.

free social media calendar

Well, you have realised how to plan an error-free content planner and what are the contents you need to fill it.

It will be dull and interesting if you post entertainment or infotainment daily.you need to sprinkle a bit of information, a pinch of entertainment and some spices too.

Spices are a flavouring agent, just like that some kind of post add a bit of excitement, arouse interest and ultimately convert your audience into ravishing customers.

Let us check how it works !

Discover 10 Amazing Facebook Post Ideas

A talk with a leader in your industry

Spark a conversation with a leader in your niche. It adds more authority and trust to your brand.

Watch out for influencer social media handling before you speak with them.

Use an opinion poll to choose an interesting, relevant topic your audience wants to listen  .

Ask your audience to express their questions through the comment section, it will add a sense of belongings for the audience with the product or service.

Resources for free

Who doesn’t like free stuff, if it is some downloadable materials like e-book, white paper, checklist or cheat sheet. Your audience will love it.

Repurpose popular post 

How about showing off your popular post again?

Don’t feel bad about it.

Bring it out and extract its essence while posting something now, or take out the popular post of last year and repost with pride.

Post photo of customer using your product 

It is one of the excellent ways to convince others to show them that your customers are happily using the product or your product has changed their life or created a positive impact.

Disclose the factor which leads to creating the business.

Reveal a personal factor or motivation to start your business. It often drives to have a closer look on the intention of the founder. Try not to amplify the cause.

New hire 

Magnify the new talent in your company. You can share what all the changes you can expect from the newly hired employee.

Share interesting industry research

It is always welcoming that share the snippets of exciting industry research which was created by you or you were collecting from the web. From wherever it is include the interesting facts.

Talk about mistakes / failures

Is it bad to express our mistakes or failures?

No , not at all . But you don’t need to exaggerate and invite unwanted attention. Just mention how you overcome the failure and try to add a sense of inspiration..

Expose the big challenge that you overcome

Challenges and hurdles are common in the path of success. You need to climb the stairs to reach the top of the mountain. Expose the enormous challenge you came across and how you overcome the difficulties.

Tools to measure the impact

Facebook is just a social media for common people, but it is an opportunity for brands.

If you want to outgrow the business, make sure you have used the opportunity properly.

There are many social media tools available to scrutinise the efficiency of your content, examine the type of audience and to check the engagement, reach and popularity of Facebook posts.

Facebook page insights

A free software that provides complete insight about performing your page, likes, total views and it gives an opportunity to check how well your competitor is performing.


A tool that manages and analyses social media content including Facebook. You are able to compare the result with competitors on the basis of key metrics including likes, interactions, etc.

It helps to identify your flaws and assists you in making improvements.


Quintly is the tool that optimises and benchmark your social media performance. It allows to view all pages you manage in one stop and measure all relevant Facebook fan metrics.

Rival IQ

Rival IQ is a tool that helps to identify the audience demography and what type of content resonates with them. It is better for competitors analyse and it also can analyse performance in social media, website content, search engine keywords etc. With If you use it rightly, the best information is provided with.

Suggestions for a change

There are many other tools available. Choose your tool based on productivity, profitability and competence to make a difference. First and foremost, make a strategy before setting up a Facebook page, implement the strategy, choose the post type that suits your tactics and policies.

Don’t sit back once you post, measure it, treasure it.

Hey, what are you waiting for? 

post, measure, and make changes.

Happy posting.

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