e-commerce SEO for your business


For every e-commerce site, getting ranked at the top of search engines is always a high priority. 

But getting ranked at the top of search engines and sustaining there is not easy as it sounds.

At this point, you need e-commerce seo for your business website to achieve it.

What is ecommerce seo?

E-commerce seo for your business is indispensable as it helps your site to optimize effectively. Ecommerce SEO refers to the process of making your online business more apparent in search engines result pages.


Why is seo so important for ecommerce?

importance of seo in ecommerce

Since ecommerce sites are getting more popular than ever before, for increasing your sales than your competitors, your products need to get displayed and promoted in the right way than your competitors.

SEO plays a crucial role in your ecommerce websites to help your online products or services to get displayed in the right way on serp so that the customer can find it and choose your site to click on.

The importance of seo in ecommerce websites has become an inevitable factor that is not a choice anymore.

Hence, seo for business is important. Especially e-commerce business.

“Optimizing SEO of your ecommerce site can provide you high-converting organic traffic to your site.”

If you want successful ecommerce seo marketing, you have to follow the seo strategy for ecommerce website or the tips for optimizing seo for ecommerce.

 Tips for optimizing e-commerce SEO for your business

ecommerce website structure

 Here are some tips for optimizing e-commerce SEO for your business.

1. Keyword Research

Since keywords are the backbone of  SEO, Keyword research plays a crucial role in an eCommerce SEO Campaign.

If you want to run an effective eCommerce SEO campaign, make sure you have kicked things off with keyword research.

Here is the list of best tools to discover the untapped keywords for eCommerce.

◈ Amazon Suggest

Amazon suggest is one of the best tools to discover untapped keywords.

If you want Amazon suggest to show you all the related long tails keywords with the selected particular product, you can put the product category into the search bar and get the results.

◈ Keyword Tool Dominator

It is the best keyword suggestion tool. It scrapes Amazon’s search suggestions. To see plenty of keyword suggestions, you have to enter the keyword in the search bar.

The best advantage of this tool is that it shows more keywords ideas than Amazon suggests. You can also save the keyword list if you want to use it later in Keyword tool dominator

◈ Amazon Categories

Use your keyword in your category pages. eCommerce sites mostly use their targeted keywords in the category pages. 

To find the main category of Amazon hovers the shop by the Department button on the top of the homepage.

 You will also be able to see the department’s subcategories to know the specific categories for your website.

◈ SEMRush

SEMRush is one of the best tools in keyword research. It is a paid tool that has the potential to discover the untapped keywords that no other free tools can. 

It also provides you with the keyword that your competitors have already ranked for.

For that you have to put the URL in SEMRush and then move on to the organic search report. It will also give you all the organic keywords of your competitor.

◈ Wikipedia

Wikipedia ,the largest encyclopedia in the world, is able to find almost every detail.  Wikipedia also helps you in finding ecommerce keywords. 

You need to put the keyword in the search box to find all the keywords related to your particular keyword.

◈ Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a free tool. However, in generating distinctive keywords ideas keyword research tools are not as good as other tools.

If you put any keyword in Google keyword planner,  it will provide  you  with a super close variation of that term.

If you want to take the full advantage of Google Search Console, You have to put in your time and efforts.

2. Site Architecture

Site architecture is an arrangement of the pages of your website. It is vital from the SEO perspective.

It is more than two times essential for eCommerce sites because eCommerce sites usually have more pages than any other blog website or business website.

You should build your website architecture clean and simple for the users as well as for the search engines. Keep this golden rule in your mind. 

Your product page should not be away more than 3 clicks from your homepage.


Now let’s have a glance at on-page optimization of eCommerce websites. It is important for effective eCommerce SEO.

◈ Title Tag

Add your primary keyword in your Title tag. To make your title tag more compelling add modifiers with it. It will help your websites to rank well in long-tail searches.

 You can use these modifiers in your title tags to make it more appealing

  • Cheap
  • Deals
  • Review
  • Best
  • Online
  • Free shipping

ecommerce websites’ titles can’t be as normal as other websites. Besides modifiers it also needs to have click magnet words. 

Magnet words are those words that attract the purchasers to click on the title. Some of the major magnet words are a cheaper price, x% off, flat discount, free shipping etc.

◈ Description Tag

Description tag also plays a vital role in eCommerce on page SEO. It is very helpful in increasing the CTR. 

The best part of the description tag is you get more space in this tag to add modifiers and long key phrases.

◈ Website Content

You should write more than a thousand words in your product and category pages.

You can also use your keywords five to ten or more times among thousand words descriptions.

Compared to short contents, long contents can easily rank well in the search engines.

Long content is very useful for both the search engine and customers. Because long content provides each single detail of the products to the purchaser.

So that the buyer can be certain about the product that they are going to purchase.

But it is not possible for anyone to write more than a thousand words for every product description as some products may not hold that much detail to be covered more than thousand words.

The simplest solution for this problem is to write more than a thousand words only for highly competitive categories as well as for the products.

◈ Optimal use of keywords

Hereby best use of keywords refers to using your keywords much time in your content. 

However, don’t stuff keywords in your product or category description

4. Off- PAGE SEO

Off page SEO is the process of link building, increasing link popularity, etc. 

Off page SEO focuses on increasing website ranking by using various seo tools.There are various seo tools for ecommerce sites.

For ranking the websites off-page seo has a vital role. To get more traffic to the website backlink is always a best option. They are also known as incoming links.

Yes, the name says it all. Creating quality backlinks will help your site to get more traffic.

Backlinks that are coming from the sites with high ranking and high quality sites are always valuable.

5. Technical SEO for ecommerce

Check the site’s speed, check how fast your website is loading.

If your website loads slowly, the users will obviously click away from your websites without even bothering to look at it.

Research has found that the faster loading websites tank to rank higher.

Sometimes, increasing your website’s speed is like upgrading it.

Learn more about elaborated insight on important components of technical seo.

Benefits of e-commerce SEO for your business

seo strategy for ecommerce website

Let’s take a look at the benefits of seo for business.

1. Improves site user experience

Google constantly monitors user behaviour, the time users spent on your site, bouncing rate etc. These are the most important Google ranking factors.

So it is crucial to understand the perspective of users to provide better user experience in your website. Because if your site does not have a wow factor even if your site gets ranked for a period your site can’t sustain there.

2. Improves your brand visibility

Seo helps your brand to get more reach by promoting and displaying them in the right way.

It helps your brand to reach more audience and subsequently more traffic to your site.

3. Improves brand credibility and trust

Since getting ranked at the top of search engines means that the search engine considers your site as relevant and source.

 And also users usually click mostly the ranked sites and they tend to believe they are trustworthy.

4. Help in high ROI and conversions

SEO paves a way for building your brand credibility. Since seo accounts for the chunks of site’s traffic there can be more conversions.

Since seo is cheaper than other services and there are many digital marketing services in Kerala and attracts the most customers, a site’s ROI is really a great advantage.

5. Creates lasting value

As long as you are getting ranked at the top of the search engines, customers tend to click your site and hence, seo creates lasting value for your sites.


Ecommerce seo for your business is always a goldmine. It may seem technically difficult.

However without seo your online store will be a failure.

Since the benefits and importance of ecommerce seo for your business are huge, seo is an inevitable factor for ecommerce.

To grow your online store, get the best ecommerce seo services from the best digital marketing company in Kerala.

That’s it for this article, hope you enjoyed reading!

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