Why is visual search important in 2022?

Why is visual search important in 2022?

Why is visual search important?

One of our clients asked this question in between our talks.

I was saying the importance of visual search in E-commerce SEO.

There, I thought why did we write about how sites can benefit from visual search


Let us look upon why visual search? or

What is visual search?

Visual search is a new technology in the field of AI (AI) as well as machine learning (ML) that can change the way consumers search for and purchase products. 


Through streamlining the way we search, companies will be closer to the immediate gratification that a lot of customers want.

62 % of Millennials are keen to visual search for any new technology. Some of the major players like Google, Amazon, Pinterest and Bing, the main players in visual search have already developed substantial capabilities in this area.


“The new search of the future will revolve around images rather than words,” stated Pinterest CEO, Ben Silbermann.

With so much branding and consumer weight behind it, it’s not a surprise that visual search is expected to be the biggest major trend in 2022.


Let me clarify why is visual search important with some examples of visual search.


If you’re searching for the perfect style of decor for your home or a dress for an event or even information on the location you’ve stumbled in, visual search is the most effective tool available.
But don’t think visual search will aid you always.

For example, if you are looking for editing software for your editing needs, the visual search won’t help you.


But, Be aware that 90 % of information processed by our brains is visual.


Sometimes, words aren’t able to accurately describe something that we observe. This is why visually-based search can be so effective and why some of the world’s largest companies investing in it.


Let us talk about our topic.

Why is visual search important in 2022

why is visual search important


simply put, visual search uses images to encourage product searches on the internet that are searched by customers.


Algorithms will look at an image from the web and provide buying options for either the specific item or similar ones.


HubSpot’s most recent Survey of 2019 statistics discovered a distinct trend: how important visual media content is on social networks.


One of the studies that were highlighted discovered that an average person is able to remember about 65 % of the content they view more than three days later.


If you consider that the average person experiences around 5500 advertisements every day, that amount of recollection of images is remarkable, and ought to be an alarm for all marketers.


So the future of visual search is twinkling like a star and certainly, it will guide the future marketing world.

Visualization is certainly essential to the social media marketing process. However, it’s equally important for each touchpoint of the customer’s journey.

This is especially true of the process of identifying products as customers develop an increasing desire to avoid searching for irrelevant information.

This is the reason why technological advancements in visual searching have become crucial.

Visual search is anticipated to have a major impact on the marketing of e-commerce and not just by changing the way that customers purchase items that are visually appealing as well as how it can improve customer expectations regarding the experience.


In this article, I’ll describe the technology of visual search as well as how it functions and how it can influence you and your team’s marketing in the near future. 

Who is Using Visual Search

How Does Visual Search Work


quick text-based visual search and we are talking about it frequently. The biggest one can be found in Google itself.


In the last few years, Google released visual search capabilities, which they call ” Google Lens“, which can perform a variety of amazing actions which integrate technology seamlessly into your daily life.


As an example, suppose you’re in a new town and stumble upon a place that you’re interested in trying.


It’s hard to see the name or the address of this restaurant from the other side of the road, therefore simply snap a picture of it in Google Lens.


In just a few seconds, you’ll be provided with its address, name, and menu, as well as Yelp ratings as well as reviews. You can also get notifications that indicate if any of your friends previously had dined here.


Alongside Google, in addition, there’s Pinterest which is a visual search that is in the process of revolutionizing the way we think of it.


Hey reader, tell me then, why is visual search important
Pinterest is a business that is visual and visual search was an obvious choice for their roadmap for products.


Thanks to the technology they have, customers can take pictures of an outfit they like and upload it to the Pinterest visually-focused search engine, browse similar styles and then purchase instantly from these websites of retailers.


Pinterest is working on technology that will allow you to expand on the outfits you design. For instance, if you purchase a pair of sneakers, visual searches could be used to locate the right outfit.


How is visual search different

from image search?

Google’s image search uses the form of a text query and tries to find the most effective visual match. Visual Search, on the contrary, lets users search for images and not only for them. In other words, instead of typing it is possible to use an image to query.

Visual search is a term used to describe visually-based data input and retrieval including the latest reverse search engine as well as the old model of keyword-in/image-out.


