How to Start Digital Marketing Business in India like a Pro

How to Start Digital Marketing Business in India like a Pro

How to Start Digital Marketing Business in India like a Pro

BY  AYSHA  | August 16.

how to start digital marketing business in india

Some lost lives,
Some lost livelihood
Situation is getting worse day by day
Many people are looking for easy -peasy business options.
Many people opt for businesses as their daily bread.
As the Importance of digital marketing in India is growing exponentially, some people checked how to start a digital marketing business in India as their source of income.
Do you know why people are focusing on the online marketing entrepreneur journey?
Are they experts in digital marketing ?
Or do they believe in the scope and importance of digital marketing?

Before getting deep into our topic, I’m seizing a small quotient of your time to drive your attention to the main plot of our today’s article which is the importance of digital marketing in today’s scenario, especially in india.
So it shows that invest in digital marketing is need of the hour

Not only in India, but the covid 19 pandemic has visibly pressed the pause button on everything which used to run in the physical world.

Being an optimist ( and a digital marketing practitioner) i must say, covid 19 indeed showed us how innovative and adaptable we can be.

Within a blink of an eye we were able to switch our whole life into the digital world.

But being a realist, this pandemic just snacthed many peoples livelihood. Isn’t that cruel? Yes it is.

This is the situation where people will start looking for an alternative and yet possible solution in respect to the current situation.

And this is it where digital marketing shines.

Holding the theories, let me give you some affirmations to prove the importance of digital marketing in india.

Digital marketing is all wrapped around the internet and if there is a strong amount of people there who are engaged in using the internet then there is no better place than that to give a head start to the digital marketing business and India is the right place, how?

Check this out.

importance of digital marketing

As it is shown, in 2025, the number of internet users in India will exponentially increase to an approximate value of 974.68 million people, while the current count is 761.29 million out of 1378.6 million people in India.

And that shows the majority of people, in fact most of the people are adapting themselves to the internet-world day by day. Currently in the pandemic situation where the internet is a necessity.

So from the peoples’ side we are done, now let’s take a look at the market.


scope of digital marketing in india

And this image here shows the percentage of budget that each market spends on digital marketing.

Now here I want you to focus on the markets not on the budget, because the budget may fluctuate depending upon the condition of the market, so; you can see that the marketers all are somewhat related to the field that we are talking about, and they all are investing in digital marketing as a mandatory.

Didn’t catch that quite. Wait.

All those marketers are aspects or parts of an online business, which is the only way to keep your pursuit running now, and if you start a digital marketing business in India, you’ll be the one everyone reaches for the service.

So digital marketing never goes down as long as there is online business, which will never go down too.

Now even if you manage yourself to start a digital marketing business in India, wouldn’t you have a question in mind, what is the scope of digital marketing in india.

And you should have the question too.

Considering the above statistics one thing is for sure that India has people and markets to support digital marketing immensely.

And as long as businesses are considered, if you want a business to be successful you should have a great amount of targeted potential prospects and markets to get your back.

Just like how every entrepreneur challenges or entrepreneur problems related to their commodity, digital marketing too faces teeny-tiny problems which can be sorted out if efficient and innovative strategies are put on.

scope of digital marketing

There are certain problems every digital marketing entrepreneur faces which can cause great damage if not taken care of right from the beginning of the digital marketing business.

The digital marketing field is highly competitive and it is very difficult to outshine the others and make your name visible. However this can be overcome if you have the right strategy and have a good idea about how the market is.

Every top brand currently presents in digital marketing just like something yours when it started. What made them different is they used the just right strategies and tactics for Digital Marketing and enabled themselves as a brand.

Digital marketing involves a lot of trend change. Apart from the other types of businesses which run their trends at least for 6 months digital marketing gives no guarantee for how long any aspect in the field will survive.

Talking about starting a business in digital marketing in India you have to be highly adaptable and cautious about every new trend and every new revelation in the digital marketing field. Even if you miss one that can cause you great damage.

Being Visible to the prospects is difficult. Digital marketing as you can see is a field that requires high internet attention. Helping yourself to show in front of others can be really tiring since people are really selective.

And digital marketing can only be succeeded when people start to recognise them in the digital world and get to them. Making an online process can be really difficult at the beginning but keeping it up and growing no matter how the results are is the only way to overcome this challenge. If you do this eventually you can see your online presence build their own.

Customers’ high expectations is another problem that is faced by not only the entrepreneurs but everyone in the digital marketing entrepreneurship. Customers who are reaching out to the best digital marketing company out there well deliberately use a blindfold to blind themselves towards the fact that how hard is it to get a result in the digital marketing field.

A digital marketing business can only survive when it have sophisticated innovative, and creative solutions with them since people reaching out to this particular firm would expect really high results within a really short period of time and everyone is trying really hard to match their expectations so being capable of copying up their expectation it is one of the strategies to overcome the challenge.

Ok now we are done with the scope and importance of digital marketing in India the problems every digital marketing entrepreneur faces and now let’s get into how to start a digital marketing business in India

How to Start Digital Marketing Business in India/ Things to Consider

how to register a digital marketing agency in india

1. The first and foremost thing that you have to consider while going for a digital marketing career in India is to learn it well. Not only for digital marketing but this applies for all kinds of businesses.

If you are getting into one then you have to search for it, research it. and learn about it very well. You shouldn’t be too happy when you hit success and you shouldn’t be too depressed when you see failure.

