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 what does the term sandbox mean in SEO

Bam! You might be sinking down. Your website might get stuck with google sandbox . Are you pondering over what is google sandbox and what the term sandbox means in SEO?
I got you! You are all covered with answers.


Not having enough knowledge of google sandbox isn’t a new thing. Trust me I have never heard of it either until I just got sunk into it.

I will guide you through each and every step I have overcome through this crisis step by step.

It is through their stunning marketing strategies that Nykaa achieved this level of popularity and success in the Indian market.

In this article, you will read a detailed Nykaa case study and its digital marketing strategies.


This is a nightmare for every website where your website gets possessed and sunk down to the bottom level for several months which I felt as ages.

This is a kind of probation period where Google evaluates you and considers the relevance of your page by putting certain restrictions

This will suffocate you by being unable to breathe and move and gradually it’s just like being trapped.

Although the term isn’t acknowledged by google, the phenomenon and process are similar to this. Just they don’t like bragging.


Google has never acknowledged that it has a sandbox. For one some of the consequences of the sandbox are logical for a new website.
A new website will not have the same amount of authority as older websites do It’s likely that new sites will have to wait for a certain period of time before they are able to get a high ranking.
Google states that the reason why new sites aren’t ranked as highly is due to a couple of other factors.

  • High Competition There’s a large quantity of competition for certain keywords and industry sectors but your site does not have the authority to stand out from these competitors.


  • Insufficient Content: Your newly-launched site isn’t equipped with the quantity of content that larger websites have, which means there’s not as much potential to draw natural traffic.

  • Not enough Backlinks: Backlinks are an essential element of building authority within the Google algorithm. New websites won’t have as many when they’re first launched.


  • Zero User Signs User signals or the actions users do, like clicking on or bouncing off pages, are also incorporated into the algorithm. Additionally, new websites do not have enough user-generated signals to be ranked highly on search result pages.

However, some marketers have observed that certain keywords, with low competition and even the individual page names of new websites, aren’t showing up when a site is in the initial few months after its launch even after it has been indexed.
Many think that, even though Sandboxes haven’t been officially acknowledged by Google but it’s still there.



Google trusts old pages very much and they don’t give a damn even though your SEO skill is high grade and how well you have tried maintaining your new website.

New websites fail to rank in SERPs and you won’t be positioned high because the google sandbox prevents you as a precautionary method.

The authenticity of the website is considered an old page. The older the page, the more authentic you are and they get higher chances of going up and the newbie gets pushed down.

So what does the term sandbox mean in SEO and how to identify it can be figured below.

How to identify if you are sandboxed?


Since the existence is not recognized by google we really don’t have the exact tool to identify it. Perhaps we can use the analytics to find whether we are trapped and are sucked in.

When was this crisis marked? 

Seriously there should be someone who has first identified this process. Remarkably this phenomenon occurred in 2004. Feeling old enough to know this? 

The SEO expert and Website creators understood that how much they have indexed their new website it’s difficult for them to rank.

They even tried the low search volume keywords to be ranked but the results were heartbreaking. 16 years have passed and there has been no change since then. 

Many experts believe that this is to introduce high-quality content from trustworthy sites and avoid spamming. 

To improve your SEO performance and planning SEO too is an important criterion not to be missed.

Coming back to the analytics, the identification of sandboxes can be confirmed with passive low growth of traffic to a higher jump of traffic after a certain amount of time when you have given your full SEO into this.




I would like to tell you about another phenomenon of google sandbox, which is the honeymoon period.

This will give you a splash of traffic and goes back to the same dead traffic. Gradually the destination period of google sandbox is approximately 6-8 months. This will continue till it rises in a natural way. 

Correlating the ranking dynamics with the traffic spike and drops helps you understand if you are in a sandbox period or not.

Not to mention the old domain too would get sucked into this phenomenon.

The longer the inactive period after a great SEO optimization will quickly get its attention and take you in a gulp.