 How Does Visual Search Work

The topic of visual search for quite a while however over the last few years, it has become a reality.

Super-powerful smartphones, intelligent artificial intelligence, and the growing demand from consumers fuel the development of this thrilling technology. But how exactly does visual search function?

Visual search is powered by computer vision , and is aided through machine learning. Computer vision is described as the technology that helps computers perceive.


It also allows computers to comprehend how they see, and allow them to make something useful with this knowledge. In a way computer vision attempts to make machines comprehend the world that we perceive.


Computer Vision has been around for years and, with the help of technological advancements and huge new discoveries in the field of machine learning, it is growing by leaps and leaps.


Machine learning is a significant source of the data needed by an algorithm to comprehend the meaning of images.


For the machine an image is an assortment of random numbers. It requires context in order to gain any understanding of what’s in it. Machine learning could provide this contextual information.


How Sites Can Benefit From Visual Search

How is visual search different from image search


The benefits of visual search eCommerce for companies are numerous and numerous. Here are a few of the advantages.

Effective product discovery

For the majority of consumers to accurately describe things, whether it’s clothes or furniture, isn’t effortless.


Through allowing users to search for items through images, visual search enhances the process of finding products.


Instead of having to sort through endless results that don’t match what they’re looking for, buyers will be presented with the closest match, which is and that’s crucial that they can purchase.

Just some effective visual search best practices.


▶ Conversions have increased

In addition to improving customer experience, visual searches cut the buyer’s journey to purchase. Looking back to the Forbes article that was previously discussed, BooHoo reportedly saw an 85percent conversion rate when customers used Camera Search versus those that did not. Forever21 had an increase of 20% in average purchase value following the introduction of visual search to its online store.


The merging of offline 

  and online shopping


Customers are increasingly looking for an experience that is multichannel Visual search is a way to satisfy the desire of shoppers to seamlessly transition between offline and online worlds.


Stand apart from the crowd


With the number of online stores making it difficult to stand out on Google isn’t easy. However since visual search isn’t widely used, it allows brands to differentiate themselves from the rest of their competitors .

They also make sure that their customers can see products in their catalogs of products.

What is the Future of Visual Search / A new era of search using visuals?

What is the Future of Visual Search


Visual search is rapidly growing.
The more people use it and the more popular it becomes, the better it will become.

It is possible to make reservations for flights by snapping photos of the destination you want to visit.


While traveling you could even verify your allowances for cabin bags simply by scanning your luggage using your phone camera.

There is a lot of potential for visual searches in the retail market as well. For home interiors, as an instance.

Think about using the camera to look for the ideal table or sofa that matches the color scheme of your space and furniture.


Then imagine it in your mind before buying by using Augmented Reality.


Expand this to larger purchases. If you happen to stumble across the construction of a new block of flats and are curious about whether there are open units, and what the price might be. You can simply point your smartphone and get the information.


Social media is set to become more sophisticated as we start to tag videos with products as well.

With various smartphone makers including AI, AR and visual search into their products as standard, it’s evident that visual search will be around for a while and we’re well-prepared to take advantage of it.


Don’t blink your eyes.

Embrace why is visual search important.

The Best Visual Search Practices

future of visual search

To increase your website’s chances of appearing in visual searches you’ll need to improve the quality of your images and your website.

Search optimization involves taking measures like:

▪ Add search-engine optimization keywords to your images on your site.

▪ Making a lot of images available on your site.

▪ Always add alt text to your images. Always add alt text to your utilizing the best formats and file types for your photos.

▪ Integrating captions into your images whenever appropriate.

▪ Using high-resolution images

▪ Make sure that images are included in your sitemap.


Visual search is spreading like a wildfire and it is expecting many developments in the near future.

That is why the question,’’ why is visual search important’’ became out of scope.


To benefit from visual search, some strategies that marketers can employ now include.

Chatbots and retailers can engage in a conversation that is initiated by a chatbot that is based on a photo taken by the user.

with this. Let’s say that you snap a photo of a food item that is labeled as foreign.


Then, a chatbot pops up asking you if you’d like an English translation of the product or locate similar products.