You have to be balanced in between both as you have to keep your pursuit going. And this important quality can be only attained once you learn digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is not an easy field that can be learnt overnight. It has to take several months or years to be fully expertise in digital marketing. Still, you will fall short for when the trends change if you are not adaptable.

But if you’re looking for a place to study digital marketing within a short period of time with the coverage of all aspects i think you should consider the best digital marketing institute in kerala or should simply reach out to a digital marketing trainer


problems faced by startups in india

2. Now the next step is to define your brand name. Now you have learnt well about digital marketing and that part is the initial step of your business which is to define your brand. You must give a name to your brand that stands out and you must have a reasonable and convincing definition. Name ideas for digital agencies must be taken into serious consideration.

how to start a digital marketing company in india

Or it must at least have a any purpose like stuck in the mind of customers like GoDaddy

3. Being a digital marketing company, you cannot survive without a website. for that you next require to purchase a domain and hosting. Just like any other websites you just have to buy a domain of your brand and also purchase a hosting service that is quality providence.

benefits of learning digital marketing

4. The next thing that you require as a business is registration and taxation. If you are taking the business to the next level and want to provide quality services for others for that you must require a registration from the government and also need to pay the taxes.

This is not only our requirement but only those companies which are registered and have paid their taxes are considered to be trustworthy among the customers and they will only choose those who are legally registered so that they won’t have any issues in the future.

importance of digital marketing course

If you have the question on how much does it cost to start a digital marketing agency in India, I think you must reach out to a digital marketing expert.

5. The next step is creating a company website that is where you use the purchased domain name along with the hosting services. Creating a website you must keep one thing in mind that your website is like a visiting card of yours. If your website is eye-catching and holds people there for at least a minute then you can expect lead from there itself.

job scope of digital marketing

As a beginner it can be a little difficult for you to create a professional and creative website. Since it is the beginning you can just reach out to any of the best digital marketing company in Kerala which is also the best social media agency for small businesses, to create a professional and beautiful website for your business.

6. We are on and now we are starting the game. create social media profiles with viral content. If you want people to know that you exist then you have to shout out that I exist.

I’m not asking you to just take a mic and shout out loud that I have started a digital marketing business. Wise people use social media as a substitute for their mic and through that they say “I have started a digital marketing business”.


digital marketing business ideas

And shouting in particular doesn’t mean that going live and shouting or barking about your business. shout out is also substituted with viral contents. quality and viral content will tell people that someone has started a great digital marketing business and that’s you.

7. The next movie of the game is to show you are eligible and trusted. Here what you have to do is apply for the Google certification and become Google partners.

Becoming a Google partner will help you have that image that is highly exalted by the customers of online markets in india. Becoming a Google partner is simple, you just have to be proficient and knowledgeable in the topics that Google provides examinations on.


digital marketing scope in future

And they give you the question paper which you have to answer within a particular time period if you succeed at getting above and 80% of average. Then you are therein tagged by the name of partners of Google. However this partnership expires every year from the day you took the examination so you have to renew that certificate each and every year.

8. Since you are all done with the initial steps now let’s get working. Start by picking up the project from freelancers websites in India. Try to do the work in such an efficient and professional manner that the quality of the work will alone drive you more leads.

Taking the projects of freelancer websites in India won’t be that easy. You have to prove that you can do the best among all and convince them to give the projects. Sometimes you also need to give commissions or there are chances for you to get paid low.

how much does it cost to start a digital marketing agency in india

but here you just have to focus on how you are publicized and not on how much you earn. initially you won’t get that much of income but eventually with quality work and trust of prospects you can earn both – publicity and money.

9. Since you have started to take projects from freelancers in India, the next step you should go forward is to register your digital marketing agency or company in India even though you had done the registration at the beginning but you have to register as a company after everything is done. The future of digital marketing in india won’t exclude registration.

10. Keep it up and going; with the revelation through your web site that content is the king. Even if your business promises to give low-cost High quality services or innovative and creative solutions all this comes second and content always holds the first position.


digital marketing and entrepreneurship

The content that you provide through your website or other platforms is always the first and foremost a magnet that attracts the correct prospects to your business. Quality content = more leads.

11. Once you have started to take projects and it is making success from them, create landing pages that showcase your success projects. Since landing pages are the place where the customers set their foot first, they should be mesmerized and should have the feeling that they have chosen the correct options so far.

digital marketing business ideas

12. Once you have started the business and it is clicking (indeed it will click if you have the right strategy and follow all these procedures correctly) you will be in need of a team to face the digital marketing challenges, so develop a team that is highly efficient in their work and have immense experience in the industry.

study digital marketing

Guide and teach your team what is the speciality of your business or company and mould them into professionals like you prefer.

Final thoughts

The answer to the question of how to start a digital marketing business in India is what you see above. In addition to it, I have provided the things you must consider if you are going for one. All these are taken from the applied and successful practices of the best data driven digital marketing company in kerala. You can indeed successfully establish a digital marketing business in India if you have the right strategies and follow the above steps in accordance to your convenience.

Hope all that information comes in handy to you.


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How to Start Digital Marketing Business in India like a Pro

How to Start Digital Marketing Business in India like a Pro

How to Start Digital Marketing Business in India like a ProBY  AYSHA  | August 16.Some lost lives, Some lost livelihoodSituation is getting worse day by day Many people are looking for easy -peasy business options.Many people opt for businesses as their daily bread.As...

