You are in search of a product or service 

What will you do first ?

Sometimes you ask your friends or relatives still confused to finally search in Google or Yahoo or Bing.

What is this Google, Yahoo and Bing 

Search Engines !

A Place where we ask questions, find reviews to take decisions, and our intimate friend who guides us.

How about Search Engine Optimisations?

Search engine optimization is optimising a website for visibility. Ranking on the top of the page to drive unending traffic to your website.

Importance of SEO in digital marketing is beyond expectation.

Search Engine Optimisation offers more than you expect!

It changes your business over and above.

How search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is going to change your business, the benefits of SEO outweighs rather than the expense.

Look!  Importance of SEO for business.

Suppose you are owing a physical store of pure honey, your brick-mortar store comprises different honey.

If a person is searching for ‘’pure honey’’ or ‘’honey’’ or some other query related to honey. Your website appears at the top of the result page !!

There is nothing magical behind the ranking .

Let me explain.

If you have patience, please listen !!

What is SEO and why it is Important

SEO is the practice of ranking your website for higher visibility and branding. It helps to drive quality traffic to your website and ultimately generate leads and maximum conversion.

Let me explain SEO and its different stages .

Listen carefully.

Imagine you approach an SEO specialist for ranking your website. He/she asks you about your business and its requirements.

Site Audit 

Site audit is nothing checking your website and analyse what withholds your website from ranking. Additionally, clear, actionable recommendations to improve your website.

How cool !!

seo in kerala

Keyword Research 

Finding out your niche; what kind of business you are doing. Who is your audience, what your competitors are doing.A detailed study takes place,

Keyword research is the next priority

Keywords are search queries a user used to search in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing,..

Keyword research is not easy as you think; a set of tools is used to get a clear-cut picture of user intention.

Now, the intention of your audience and requirements clearly understood. It is time to craft interesting content.

Content Creation

The content must be attractive, informative at the same time it is keyword optimised.

Content plays a vital role in SEO; Create content that is user-friendly & at the same time it is pleasant to bot/ crawling.

Do you think is it easy to please both of them?(LOL)

Either bot or user if your answer is this .

Sorry, need to delight both of them for better performance.

On Page optimisation 

On -page and off page optimisation are two phases of SEO, which is crucial for the success of an SEO campaign.

Let us consider On -page SEO initially.

ON-page SEO is all about optimising your website for better performance, Ranking your website is determined by several factors including page title, meta description ,page creation, mobile friendliness, page speed etc 

Sigh !!

Multiple factors establish your identity in the search engine result page.

You don’t get worried about all these factors, your SEO analyst will be taken care of.

Off page SEO 

Off -page SEO increases the domain authority through the act of getting relevant backlinks from other websites.

To be more specific, creating exceptional content will facilitate more social shares. People want to link you back, and definitely it will increase your authority.

Hope you got an idea about the SEO process. It is clear that SEO involves long-term strategy and those long -run processes deliver organic results to your website.

importance seo for business

SEO for business- Why it is important?

Have you ever imagined the everlasting benefits of SEO for business or the importance of SEO for small businesses? 

If you don’t think yet , it is prime time that you must consider SEO for your business.

Undoubtedly, each and every service or product turned online, and the competition is going in regard with ranking .

If you realise the benefit of SEO, certainly you will afford it under any circumstance.

Benefit 1: Quality and quantity traffic

When a user is typing a query in the webpage, if it is related to your product or service ,seo delivers traffic to your website. It is because you have already ranked the webpage with those SEO improves visibility, more visibility enhances branding. Ranking on the top of webpage results in unlimited traffic, that is quality driven and result oriented.

Benefit 2: SEO establish trust & credibility

Trust and authority can’t be achieved overnight. It is built over-time.Same principle applies SEO.Visibility on the top of webpage over time develops trust and credibility to your website.Gradually, you are emerging as a brand and authority .

Just WOW !!

Benefit 3: Good SEO ensure more user experience 

Do you know google recognizes user -friendly content.there is an internet marketing term called bounce rate. It shows the dwelling period of a customer on your website. If the bounce rate is low, it exhibits he is spending more time.Hence google displays your website when a search query related to your website appears.

Engaging, relevant content is significant for higher visibility.

Benefit 4: Local SEO ensure increased traffic, engagement and conversion

Why is local SEO important ?

Many people asked, is it required to optimise locally ?

Why not ?

Certainly, a website must optimise locally for more conversions and transactions.

Local SEO is fundamental for medium to small business to prosper and flourish. It means your product or service are available in your vicinity and the brand’s message reaches at the bottom of society.

Benefit 5: SEO influence audience at different buyer stage

Customers research before they take an action. Some are enquiring about the price whereas others are looking for reviews. The intention of the audience is different and SEO with the help of various metrics help to identify the user’s intention and assist you to develop different strategies until they convert.

Benefit 6: SEO practices are updating

Google algorithm is updating a thousand time in a year. If you don’t monitor the website regularly, you will stay away from the is inevitable to track and supervise to remain in the top.

The benefits of SEO to business is unending and render evergreen impacts 


Do you know 90% of websites don’t reach the right audience?

That means websites are struggling to get a stroke from the audience.

Why is it happening?

Improper or absence of SEO 

Consider the quality of SEO rather than focusing on the cost.

If you rely upon quality oriented SEO, you will never turn back. Unless ready to suffer.

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