Create an inventory of images for the products Retailers should make sure that their products include an image so that search engines using visuals can find them in the near future.


Combining visual search and text Marketers should figure out ways to combine both rather than focusing on visually-based search as a rival to text search.


Increase the visibility of images on social media. In terms of the integration of visual searching, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat are the leaders, and arranging photos that are shared on the platforms in a way that is organized can make them more easily recognizable by search engines that use visuals.


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12 amazing Chatbot benefits for business that will maximize your revenue.

12 amazing Chatbot benefits for business that will maximize your revenue.

Chatbot benefits for business is really thought-provoking for entrepreneurs.


The AI-powered chatbots enable powerful chatbot business opportunities and maximum impact on your business.
Let us go!



Thankyou for your reply

How can I help you?


chatbot benefits for business


You are not logged into a customer service section, Here is a glimpse of chatbot conversation.

I am sure you, are familiar with it.

because today we all are searching everything online and making decisions based on the results we got.


So, very often, you had engaged in conversation with the producer of a particular product or any other service provider.


Right ?


Because we have many queries before making a purchase decision, and we have another set of confusions after the purchase.


But we don’t have time to visit the physical store frequently or sometimes no physical store is available.


Because it is an online world and e-commerce stores are thriving!


So, chatbots are our favorite salesman out there.
It’s one of the rarest kinds of humblest salesmen we have ever met.


Talking sweetly,
Not being rude
So sweet

A common advantages of chatbots communication with customers must be quick, whether for marketing, sales, or customer support.

otherwise, they will get irritated
And feel grumpy.

If your company hasn’t been able to provide smooth customer service your customers won’t stay with it.

There comes the benefits of chatbots for business.


AI powered chatbots are able to bring their voice to the forefront since they can be automated for customer communications and enhance assistance in a huge way.


In reality, 58 % of customers are in favor of companies being able to use chatbots in order to enhance their communication strategies and provide the best experience.


With so many advantages of chatbots for businesses, it is imperative to immediately begin planning to automate your customer service and make sure that customers have a smooth journey through every stage.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and digital, chatbots are becoming businesses and customers ‘ most reliable allies.


chatbots that have been programmed and created to quickly respond to user queries.


For example, the bot that you can talk to regarding a product within the small pop-up window in the bottom right part of your display while you are doing courses shopping is the chatbot.


But, chatbots have many applications and are extremely versatile.

The benefits of chatbots in customer service are huge!

advantages of chatbots


They can be utilized in Human Resources management, in school administrations, and in many other settings.


With the help of algorithms, basic chatbots, also known as chatbots are based on rules and are able to handle basic tasks such as suggesting products or setting appointments.


However, there are some extremely advanced chatbots, referred to as artificial intelligence-powered chatbots that make use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to perfect their understanding of the inputs of the user.

Chatbots with AI can tackle more complicated tasks.

Let us stop talking about complicated aspects of chatbots and start looking at the advantages of chatbots.

It makes a big difference to your business.

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Are you not convinced to incorporate chatbots into your company yet?


Let us walk you through the top advantages chatbots can offer your business, customers managers, employees, and customers.


12 Remarkable chatbot benefits for business

No off day for chatbots

The primary benefit of chatbots is they are able to work. They are available all day long all week long.

In the present, Super office found out that 88 percent of customers are expecting an answer from businesses within 60 mins and 30% anticipate an answer in one hour at the most.
A study done in conjunction with the CMO context.

l found that being able to provide rapid responses to clients was the top quality factor in good customer service.

In a world that is increasingly globalized, where customers are expecting quick, and even instant responses from businesses in different parts of the world, chatbots are likely to prove very useful.

Yes, benefits of conversational AI.



✦ Chatbots create more conversations

chatbot business opportunities


A study that was conducted by Mobile Marketer discovered that young people prefer talking to chatbots over an employee who is human for instance, when they need to know the status of an order or looking for more information about an item.


This is because they need quick and accurate answers.

Additionally, they are more at ease asking questions to chatbots since they know they won’t be judged if they think their question may be a bit ignorant.


So, implementing a chatbot in your company will result in more interactions with customers.