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Importance of Voice Search in SEO

Importance of Voice Search in SEO

Importance of Voice Search in SEO

BY  Gayathri   | August 07.

Importance of Voice Search in SEO

Nowadays, more and more people started using voice commands to search the internet. Then why would you sit down and type information when you can speak it?

Although this was once a luxury, it has now become a requirement in today’s world.

This is a giant leap forward from the days of virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa that could perform ordinary day-to-day tasks such as weather reports, latest news, and scheduling appointments to real-time traffic data and accurate GPS location pin-points.

This information can be delivered to anyone without ever having to press a button or enter a command.

Voice explore feature is an excellent opportunity in the digital marketing field to create keyword matches that are exact to the search queries by saving time.

Because they know the importance of voice search in SEO and they take advantage of this opportunity.

So what are you waiting for?

What Is Voice Search?

what is voice recognition


Voice search is nothing but using speech to give commands or ask questions to smart or compatible devices such as smartphones and smart speakers for a solution or an answer.

And the device responds to the question for the given queries. In this case, both the parties involved can reap the benefits of this.

These data will help you to understand the importance of voice search in SEO:

According to,

Right now, voice search queries are growing 270% per year. And it is said that 55% of users do voice search to ask on their smartphones.

More people are using voice search, especially with COVID-19. Voice search is definitely one of the fast-growing types of search now. As technology progresses, voice chat is becoming more reliable.

Beyond mobile phones, connected devices, and intelligent speakers, over 49% of Google Home and Amazon Echo users find them necessary since intelligent homes have become the new normal.

With the increased use of Apple’s Siri and the Amazon Alexa, even your business should have a proper strategy for voice search and SEO to compete with the rest.

Your business will be more likely to be found than its competitors if you have a solid strategy.

This search method is still relatively new, especially in India, so it is essential to quickly move into space to take advantage of the first-mover advantage.

Learning the importance of voice search in SEO provides an excellent opportunity for local businesses to compete with big companies that have multiple chains worldwide.

Importance of Voice Search in SEO and How does voice search work?

importance of search engine

How does voice search work?

Voice searches work with voice identification technology that accepts voice command search questions. Search engines then provide direct answers based on the search queries.

And these search results can be viewed using a combination of text to speech, natural language processing and pre-programmed voice tools.

Digital voice assistants are based on the following principles:

● To transcribe and process human speech into text
● To analyze text to identifying questions and commands
● To find the correct information, connect to search engines and other data sources
● To make the information understandable and valuable for the user.

However, the process of voice search is more intricate than that.

Machine-learning is used to help these programs understand the search intent and natural language of the searcher. These programs are highly sophisticated and improving rapidly.

Let’s dive deeper into voice searches and the importance of voice search in SEO and how to optimize content for voice search.

Apart from the voice search, there is a whole lot out there in the ocean of SEO. 

Benefits of Voice Search

Benefits of Voice Search

Nearly 20% of all searches today are voice-based in Google App. This number will rise quickly before we even know it, making it crucial to create straightforward and relevant content to compete in voice search.

Google Home provides the best result for customer intention. By keeping the Google Business Page current and accurate, businesses can rank higher in voice search.

Some of the main benefits of voice search are:

● Typing can be a time-consuming activity
● Find quick and immediate answers to your questions
● Search the internet in different languages

These are few importance of voice search in SEO. Voice search can be very beneficial. You need to understand how people phrase their queries to take advantage of voice search.

We’ll be discussing strategies that can be implemented into your SEO strategy and how to make sure to optimize content for voice search.

How Voice search affects SEO?

how voice search affects seo

Voice search is also becoming more important in search engine optimization. It’s easier to use voice for a particular search instead of typing. So optimizing your website for search results is essential now more than ever.
It would help if you had a strategy to get found in an audio search engine. And you need it as soon as possible to get started. If you have a proper plan in place, you can take advantage of voice search.

Voice search helps improve a business’s website SEO if you take the proper steps. The more voice search SEO you have, the easier it is for customers to find your business. And that’s why voice search is important.

Voice search SEO is different from a traditional web search. Voice search can have other effects than conventional web search SEO.

Even though it might not be obvious, voice search drives brand awareness and traffic for a website.

There are many low-cost and straightforward SEO strategies that you can use to make sure your business is found via the best voice search.

Alexa, Siri, Google and Google might not be aware that your business exists. So delaying this might cause voice assistants to tell consumers to search for businesses elsewhere.

So it’s high time to understand the importance of voice search in SEO and the importance of voice search optimization to be included in your SEO strategy.

How to optimize your website for voice search?

how speech recognition works

Your digital platform can also benefit from a higher share of voice searches related to local information and details.

You can include words such as ‘near me” at the end of a query to find things close to your location.

This gives you an immediate answer to your question about nearby restaurants, schools or petrol stations. Your website is immediately visible.

But remember, Voice search is not the same as normal text search.

Voice search is different from typing searches, where a query is entered into a search engine.

Voice search allows consumers to ask direct questions for them to receive a clear and relevant answer and businesses need a different strategy when using voice search.

So you need to do a proper voice search optimization as well as SEO Chrome tool extension.

Voice Search Optimization tips for your content

how to optimize website for voice search

1.  Conversational Tone

You can relate to users better if you speak their language. Sometimes, it’s not possible to find someone answering your question in a professional tone.

It is important to not mislead from the primary purpose of communicating pertinent information, even if you modify and adapt the writing style. You should provide a satisfactory solution, and be clear about it.

