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“Are you a digital marketing student?”

“Struggling to find your niche in digital marketing career?”

Do you know that choosing your niche is very important as it is the first step to enter into your digital marketing world career?

“But what if your first step fails?”

“What happens then…Lose of golden opportunities….”


“Hey, don’t feel bad!”

“We are here to help you find your niche in digital marketing career.”

Being a digital marketer is about finding productive and innovative ways along with your creativity to get better results for the clients.

Many digital marketers are struggling in this part because they are in the wrong niche.

Getting the right niche early in your career will help you from a ton of troubles.

Once you figure out the right niche, everything else falls into place.

Remember, “When you decide where to compete, half you succeed.”


What is a niche?

Before you find your niche in your digital marketing career, you should know what does the word niche mean?

The word niche means a comfortable area of place or a position in a job or employment.


A niche is a very specific area or position of something.

For example, there is a group of shoes. This group of shoes can’t be considered as a niche.

But when we talk about shoes for ladies, then it is a niche.


☛ Let’s take a look at the three key benefits of choosing the right niche

✓ Helps you attain more knowledge in your niche
✓ Helps to become an expert in your field
✓ Helps you find your clients easily


You might not be able to do everything.

But if you specialize in one specific position or area, i.e. your niche, you can become a successful digital marketer.

“Curious about how do I find my niche?.”

Before going on how to find your niche in digital marketing career, let us tell you about the various niches in digital marketing.


Various popular niches in digital marketing

➢1. SEO

Search engine optimization [SEO] is the process of improving your site visibility to the relevant searchers by increasing the quality and quality of our websites.

SEO is a field with huge opportunities with high-paying job vacancies.

You can also focus on just on-page SEO or off-page SEO or technical SEO if that’s something you are interested in.

Skills required for SEO are: technical skills, programming skills, critical thinking, and analytics skills.


➢2. Social Media Marketing

The world is moving digitally. Society has gone online like never before. And the online business has developed.

As the customers started to purchase online, most of the marketers have shifted to digital.

Since the market is eagerly looking for social media experts, there is a wide opportunity in this niche.

Marketing skills, flexibility, creative writing, and excellent communication skills are the skills required for social media marketing.


➢3. Public Relations

Public relations is about using digital marketing and social marketing technologies to communicate and promote, generate awareness about particular brands and products.

Now is the perfect time to choose a niche business for a business P.R. agency, if that’s something you’re into.

Writing and media relations are the major skills required for a public relations niche.


➢4. Email Marketing

Email marketing sends commercial messages to the people who are using emails in the broadest sense. Email marketing involves the process of sending emails for advertising, donations, etc.

Email marketing generates the most Return On Investment (R.O.I.).

Since most companies are still unsure how to take advantage of email marketing to grow their business, they are constantly searching for experts in this niche.

Interactive content writing skills and artificial intelligence are required to provide the best email marketing service in Kerala.


➢5. Content Marketing

Content is the king of digital marketing. Without good content, anything in digital marketing is nothing.

There is a massive demand for high-quality content writers in the market.

If you can deliver high-quality content and help people write high-quality content, this niche is for you.

Learn how to write content perfectly from the best digital marketing company in kerala.


➢6. Podcast Marketing

The podcast is a digital audio publication. Sometimes podcasts become a critical tool for digital marketing for some companies.

Regular podcast content helps to keep people connected to your brand or business. If you are interested in this niche, you can make a big difference in this field.

The skill required for podcasting marketing is excellent speaking skills.


➢7. Video Marketing

Video marketing is designed to increase audience engagement through social activity around video. In addition, video marketing is used to promote and market products and services and to generate awareness.


The opportunity in this field is ample as most of the industries do video marketing, and they always want someone creative and passionate.


➢8. Web Analytics and Data Management

Web analytics is the analysis and reporting of internet data. Web analytics is used to analyze how the websites meet the users’ needs. If you are good at numbers, this is an excellent niche for you.


➢9. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is an efficient way to increase a company’s capital by setting campaigns.

As in raising small amounts of money from many people towards funding a project or a venture, this niche requires high security since it deals with donations and other funds.

Flexibility and the ability to handle customers are the essential skills required in this niche.


➢10. Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is the process of concentrating an organization’s limited resources on the most incredible opportunities to increase sales and achieving a sustainable achievement and advantage.

The skills required in this niche are communication and speaking skills with confidence.


➢11. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing that uses endorsements and product mentions from influencers; who have a social following.

The influencers review and recommend the product by providing discount coupons or affiliate links for their followers.

This is a trending field with new opportunities and is expected to grow significantly in 2021 and the years to come. You can also check out the influencer marketing trends 2021.