Because no more judgments, and feel free to ask. It is yet another advantages of chatbots


✦ Chatbots are able to handle multiple

   customers simultaneously

 A human worker can handle between 3 and four simple customer queries at a time. Advantages of chatbots however, you can manage as many inquiries as you’d like simultaneously.


Through automatizing responses to the majority of inquiries, chatbots dramatically make employees’ lives easier so that they can concentrate on tasks that add value.


✦ Chatbots don’t have to be subject to             

     mood changes

One of the important chatbot benefits for business is that the chatbot is not subjected to mood swings or no more leave for them.


Employees may be sick and won’t be capable of responding to customers’ inquiries for several days, resulting in additional work for employees, or additional work for them once they return to work following sick leave.


The introduction of a chatbot to your business will ensure that your staff won’t drown in requests from customers as chatbots can solve each question.


Furthermore, employees might be depressed and thus less accommodating to demanding demands.


Chatbots aren’t subject to emotional swings, and they are available to respond to customer questions, all day, seven all week.


This is even more significant considering that according to an study released by Microsoft, 56% of customers around the globe have a time or more quit conducting business with a company due to poor customer service.



✦ Chatbots can gather and analyze 


benefits of chatbots for business


After you’ve incorporated chatbots into your business, you’ve created an all-encompassing report telling the chatbot how it is utilized by clients, what types of kinds of requests are most frequent or recurring, etc.


Then, you’ll be able to analyze the data and modify the chatbot in line with this data and enhance your chatbot after it’s been implemented.



✦ Chatbots can allow you to 

    personalize   your interactions

    with your customers


As mentioned in the previous paragraph, chatbots can collect information by analyzing customers’ inputs.

With this information, they are able to alter conversations to the user depending on a variety of factors like the type of request they make and the manner in which they talk or speak, etc.


Chatbots from the past can for example include the name of the user during the conversation.


Chatbots with more advanced features can dramatically personalize conversations that make the conversation more natural and enjoyable for the user.


This is a significant benefit of chatbots in customer service. 


✦ Chatbots are able to speak several               



In India, we people are unity in diversity.

Additionally, it is costly and difficult to locate a support representative who can communicate in multiple languages.

If your company is established or expanding throughout India and internationally, you should certainly consider using a chatbot because they are able to speak a range of different languages. 

They are able to answer questions in a variety of languages.

They are also able to directly inquire for information about the language that customers are using at the beginning of conversations and adjust in accordance with the language spoken.

Chatbot! you are amazing..


✦ Chatbots are a great way to

automate a  variety of procedures


Chatbots go beyond simple chatbots.

They are able to be linked to numerous APIs that, for instance, allow them to handle the widest range of customer’ demands.


They also can automate tedious and repetitive tasks such as sending out emails to customers and prospects or answering questions and many other things.


If embedded on an e-commerce website, chatbots are also able to directly handle payment transactions.


Apart from being useful in courses purchasing, chatbots may be useful for the HR team in helping employees manage routine tasks like the granting of annual or sick days and other such things.


Advantages of chatbots, chatbots are more way to go.


✦ Chatbots can be used anyplace


program allows you can quickly create a chatbot and put it in the channels you’d prefer: Facebook, Messenger texts, Slack, WhatsApp, and many more.


As many channels, the chatbot can be placed on and the more people you’ll be able to connect with.


✦ They can boost your sales

If you are able to provide the right information and offer to your prospective customers when they are ready, you can significantly increase the likelihood of closing a sale.


Chatbots will assist in this.

For instance, a chatbot will offer assistance on your website and help the customer on his journey through your website and courses shop.


It may also offer advice and aid the user by, for instance, helping them select an item or suggesting appropriate offers.


A study conducted by Intercom reached the conclusion that businesses could increase revenue by as much as 67 percent thanks to the aid of a chatbot.


According to the survey respondents, these reasons are the primary reason:

➣ The company can respond faster to inquiries from customers. They can respond three times quicker.

➣ Chatbots in addition has also helped them increase the satisfaction of their customers with support at a rate of 24 percent. 


You will gain insight

into the behavior of

your customers


Another major benefit of chatbots for business is the insights they give into the behavior of customers.


You can gain valuable information about your future business strategies from the issues, questions, and products that are talked about in chatbot chats.