Writing more like a human being is a good idea. Long-tail keywords sound natural and more natural than traditional one-word search keywords.

Keep the phrases simple and understand your target audience to know their questions which brings us to the next tip – Long-tail keywords.


2. Use Long-tail Keywords

Keyword research is an essential part of all marketing and advertising. Voice search or commands are no exception to this rule.

And also, search engines should be able to find relevant phrases. Because people are more likely to use natural language, making long-tail keywords are more suitable for semantic searches.

These keywords can improve SEO and increase your chances of being discovered online by voice assistants.

Because when it comes to voice searches, natural-sounding queries and phrases have replaced the traditional way people search.

No matter what, voice searches will continue to dominate mobile devices.

This will affect SEO for business and make it even more critical for businesses to have mobile-friendly websites and for SEO practices that grow to keep up with this trend.


3. Focus on Local Searches

Voice search queries often seek out location-based content. If you are a local business owner and want to be found locally, this is that easy solution.

Voice search is a great way to optimize your content and get found via voice search. Use phrases such as “near me.” This is a popular search term that consumers use to find products and services.

Local search and voice search go hand-in-hand. Marketers should update their local SEO strategies and understand the importance of voice search in SEO to take advantage of both.

A new data set supports the assertion that voice searches tend to be more about location-based topics than types of queries.

It is crucial to optimize your website for local searches, especially if you are a local business.

4. Speed & Mobile Optimization

We must also consider where voice searches actually originate from and how we can excel in that channel to get better results. It is clear that mobile optimization is essential to reach the top of voice-search results and provide a better user experience in your website.

The majority of voice searches are done on smartphones and this dynamic is further enhanced by the fact that more than half of all global voice searches are made from mobile devices.

The most crucial for a mobile version site is to ensure it load in less than 2 seconds. Users expect instant answers to vocal queries. A slow site can frustrate them.

This is enough to make Google’s search indexes more mobile-friendly. It also makes mobile first indexing possible. Marketers are increasingly realizing that mobile should be regarded as the priority over desktop.

And also, check out the on-page SEO checklist 2022 to get ahead of your competitors.

Speaking of all these factors, don’t you think it’s high time you audited your website?

Get free SEO audit from industry experts-lead.


close voice search

Voice search is growing in popularity, which has a significant impact on how search engines find results. Voice recognition and natural language processing continue to influence SEO.

Now you can rank for crucial phrases and terms using the tools and knowledge available to you. Importance of voice search optimization is still relatively new. However, it’s essential to start typing for keywords and phrases as soon as possible.

We do not doubt that voice search will continue to impact SEO. Understanding the importance of voice search in SEO will allow you to get ahead of your competitors.

It’s essential to have a voice strategy for adapting to new technologies as voice search evolves and competitors enter the space because we know that marketers need to constantly adjust their strategy to keep up with the changing technology.


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10 Best Practices That Will Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

10 Best Practices That Will Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

10 Best Practices That Will Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy.


best practices that will improve your digital marketing strategy

SAVE 70% OFF on Digital Marketing Full Training

Best practices that will improve your digital marketing strategy? Why do I need it?

As we all know digital marketing has become something that every business needs to invest in, whether it is a startup or an enterprise.

The importance of digital marketing for the success of a business in the current scenario is inevitable. And with a strong digital marketing strategy you can boost your business to the next level.

Since every business has its own digital marketing strategies, What about you?

What are the digital marketing strategies you are practicing for your business? SEO, content marketing, email marketing…. There are so many, right?

But is your digital marketing strategies that good?

Does that provide you with great results?

If your answer is No. This post is for you.

For better results you need to improve your various types of digital marketing strategies.

But how? I’ll help you with that.

In this post, I’m going to share 10 Best Practices That Will Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy. After reading this post, you will have a clear picture of best practices that will improve your digital marketing strategy.

Let’s dive in.

10 Best Practices That Will Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy and enhance your business

latest digital marketing strategies

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that your digital marketing strategy for your business should be cost effective. And it should provide you with great results.

Let’s check out what are the best practices that will improve your digital marketing strategy.


Content marketing has become a pivotal factor for every business.92% of B2C marketers and 88% for B2B marketers agree content marketing is important to their marketing plans.

You have to create useful content that will attract your target audience and make them love to read since it will solve their problems.

The benefits of content marketing is, It can eventually build trust among your targeted audience and increase conversion rates subsequently.

By adopting digital content strategy for your business, you will get many benefits:

➺Your brand will be more visible

➺Establish lasting relationships with customers

➺Increase brand recognition and awareness

➺Establish credibility and authority

In addition, content marketing also supports your SEO and SMO efforts by providing you with more content for your website’s blog, and social media postings.

Even though content marketing takes time to show results. However, the long-lasting impact of content marketing is well worth it by getting you long lasting results.


content marketing services

Let’s look at best practices that will improve your digital marketing strategy that should be added in content marketing:

➥Valuable content – Your content should entertain, inform and should be something that connects with your customers. It should be valuable and it should encourage sharing, commenting, and subscriptions to your email and other such actions that contribute to your ROI.

➥Original content – You can use audio, video, or text content. However, you should ensure that your content is original with good quality. It can be difficult sometimes to come up with unique content ideas that will keep up with what is trending. If you are not capable of creating such unique content, you can also approach a content marketing company in Kerala or content marketing expert to create compelling, original content for your website or social media channels.