The number one criterion should be Indexing.

You should properly index your website and from that moment onwards google will decide your age. 

The faster indexing, the sooner chances of not falling into the sandbox by continuous SEO specializing. 

Rankmath SEO the ultimate SEO plugin is one of the tools which can be used for specializing in SEO.

The next criterion should be taking the penalty checker. Wondering over which penalty is bothering you, there are two types of penalties, manual penalty and algorithmic. 

The manual penalties will be imposed by google employees and algorithmic will be by google bots who fine you all over the way. 

The manual penalty will be notified by google whereas the algorithmic penalty has to be found by learning the latest update and where the traffic has dropped. 

And then you will have to wait till doing the update and recrawl through the site again.

Social signals are another way of promoting your website by constant engagement through social platforms and connecting it with your site boosts your engagement.

Driving this traffic won’t disappoint you in any way as there are plenty of options in boosting it either through ad promotion or organic growth 

Focus on content and why other sites are ranking higher. Probably because of the high-quality content they produce.

Once the quality of the content increases the sooner you may fall out of the trap.

Site authority is another aspect where you have to concentrate.

Using authentic internal links, backlinks, and mentions from high-ranking pages increases the chances.

Follow step by step as google might find the sudden increase of backlinks suspicious.

Buying an active domain is the easiest method of launching a website as the domain is already well established and helps in refurbishing according to your needs


A better SEO campaign doesn’t guarantee your positioning. The website should be trustworthy and have great authority over the page and the right keywords.

  1. The high competition 
  2. Lack of content ‘
  3. Absence of quality backlinks 
  4. Lack of user signals 

Might have been the reason behind the sandbox effect. With recent research, I found that IBM sandBox enables a security precaution in the database which needs much more depth knowledge. 

Breaking down why you aren’t ranking can be quite easier once you surpass this level.

The high competition in the market demands organic growth. Focusing on less competitive keywords with lesser keyword difficulty will boost your site organically and determine the quality of your content which will result in reducing the sandbox period with this google algorithm.


Lack of content can be another possible reason. That is once you publish your page you might need to put in effort in building in content without falling back as the moment google finds it lacks content it puts you on a probation period.


Another reason to pull you down is the absence of quality backlinks. The mismatching backlink and no quality content to the backlink sink you down too.

So as the content grows, the quality of matching backlinks has to grow simultaneously. Probably you might have understood how the google sandbox works and what does the term sandbox mean in SEO.

Improving the health of a website is a vital part of SEO and how to do an SEO audit for website step by step is essential for google sandbox analysis.


Google records user engagements. The lack of user signals determines the google algorithm to be insufficient.

In that case, once the audience engagement rises the search engine analyses the bounce rate, user data, and click-through rate. 



 I survived, and so can you! This is not the end if you are stuck or you are wondering about passive traffic analytics. This too shall pass and your website will soar into the sky with immense traffic if we follow the algorithm and build the domain strongly.

The Google Sandbox effect is available to any new domain. But it doesn’t mean you’re required to stay in the box for too long.
You can escape the Sandbox fast by:​​​​​​​​ In the method of being indexed by Google  

  • Optimizing your website
  • Social signals are growing
  • The credibility of your website​​​​​​​​

Also, remember:
The best method to avoid Google sandbox is to prevent it altogether by buying an expired domain and not a brand-new one.

If you’re not sure if you’ve chosen an existing domain and you’re not sure where to start, here’s where you should begin!

Make use of Spamzilla as well as the Domain Hunter Finder to locate the best-expired domain bargain. Purchase an old premium domain at ODYS.

This is the quickest method to have your brand-new site on top of the SERPs.
The sandbox may be an actual filter within the algorithm or is an element of Google’s unwillingness to endorse websites that are not authentic, the fact is that the exact same thing: new websites will be unable to rank.

Remember google can test you not destroy you. For any further assistance, we can help you at any time.

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