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Social media has become the fastest way for marketers to communicate with their audience via two way communication in the current scenario. Social media agency in India help your businesses to reach out to a large potential customers and make brand awareness amidst them. Social media also helps to promote the new launched products and get real time feedback.


In the past few years Nexxa Corporates has been recognized as the leading  social media marketing agency in India and the best social media agency for startups. as we provide the best social media services by providing customized social media marketing plans for all the industries.


Social media marketing is not only about posting on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, YouTube.Pinterest etc. It is a most effective mode of digital marketing if it is done with the right strategy at the right platform. Nexxa Corporates has been providing the best and affordable social media marketing service for the past years. We have a team of social media analysts who have expertise in social media and its strategies and tactics with years of familiarity.


best social media agency in india
social media advertising agency in india

Leverage best social media services  from the best social media agency in India

We, Nexxa Corporates, the best digital marketing company in Kerala , focus on enhancing your brand and increasing it’s awareness by communicating with your targeted audience by analysing your audience behaviour and formulating appropriate content strategies to enhance your products and services on social media. And it is easy for us to attain more potential customers as we know the strategies of how businesses use social media to connect  with customers . We  offer you the best social media marketing services as we have been reviewed as one of the top social media marketing agencies. 


  We offers you


As the best social media marketing agency In India we offer you the best social media management services too.


Brand awareness

Social media page acts as the face of business.It can help to attain more traffic and increase the conversion rate. If your page is filled with relevant quality content that will fulfil your targeted audience requirements, consequently, the visitors will become your potential customers. Thus the rate of conversions will be increased. 



Boosting the traffic

About 91% of social media users prefer mobile devices to  access the websites. Social media marketing redirects the social media users to the company’s website. By this way the businesses can attain more traffic to their websites.


Generating leads

Not all the visitors who visit the business website will purchase.  Most of the visitors visit websites for more information about the products or services. Through social media marketing this datas can be collected to create an effective campaign to engage these prospects to generate more leads.



Social media engagement

Social media platforms are a goldmine to acquire huge traffic to the websitesThe brand’s reach among the targeted audience can be calculated by social media engagement. 



Influencer Marketing

Influenced marketing is now one of the best ways to quickly brand your products or services online and raise awareness among your targeted audience. As the leading social media agency in India we can connect you with the top influencers in India and enhance your brand through them.


Our Social Media Marketing Process


Manage social media profile


Audience targeting


Content creation


Insight and data


Detailed reporting


Data driven decision making


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Shibu K Muhammed - MICROTEC

We are extremely pleased with the service we received. Team Nexxa promptly reply to all our queries during developmental stages of our website. We are fully satisfied with the service and really appreciate the teamwork, quality of service and strategies applied to rank our website in the top.

Shimjith N K - PIONEER

 We really appreciate the work done by Nexxa corporates. The quality of service is extremely pleasing and customer service is really commendable. Thank you team Nexxa.


We were in search of the best digital marketing company in Kerala. We found Nexxa corporates to keep up with ever changing digital world. The strategies they applied to enhance our branding really work well; we were able to boost our sales up to 30%.

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What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing involves the process utilizing the social media platforms for the purpose of  marketing.

What social media marketing services package is better for my business?

The social media marketing services package is determined on the basis of your business goals and objectives. We have categorized our social media marketing service in such a way that will be beneficial for all types of business.

What social media platforms do you provide service on?

We provide our social media marketing services on every social media platform such as Instagram, Pinterest. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.

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