As an example, you could improve your content strategy according to the issues and questions of your clients.


You can identify what is motivating your customers and the issues they are facing.


This allows you to develop content that gives the correct solution.

These insights can also be useful in your product range.

For instance, you could determine popular items in order to position them better on your shelves.


There is also a chance that your customers may ask for items that aren’t in your portfolio of products.


In this scenario, you can include the products in your inventory.


✦ They are able to use a

variety of possibilities

Chatbots provide a variety of uses and aren’t restricted to one specific sector or usage.

For instance, typical examples of use include:

Customer Support Helping with FAQs, offering support in the case of issues
Marketing lead generation and product consultation data collection, improve interaction
➣ Sales Leads: Qualification of leads and assistance during the entire sales process
IT Service Helpdesk Support for both external and internal software for service desks
HR Help with HR development or onboarding


so , these are some of the amazing benefits of chatbot for businesses for every aspect of a business , let us be ready to face the future business.

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Be prepared for the impact of chatbots

Keyword Research tools

Chatbots are slowly changing the face of customer communication.

Chatbots are bringing a new dimension and dimension to various aspects of the industry, including customer service, sales, marketing, and engagement.

That is why we can say chatbot benefits for business are wonderful!

Your business must have a plan in place to make the most of bots for lead generation, customer insight, onboarding, and customer support scalability.

It is important to identify your areas of concern first, then implement chatbots to gain the desired business benefits.

Majorly, chatbots avoid any additional expense like hiring customer service professionals and other human workers.

In order to get maximum profit incorporate conversational Ai into your business.

There are so many benefits to businesses that integrating a bot into your business and would be a mistake ever. If you plant it properly.

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✦  ✦  ✦  ✦  ✦

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Why Business Need to Invest in Digital Marketing ?

Why Business Need to Invest in Digital Marketing ?

Do I need to invest in digital marketing?

If you are an entrepreneur, you keep on asking this question. 


Read the entire article and find your answer.

Well, recently , we are witnessing a massive growth in digital marketing. Many organizations are investing their marketing budget completely into digital.

Many entrepreneurs are afraid to invest in the digital domain.

Once they start to harvest the fruits of digital strategy 

Surely you will fall in love with it .

It is comparatively cheap and more reachable than traditional marketing methodology.

oh , still you are thinking ‘’do i need to invest in digital marketing ?’’

Select your category and explore maximum

Health Care

digital marketing in health industry

We all have a nasty habit of checking our health issues or symptoms online and concluding  these as a part of some serious illness.

Right ?

It was a funny scene before the emergence of covid-19. Once the coronavirus has arrived, most of the consultations became online. We depend on hospitals only for emergency situations.

There spring up the prominence of health care online. Use blogs, social media posts to make awareness about deadly diseases and to drive attention to lifestyle disorders.

Law Firm

You might be surprised how law firms are connected with digital marketing.

Well, lawyers can express their area of expertise through blogging and there is a higher chance of personal branding and invite more attention.

If you are a lawyer, educate your audience about the rights and violation of rights.

Interact more and be authority.

Food Industry

digital marketing for food industry

Micro cooking , Macro clicking, this is our story today. We tend to post our day today cooking experiments in social media. Many home makers have developed their passion for cooking to drive income.

What is the story of dining out ?

Mostly we post pictures of fine-looking food pics, reviewing and tagging the hotel.

It attracts more attention, and it is a kind of marketing.

It is high time for hoteliers and restaurant owners to show off, online .

Digital marketing is the only solution.

Please note , if you are not online, you are missing a chance to win the heart of prospects.

Real Estate

What do you think about digital marketing in real-estate ?

How does digital marketing help real-estate?

People are searching properties online. For example,’ flat for sale’, ‘villa in Cochin’ just like that.

If your website appears on the first page. You are expecting more human traffic.it will enhance the brand awareness, and more conversion.

So real-estate owners never be late to find an exact digital marketing strategy that works for you.

Training Institute

Are you running a training institute ?

What are the marketing problems you have faced?

You can’t reach the right audience.

It seems harder to expose the training you are providing.

Digital marketing can help you find the right audience, reach accurately in a cost effective manner.