➥Content that is appropriate – You need to create content that is right for each stage of the conversion process. Your metrics should match your objectives with each part of your content.

Digital Marketing Full Course

Best way to learn digital marketing

 Become a successful digital marketer

  Increase your traffic in 60 days or less

  Trusted by more than 30000 students

Download Now


Email marketing is an extremely effective method. Email marketing is an option that can provide a great return on investment (ROI).

In latest studies it says, email marketing boasts a remarkable return on investment of 122%.This is four times more than any other marketing channels that were examined.

These channels include paid search, direct mailing, and social media. Even though email marketing is most effective, not all startups can harness its true potential.

To get effective email marketing you have to make a customized approach to your emails by considering the different types of email marketing lists that meet the needs of your customers.

If you are unaware about email marketing, it’s better to join a best email marketing course in Kerala. Before that, read How to choose the best email marketing course in Kerala to join the right course.

email marketing strategy

To develop your email marketing strategy, take a close look at your customers’ purchasing habits and use that information.

Here are some best practices that will improve your digital marketing strategy that should be added in email marketing to launch a successful email marketing campaign.

➼The subject line is crucial. Make it engaging, catchy, and beneficial.

➼Avoid using jargon in email copy. Use plain, persuasive language

➼Break up text into bullets or subheadings to make it easy to scan.

➼Discuss the benefits that you will offer.

➼Optimize emails for mobile devices

➼Add a professional email signature

If you are not aware about the different email marketing platforms and email marketing tools to do email marketing, you can receive email marketing service by hiring an email marketing consultant or company.



Social media has emerged as a powerful marketing tool these days. It is one of the most important marketing strategies for startups.

Learn more about how businesses use social media to connect with customers. Here are some of the many benefits that social media marketing offers:

✔It increases traffic and exposure.

✔Social media marketing develops loyal customers

✔It increases search rankings and generates leads

✔It creates thought leadership

✔Sales increase

You might be thinking about how you can grow your brand on social media?In order to build your authority on social media you need to regularly create quality content.

Let’s look at best practices that will improve your digital marketing strategy that should be added in social media marketing:

social media marketing services

It is important to be consistent in posting content, and engaging with your followers.

Although social media marketing is becoming more popular among businesses, not all of them are doing it in the right way.

Many are making costly social media marketing mistakes. Let me help you with how you can avoid these mistakes.

Firstly, you have to choose the right social channel to market your business then create a strategy for social media marketing.

Just because other businesses are getting huge success through Instagram, doesn’t mean you will get the same result through it as well.

If your potential customers are on Twitter, make Twitter your point of focus. Choose your social media channel by checking where your potential customers hang out most.

Contents and giveaways is an effective method in social media to acquire you more new customers as people love the. You will often see an increase in your sales and customers if you encourage customers to promote your products or services in return for a free product.

Another powerful method to implement in social media is influencer marketing. Since Influencer marketing is rapidly becoming a popular trend, Startups can use influencer marketing to help grow their brand.

The best part about influencer marketing is, it is much less expensive than the traditional marketing channels. Here are some reasons startups should embrace influencer marketing.

➣Customers have become immune from traditional marketing channels

➣Influencer marketing is cheaper than other promotional methods.

➣It’s easy to implement influencer marketing

➣Influencer marketing’s word-of-mouth aspect builds trust in your brand

Because of the authenticity of influencers, customers will be more likely to engage with your brand.

If you are worried about the budget it’s ok if you don’t have a big budget. You can find micro-influencers for your startup.

And the happy news for you is that they have higher engagement rates than macro-influencers. Read more about the influencer marketing trends 2021.

A good social media marketing consultant in Kerala who can provide best social media services and can help you with an effective social media strategy for your business.



Most of us don’t often think about web design as a marketing tactic. But do you know that, it can influence the amount of time and attention a user will spend on your page.

Your website is the center of your efforts you have taken in digital marketing.

fundamentals of digital marketing

So if your page is not interesting, clean, or easy to read, it won’t matter how much time you put into strategy development – you’re still going to lose customers.

If you don’t have the designing skills, then it’s worth hiring a web optimization company to create a website that is attention-grabbing. Or you can join the web development course in Kerala and learn how to create awesome websites.

Make sure your website and social media channels are mobile friendly as Customers are now accessing the web via smartphones and tablets.

So, It is important to make your website and contents accessible on all devices. Let’s look at best practices that will improve your digital marketing strategy that should be added in website optimization.

For that Here are some tools that will help you in creating an attention grabbing website.


One aspect of Canva I really like is the templates that help design great looking images even if you know nothing about layout or what fonts go together. They’re constantly adding new images and tools, such as infographic templates, to help you out.

Canva is a great tool to create social media images, whether they are for your profile or images for posts. One aspect of Canva I really like is it’s templates. They allow you to create beautiful images, even if your knowledge is limited on layout and fonts. You’ll find new images and tools that are constantly being added to Canva, including infographic templates.


Photoshop is an expensive tool, but it is really a great design tool. And it is also difficult to use, but there are many tutorials available on YouTube now. Photoshop also includes mini tutorials to make it easy to use.


Kuler Adobe Color is the best choice if you don’t like mixing colors. It lets you either import an image to see the colors or choose a color from the list to create colors that match your original.



Now you have built a website with an attention grabbing design, and created service pages for all the services you offer.

And you think visitors will visit your awesome website. Right?