If you are someone with excellent communication skills and love to talk, and are confident and can influence, this is the perfect niche for you.


➢12. E-commerce Marketing

E-commerce is a kind of marketing online. It is a market that promotes and makes sales online. B2B and B2C are the major types of business done through e-commerce.

It is a market that has huge opportunities for digital marketers.

S.E.O., data analytics, and artificial intelligence are the skills required for e-commerce marketing as it promotes sales online.


➢13. SEM

SEM stands for search engine marketing and is a form of internet marketing. It involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility primarily through paid advertising.

There is incredible demand in the market for those who can leverage search engines, and this niche offers high remuneration.

Ability to multitask: Writing HTML, CSS, basic web designing skills and organizational skills are required for S.E.M.


➢14. Web Traffic (optimizing and testing)

The amount of data sent and received by the users to a website is Web Traffic.

This is determined by the number of users and the number of pages they visit. Therefore, acquiring this skill will take you to high demand.

This is the list of services that customers are looking for in the market.

let’s look at how to find your niche


How do you find your niche in digital marketing career?

How to find right keywords

Since it is imperative to select the right niche, you should be extremely careful while choosing.

So to make it easier for you to choose, we have made a list of 5 points on how to find your digital marketing niche that will help you land in the right niche.


1. Combination of talent and passion

To know how to find your niche, firstly, you have to take a look into yourself. Yes, take a look into yourself.

Analyze yourself completely. Choose a niche based on the talent and passion you have.

Since you are passionate about your niche and you have talent in something, you glow differently in that area. When you enjoy doing something, you get better and better.

So select a niche based on your passion and talent.


2.Market opportunity

How to know if your niche is profitable and has a market opportunity?

Research about the market opportunity. If there is no market opportunity for your niche, then there will be no use for it.

Focusing on non-market opportunity niches will not help you make money or be a successful digital marketer.

Therefore when you choose a niche, know whether your niche is profitable or not.


3. Survey your market customers

Take a survey on your market customers to learn more about your niche. A survey will help you to find the market opportunity for your niche.


➢4. Research competition and access to potential profitability

Research on your niche’s market competition and its difficulties.

Research your niche’s potential profitability, whether it can make you shine in your field or not.

To do that, learn how to do niche research.

Do not just take quick action, but you have to do deep research before you take a niche. Otherwise, if the niche you select is not one with potential profitability the works you do will become worthless.


➢5. Test your idea

Test your niche by taking work. After that, analyze the whole procedure. If you are making it and you are improving, stay in the niche you have selected.

Selecting your niche is not an ending but a beginning for your career in digital marketing.

If the niche you select is worth it, the return you get from it will be more worth it. After selecting the niche, keep updated about it. Try to learn more about it.


As we have learned about how to find your niche in digital marketing career, we should also know more about the niche in digital marketing.

Learning digital marketing by joining the best digital marketing course in Kerala will help you to acquire more knowledge and experience and help you to become a digital marketing expert in Kerala.


But as I mentioned earlier, the key is to find the right niche, and this can be found only by doing research.

Let’s check out how to pick your niche by niche research.

How to do niche research to find your niche in digital marketing career

How to do keyword research for SEO

Let’s take a look at how to do niche research.


➤ Follow your interest and talent

Choose a niche that you have passion and talent for. By choosing your niche, you are choosing your career.


➤ Identify problems you can solve

Identify the problems in the niche you have selected. If you are unaware of the problems, learn to solve them by attaining more knowledge and being updated about your niche.


➤ Research your competition

Research the competition in your niche. Research whether there are monetization opportunities or not.


➤ Determine your profitability niche

Determine the profitability of the niche.


Lets look, How to find a profitable niche?

● Check the niche’s current market value

● Look into past and current trends.

● Check the customer’s will to pay

● Try to select a low competition niche.


Choosing a competitive, low niche can easily acquire profit. So find your low competition niche.

How to find low competition niche

Keyword Research tools


➤ Find competition with Google Trends.

You can analyze the popularities of the search queries made by individuals in Google searches across various regions. In addition, there are other tools for finding a low-competition niche.


➤ Identify monetization opportunities

By identifying the monetization opportunities of your niche, you can find out whether the niche you selected is a profitable niche or not.


➤ Competitors research

By researching the competitors of your niche, you can ascertain the gaps in the market, and researching more about the market and competitors will help you know how to fill the gaps and become successful in this niche.



Since choosing and specializing in one niche is vital in digital marketing, you need to find one. Without the right niche, you would have drowned in digital marketing.

“Riches are in niches” always keep that in mind. We hope this guide has been helpful for you to find your niche in your digital marketing career. Please stay connected with us to learn more about digital marketing.

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