The results are instant, measurable and data driven.


digital marketing for schools

E-learning is dominating all over the world.

One of the benefits of e-learning is flexibility and ability to learn from the comfort zone.

Have you ever -imagined , what are the benefits of digital marketing for schools?

Schools are competing for unique ideas and activities for children in order to instil values, knowledge and wisdom.

Rarely, they exhibit it. Mostly the activities are confined in the four walls. Parents aren’t aware of those activities.

Starting a website is the best way to showcase your activities, provide info to the parents, and supply every minute detail.

The importance of social media can’t be forgotten. It is another circle. If you use it more creatively, it will engage and attract more and more.

Content marketing is another powerful tool .

Don’t stare at me.

Content marketing is not about sending contents unevenly.

Educate the parents.do awareness through contents.

Believe me, it will attract more and more.

There is a chance for word-of-mouth marketing.


We are buying groceries online. Nothing more to describe how digital marketing can help you. Be there, be visible to your customers.

While considering the strategy, it is entirely different from what kind of strategy can a supermarket make use of.

If you are new in the town, it is another story.

If you have been serving for years, you need to embrace a different strategy.

Mainly, monitor whom you are serving, what your audience likes and dislikes.


Digital marketing for agri-business

Agri-business is not limited to the supply of organically grown vegetables or fruits. It can be anything related to agriculture manufacturing , production or processing.

When you start your agri-business, it might realise that more and more people are trying to change their habit and they are expecting an ecologically balanced, sustainable way of living.

Right ?

Why can’t you exhibit your products online ?

If you have already bombarded your products or service online. Why don’t you get the desired result?

Did you think about it?

The reasons might be: you have opted for a wrong channel

You don’t have a clear-cut strategy.

You didn’t find your audience.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help. 

Do I need to invest in digital marketing?

We are aware of the benefits of digital marketing.

Then why don’t you invest in digital marketing.

If you don’t think about the need of the hour, you’re wasting years of hard work.

Hey, don’t waste your time.

Time and tide do not wait for men.

For any enquiry, contact us- Nexxa Corporates.

Importance of Digital Marketing in Post Covid Situation

Importance of Digital Marketing in Post Covid Situation

When life throws problems, difficulties and uncertainties; those who find opportunity in a challenge will exist and others will slowly decline.

In other words, the struggle for existence; the fittest will survive.

We are not going to talk about science or evolution; a mere attempt to talk about the importance of digital marketing in post covid situation.

We have observed many organisations had closed in the wake of pandemic as they can’t stand along.

Another vital experience is the rise of new stores, especially web-based.

Just roll our eyeballs around; analyse our own behavioural changes.

We observe social distancing and are afraid to move out especially during lockdown.

Shopping groceries, finding personal care, stuffs in online, was not our kind of thing before the pandemic.

E-learning was not popular then, we never imagined how we would consult a doctor without visiting a hospital.

We have changed a lot; and consumer behaviour too.

We depend online totally and stay inside for the fear of contamination.

How digital marketing services in Kerala paint business dreams.

When the contagious virus arouse; your sales began to decline.

  • More inventory 
  • Depreciation of business.
  • Depressed human resources miserably worked.
  • Curtailment of salary and wage reduction make them unproductive .

In a single word, you expect being broke is your immediate future.

However, some enterprises rise and shine.

Think big; to be big

They did nothing more; they found opportunity in uncertainty.

They shift their marketing paradigm. 

They recollect. When  9 in 10 customers have changed their traditional habit, where did I change?

Over 75 % of people buy online that normally they would purchase at the store.it is a sign where the customers are going. Nearly 8 in 10 customers says they are afraid to go out in the fear of being infected. How could my business solve their problem?

shopping behaviour during covid

Innovative thoughts guiding to a greater place?

Innovation and marketing are the key to any business. Being innovative in the middle of a pandemic is experimenting with something which observes social distance, ensures safety and eases the fear of being infected.

‘’Online presence’’ -the single viable answer.

As a result of this, digital marketing Kerala is rocketing.

Digital marketing company in Kerala are mushrooming.

Can digital marketing solve business challenges?