You are not the only one with the website in your niche. How can your website appear on the top of the first page on search engines when the customers search for keywords that are relevant to your business?

seo optimization

Here the role of SEO arises. Do you know that people tend to believe the websites that rank on the top of search engines are authentic and trustworthy?

So, if Your website ranks high in search results for keywords related to your products and services, this gives the impression that you’re a trustworthy company.

Read more about what should be the first step of a structured SEO plan to know about the types of SEO and various SEO optimization tools and SEO optimization tips.

For every startup SEO optimization is an inevitable factor. Be sure to use the best SEO optimization practices on your website. What can you do more?

You need to be consistent in tracking your SEO. There are many tools that can help you with your SEO needs. These tools help you conduct keyword research, track your SERP rankings, monitor your competitors etc.

However, there are so many challenges faced by businesses related to SEO and If you don’t know how to improve SEO, By hiring an SEO expert in Kerala you can overcome these challenges.



benefits of online advertising

Online advertising is a great way to help digital marketing succeed. This includes :

PPC (pay per click) campaigns such as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, social media advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc, and mobile ads.

Pay-per-click marketing (PPC) is the best way to use search engine advertising to drive visitors to your site. PPC can is a powerful marketing tool that generates ready-to-sell leads.

Focus more on infographics. Infographics are loved by everyone because they are visually appealing.

Our brains are able to process images much faster than text. People will share pictures more often than text.



An affiliate program allows people to share information about your business products or services and help grow your market through a commission-based platform.

how to start affiliate marketing

If you don’t know how to start affiliate marketing ,I’ll exaggerate it to you. To draw in leads, you can recruit affiliates to your brand. They are like salespeople, who are paid a commission.

You can pay them based on the number of sales they make or on fee per product.

But, how do you track these sales? Don’t worry you can track the sales through the affiliate links, which are personalized links that you give your affiliates.

They will share the link with their social networks, who can then use the link to visit the site and make a purchase.

These customized links can be generated using tools such as Google Analytics. You can also track how many sales each link brings in to track your affiliates’ performance.

Affiliate programs help to improve your marketing efforts quickly.


Referral marketing is one of the best ways to promote your brand through your customers. In such situations, a referral marketing strategy could be a great option.

In referral marketing each customer will be given a referral code to share with others.

fundamentals of referral marketing

What does it all mean? You can offer a discount or freebie to a customer who refers someone else to your brand.

And you can provide some discount to those customers who purchase from you from their circles. This will encourage them to refer others and can help you grow your startup.

InviteReferrals is a tool that can help you set up a referral system. It makes it easy to set up your referral campaign on social media, website or mobile app. This tool also provides you with detailed analytics on your campaign.



Analytics is the right combination to make digital marketing a success. Google Analytics is a perfect tool that allows you to understand the most important elements of your website, and how visitors navigate it.

There are many great tools that can be used to analyze your website beyond Google Analytics.

Or you can also get help from a digital marketing analyst. Analytics can help optimise your website.



It can be difficult to integrate these strategies, especially in larger firms where different teams manage different platforms and handle different aspects such as or content marketing paid and social.

implement strategies across the channel

But for a successful digital marketing this is an underrated crucial strategy. Let’s look at how to integrate across these different tactics into digital marketing success.

➥Strategic planning- A strategic plan is the first step to integration. Coordination does not only come from messaging but also elements like mission and goals, which help to integrate efforts by providing a framework under which teams can create infographics and posts.

➥Creative meetings- It is vital to bring everyone together. Everyone should be able to share what they are working on. And also businesses or companies can receive feedback from them about how to expand their effort across multiple platforms.

➥Master plans- A person should be responsible for digital marketing success. This person will coordinate efforts between teams. There may be an approval process in which the top person approves everything before it is published.


The wrap-up
By choosing the right digital marketing strategies and improving them helps you stand out from the crowd. I hope this post has helped you to know the best practices that will improve your digital marketing strategy. Share your opinions in the comment section. I’d love to hear about them.



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Google Showcase Shopping Ads | A  Guide on Google Shopping Ad

Google Showcase Shopping Ads | A Guide on Google Shopping Ad

Google showcase shopping ads – step by step instructions


google showcase shopping ads

How do google showcase shopping ads?

How to do google shopping ads step by step?

Here we are answering the most anticipated question of 2021, that may lead to an advertising revolution.

As we enter the digital era we are undergoing worldly changes and adapting to the new normal. So when we mention digital era, there is a highly familiar term that comes around “ digital marketing “

Investing in digital marketing has led to revolutionary changes within the online market and paved a concrete path for further innovation and advancements.

As we know that nowadays ecommerce marketing has better scope for succeeding than any other platform comparatively, hence digital marketing services like ecommerce seo for your business and even advertising has much more possibilities in the current marketing trends.

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The traditional ways of marketing are gradually being replaced by the online colonialism of marketing, which is proved by the point that a large contribution to the profits gained by online tycoons like facebook and google are solely from online advertisements.

Looking from the point of view of online users and their best online shopping experience, we very well understand that going online is the new normal for business marketing.

For example when we look at the digital transformation in food and beverage industry we can get to know how far digitally we have conquered.

best online shopping experience

Hence the former Ads evolved to become google ads and now have generated a trend of google showcase shopping ads

It was also mentioned that;

“Now Google Shopping accounts for 65% for all Google Ads clicks and for 89% of non-branded Google search ad clicks of retailers” – Store Growers

So before we take you to the methods of Google shopping ads, let’s take a brief detour to what is Google ads?