Do you remember during the initial stage of lockdown, people were afraid to buy newspapers? They thought that the virus can be transmitted through newspapers and reach us after many stages of handover and the e-newspapers or applications were downloaded massively. 

There were articles regarding how many days a virus can live upon different surfaces. It reduces the hesitance of buying newspapers a bit.

I just quote this incident to show that the behavioural change of people 

It was estimated that Indian e-commerce stores will grow to US$200 billion by 2026.

Before 2026, because of the dreadful virus, the digital plant came to rescue.

Marketing digitally cannot solve your problem. You need to consider a holistic approach in digital marketing.

Let us check the importance of digital marketing in Kerala post covid-situation. This is quite surprising too.

A more holistic approach 

Digital marketing helps to identify motives of customers which help  to craft strategies and contents that work in each stage of the game-plan.

Examine the style of traditional marketing, it is more generic and comparatively costly, whereas digital marketing is personal, relevant and cost-effective.

Imagine, a person is searching for a product online. There he came across a new product which he is unaware of and with reviews, specific testimonials you are able to convince him/her.

Great idea ?

More ROI (Return Of Investment )

How to increase marketing effort at minimal expense?

When the financial burden starts crushing, emotionally must go for cheap and best.
Our situation forces us to select the in-expensive mode. When it comes to marketing, digital marketing is the only answer.

Cost-effective, measurable and instant results are the outcome.

digital marketing in post covid

Customer feedback

It is saying feedback is the breakfast of champions. Why it is saying so ?

With feedback, you and your employees can formulate pretty much innovations and productivity.

Using digital marketing help to identify likes, dislikes , interest of your audience and moreover, their feedback as like, share, comments on social media and the time they spend on a website, open rate of email and whatever you create on digital media speak aloud, if you lend your ear, the result is surprising.

Effective marketing channel.

Being digital is not creating a social media profile, sitting back and checking who likes any new comments or analyses the reach.

Is it digital marketing ?


Implementing efficient strategy, which forceful to the customers to take an action.if they don’t convert, retarget the with relevant information.

Some businesses require user-friendly websites, digital products can make use of content marketing whereas online cloth stores must be active on Instagram.

You need to understand your niche, competition, target audience.

Sorry I am busy, I’m a busy- entrepreneur, fully packed with responsibilities.

If this is your answer, approach an experienced digital marketing consultant, it is the best choice.

They will study your area of business, craft strategies and tactics that work and capture the attention of your audience.

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Stay ahead of competition

How to stand out in a crowd ?

Be unique, 

In business exceptional in terms of service you provide.It doesn’t matter how common your service is, novelty,creativity define you.

If you have an online presence, make a creative route to interact with your audience. Understand which medium your target audience is using more, create content that wakes them up.

If you perform well in digital marketing, you are a few yards forward.

Not just  yards, sometimes even kilometres and kilometres.

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6 Powerful Reasons you need to do SEO for Business

6 Powerful Reasons you need to do SEO for Business

You are in search of a product or service 

What will you do first ?

Sometimes you ask your friends or relatives still confused to finally search in Google or Yahoo or Bing.

What is this Google, Yahoo and Bing 

Search Engines !

A Place where we ask questions, find reviews to take decisions, and our intimate friend who guides us.

How about Search Engine Optimisations?

Search engine optimization is optimising a website for visibility. Ranking on the top of the page to drive unending traffic to your website.

Importance of SEO in digital marketing is beyond expectation.

Search Engine Optimisation offers more than you expect!

It changes your business over and above.

How search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is going to change your business, the benefits of SEO outweighs rather than the expense.

Look!  Importance of SEO for business.

Suppose you are owing a physical store of pure honey, your brick-mortar store comprises different honey.

If a person is searching for ‘’pure honey’’ or ‘’honey’’ or some other query related to honey. Your website appears at the top of the result page !!

There is nothing magical behind the ranking .

Let me explain.

If you have patience, please listen !!

What is SEO and why it is Important

SEO is the practice of ranking your website for higher visibility and branding. It helps to drive quality traffic to your website and ultimately generate leads and maximum conversion.

Let me explain SEO and its different stages .

Listen carefully.

Imagine you approach an SEO specialist for ranking your website. He/she asks you about your business and its requirements.

Site Audit 

Site audit is nothing checking your website and analyse what withholds your website from ranking. Additionally, clear, actionable recommendations to improve your website.

How cool !!

seo in kerala

Keyword Research 

Finding out your niche; what kind of business you are doing. Who is your audience, what your competitors are doing.A detailed study takes place,

Keyword research is the next priority

Keywords are search queries a user used to search in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing,..

Keyword research is not easy as you think; a set of tools is used to get a clear-cut picture of user intention.

Now, the intention of your audience and requirements clearly understood. It is time to craft interesting content.

Content Creation

The content must be attractive, informative at the same time it is keyword optimised.

Content plays a vital role in SEO; Create content that is user-friendly & at the same time it is pleasant to bot/ crawling.

Do you think is it easy to please both of them?(LOL)

Either bot or user if your answer is this .

Sorry, need to delight both of them for better performance.

On Page optimisation 

On -page and off page optimisation are two phases of SEO, which is crucial for the success of an SEO campaign.

Let us consider On -page SEO initially.

ON-page SEO is all about optimising your website for better performance, Ranking your website is determined by several factors including page title, meta description ,page creation, mobile friendliness, page speed etc 

Sigh !!

Multiple factors establish your identity in the search engine result page.

You don’t get worried about all these factors, your SEO analyst will be taken care of.

Off page SEO 

Off -page SEO increases the domain authority through the act of getting relevant backlinks from other websites.

To be more specific, creating exceptional content will facilitate more social shares. People want to link you back, and definitely it will increase your authority.

Hope you got an idea about the SEO process. It is clear that SEO involves long-term strategy and those long -run processes deliver organic results to your website.

importance seo for business

SEO for business- Why it is important?

Have you ever imagined the everlasting benefits of SEO for business or the importance of SEO for small businesses? 

If you don’t think yet , it is prime time that you must consider SEO for your business.

Undoubtedly, each and every service or product turned online, and the competition is going in regard with ranking .

If you realise the benefit of SEO, certainly you will afford it under any circumstance.

Benefit 1: Quality and quantity traffic

When a user is typing a query in the webpage, if it is related to your product or service ,seo delivers traffic to your website. It is because you have already ranked the webpage with those keywords.so SEO improves visibility, more visibility enhances branding. Ranking on the top of webpage results in unlimited traffic, that is quality driven and result oriented.

Benefit 2: SEO establish trust & credibility

Trust and authority can’t be achieved overnight. It is built over-time.Same principle applies SEO.Visibility on the top of webpage over time develops trust and credibility to your website.Gradually, you are emerging as a brand and authority .

Just WOW !!

Benefit 3: Good SEO ensure more user experience 

Do you know google recognizes user -friendly content.there is an internet marketing term called bounce rate. It shows the dwelling period of a customer on your website. If the bounce rate is low, it exhibits he is spending more time.Hence google displays your website when a search query related to your website appears.

Engaging, relevant content is significant for higher visibility.

Benefit 4: Local SEO ensure increased traffic, engagement and conversion

Why is local SEO important ?

Many people asked, is it required to optimise locally ?

Why not ?

Certainly, a website must optimise locally for more conversions and transactions.

Local SEO is fundamental for medium to small business to prosper and flourish. It means your product or service are available in your vicinity and the brand’s message reaches at the bottom of society.

Benefit 5: SEO influence audience at different buyer stage

Customers research before they take an action. Some are enquiring about the price whereas others are looking for reviews. The intention of the audience is different and SEO with the help of various metrics help to identify the user’s intention and assist you to develop different strategies until they convert.

Benefit 6: SEO practices are updating

Google algorithm is updating a thousand time in a year. If you don’t monitor the website regularly, you will stay away from the competition.it is inevitable to track and supervise to remain in the top.

The benefits of SEO to business is unending and render evergreen impacts 


Do you know 90% of websites don’t reach the right audience?

That means websites are struggling to get a stroke from the audience.

Why is it happening?

Improper or absence of SEO 

Consider the quality of SEO rather than focusing on the cost.

If you rely upon quality oriented SEO, you will never turn back. Unless ready to suffer.

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