Adservice Google

As we mentioned earlier Google Ads was previously known as ADS, which allows the businesses online to project their advertisements to their potential customers.

Now, the following are different google ads campaign types –

● Search Ads
● Display Ads
● Video Ads
● Shopping Ads
● App promotion


google shopping automation

So, the above mentioned google ads campaign types can lend a helpful hand to the uprising of your business marketing and sales.

The google ads lead generation is sort of an undeniable factor for most businesses across the online marketing network.

On this note we finally arrive to the topic or rather the main focus of the topic – Google shopping ads, let us elaborate 

What is a Google showcase shopping ads

Shopping ads can be targeted to

Google shopping ads are also alternatively known as google product listing ads are a type of highly effective method advertising to boost up the business needs.

Shopping ads can be targeted to the appropriate audience and lure them into building up a so-called successful business.

As the demand for google shopping ads amplified many google shopping agency built a strong foundation within the rising market needs and provided services impeccably.

Google showcase shopping ads that include three main things –
● Image of the product
● Price of the product
● Brand of the product

Along with these above mentioned details few more details like the product reviews, shipping information and promotions for certain product visibility can be featured along with the google shopping ads.

Let us delve deeper,

Steps involved in setting up Google shopping ads?

So, whatever level of google shopping ads proficiency you may be in, without taking care of the following things you are on the same level as a newbie,

● Product feed optimization
● Targeting strategies
● Bidding strategies
● Campaign structure

Before going to the set up lets understand a bit about shopping ads


Use Ad words merchant center

Google merchant center data feed

Merchant center is a platform where all your product feed that you or your business possess and plans to sell online or offline can be stored and fed live through.

Google merchant center data feed can store all the details related to your products meant for selling, all in one location for your convenience.

Google shopping actions, product feed optimization and much more can be done using Ad words merchant center

Which means the google ads merchant center and shopping ads are interconnected in a much higher level where you have to set up the product feed list on the merchant center way before planning on shopping ad campaigns and proceeding with it.


Google shopping actions

Google shopping actions

Put in simple words the google shopping action is simply the online platform that allows the retailers to project their products on several different Google platforms via google shopping ads.

Isn’t it amazing?

Using google shopping action gets the product visibility to land cleanly on a higher level of exposure and makes shopping products much easier and convenient.

These unprecedented methods of simplification of work process and procedures evolved with years of testing and by properly evaluating the customer shopping experience.

Google shopping actions not only simplifies product management but also leads to simplifying business processes by providing the following features –

● Shareable list
● Universal shopping cart
● Instant checkout
● Saving of payment credentials for a flawless experience

So, by now you might have understood that customers’ buying intention can be psychologically tweaked by using such platforms for marketing purposes.

Let’s move further,


Google shopping ad Strategies

google shopping strategy

So, most retailing businesses focus on enhancing their product exposure meanwhile on the other hand reduce the spending amount for the most underperforming product within their list.

Throughout the years google has advised its advertisement users to enable the google shopping automation, as gradually these automation that google provides has become more and more sophisticated.

What are the uses of smart bidding within google shopping automation?

☑ You are now able to analyse different signals to craft bids uniquely for each user accounts
☑ You can now effectively control the performance controls to dominate your bidding performance.
☑ Reports and updates for you to know how good your bidding in google shopping strategy is.

So, all the features mould up the best bid strategy for google shopping.


Google shopping bid management

google shopping bid management

There are many types of bidding strategies of which smart bidding, which we have discussed above is a part of.

Let’s look at the other types of bidding strategies –

☛ Target CPA (Cost per acquisition) bidding
☛ ROAS (Target return on ad spend) bidding

Bidding strategies are a turning point or a deciding factor within your google ads. When google showcase shopping ads which either yield for a good outcome incase of an effective bidding strategy or a negative outcome due to poorly planned bidding.

Google shopping bid management

First and foremost step is creating your product feed –

simplifies product management

It is kind of a spreadsheet for listing your products, there are two methods in creating the product feed for you google shopping ads –

● Create feed using an app
● Create feed using an extension
● Create feed using a tool
● Create feed using a spreadsheet

Second step is to set up google merchant center



simplifying business processes

Once your google shopping feed is crafted you can create a google merchant center account.

google merchant center account creation is a pretty simple task, as you can login using your google ads credentials.

On the google merchant center dashboard page you can click on the products option and then on the feeds options to upload your product feed to google merchant center.

Configure shipping

simplification of work processes and procedures

You have to go through the shipping setup to proceed further, the shipping amount that you have personalised can be entered into the google merchant center, by clicking on shipping and returns on the top center of the dashboard, you can enter your shipping amount you have decided on.

Now to the main part of google shopping for business, creating a google shopping campaign and on how google showcase shopping ads.


 Google Showcase Shopping Ads?

So, once your product list gets approved on google merchant center you can start creating a campaign by initiating your google ads account.

Google shopping ads step by step

Now that you have logged into your google ads account you can create a shopping campaign by clicking on the plus sign displayed on the campaign screen.

On the following screen you have to select the option saying create a campaign without goals guidance and then click on shopping ads

Google smart shopping or standard campaigns 

customer shopping experience

Yes, there are the above mentioned options from which you can select one, the main difference between the two are that Google smart shopping allows a more wide and immersive projection of your ads than the latter.

Finishing your campaign

Now that you have selected the campaign type you will have to tweak the general settings for your campaigns which includes –

● Name your campaign
● Setup the bid strategy
● Setup ad group

This gets you to the final steps of an ad campaign, to finalise click save on the bottom part of the google ads page to create your campaign

Now you have successfully created a google ads campaign, you will now be having one campaign, ad group and product group.

That’s it, that’s how google showcase shopping ads

In conclusion,

google shopping agency

I warm heartedly hope that you all have understood how google showcase shopping ads , we have simplified the topic and elaborated for your full understanding, do try the methods that we have have mentioned and excel in creating google shopping ads step by step there are plenty of google ads specialist jobs awaiting you in the job market.

Thank you and Good luck !!

The Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies for Your E-commerce Business

The Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies for Your E-commerce Business

The Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies for Your E-commerce Business

BY  Misna Nawrin |  JULY 29.

10 Digital Marketing Strategies for Your E-commerce Business

Ok, now you are here. so let us keep it straight and clear. By The time you read this blog, you’ll realize that it is difficult to grow your business in the physical world due to the post-pandemic situation.

The only option left is e-commerce marketing. Sometimes it is difficult to suddenly switch into an option that is completely unknown for you, but circumstantial pressure will always push you to do the unknown.

It’s ok and it’s completely normal what you have to do is, just know what you are up to. That’s why I am here to give you the top applied and successful 10 digital marketing strategies for your e-commerce business.

In this blog, you’ll get to know the 10 digital marketing strategies for your eCommerce business that you must know in 2021

In this case, when you are opting for e-commerce marketing, for instance, you have to know the benefits and importance of e-commerce business in the post-pandemic situation, e-commerce digital marketing strategies, do’s and don’ts in the e-commerce business, benefits of digital marketing strategies for your e-commerce business, etc.

All these are aspects and factors that you have to put a keen focus on if you want your venture not to be a big flop at the very beginning itself, and that will be the exact topics that I’m going to cover in this article.

I know that’s a lot but the list doesn’t end here. e-commerce business and marketing is currently a substitute for physical business and marketing.

So indeed it is Necessary to inculcate all the physical strategies + digital marketing strategies for a normal ‘keep going’ process of your business.

Fortunately, people have adapted themselves to this new change. The only thing they seek is “better”. Yes, they know that there are a million fish in the ocean, but people always choose the better one no matter how many there are.

So in the ocean of eCommerce marketing and business, you might need some outstanding and exemplary marketing strategies for eCommerce startups.

Before getting into a topic deep, let me tell you that e-commerce business requires a lot of digital marketing methods to improve our business or pursuits, so if you are a starter then I recommend you to not only read this blog till the end but also reach out to the best digital marketing consultant in Kerala who can help you with your beginner baby steps in the eCommerce world.

10 Digital Marketing Strategies for Your E-commerce Business | applied and succeeded

e-commerce digital marketing

Let’s move into the first strategy by considering a situation.

Imagine you are a shopper and you found a website which has exactly what you’ve been looking for.

The first place you will arrive to shop that particular commodity will be the official website, and indeed that’s our first strategy;

Website optimization

digital marketing strategies for ecommerce

Talking about website optimisation of your e-commerce business, it includes a vast area where we have to be keenly focused.

Let’s begin with the first which is when the shopper comes to your website the first place they arrive, will be the landing page. So you should be always careful with the landing page. You have to make sure that the landing page entices the customers to shop more than what they have prepared themselves with. You can also go for personalized landing pages

Next comes website speed.

Pagespeed is a non-excludable factor when it comes to website optimisation.

Just imagine your situation when you are on a website and it takes more than 1 minute to load.

No way, no one waits for that long. That’s why it is indeed necessary for you to keep your page speed really high so that the bounce rate can be scaled down.

The next feature that can be considered in website optimization is page layout. Personalization is the main tactic that can be really effective and helpful in the e-commerce business, so providing personalized page layouts to customers based on the year subscription levels and their interests with the help of automation tools can do great good.

So that was the one from the 10 digital marketing strategies for your eCommerce business. These strategies don’t end here. If you dive more into it you can see a lot of other factors also play a major role in optimising your website. Since the first one is done, let’s move on to the second.

So continue manifesting that you are on that website and all is well now. The page speed is well, the landing page is good and the next thing that you will do is looking further into the content that they provide us. No doubt the next one is; 

Content marketing

10 digital marketing strategies for your eCommerce business

Contents do have a great power that you can’t even imagine.

There is a saying,

These three things cannot be retrieved
the Arrow sped from the bow,
The Words, after its spoken,
The Opportunity, after it’s missed.”

Here, what’s in our concern is the words. Since the very next place for the customers to jump into is the content, you have to be very careful with the content that you provide. These contents do have a great power to convert the prospect’s mind.

Since the world has moved so forward in terms of everything and technology has helped us in many ways, here too technology is helping us. Not like the oral words that we spoke, we can easily take back the word’s that we type. Since you also get the opportunity to correct these, use that wisely and effectively.

Providing content about your products on your website can bring new leads and will also interest prospects very much. Providing content that will be useful in increasing their information on that particular commodity will eventually seem to be helpful for the customers. so providing relevant and authentic content can be a great digital marketing strategy for eCommerce websites.

If your contents are working in a relevant and authentic condition, which people want, then there are chances for you to acquire new leads, and if the contents are working in the opposite direction then there is also a chance for you to lose that particular person who is already on your website.

Make sure that your contents are a way to attract customers, not to repel them. If you want to learn more about the best content, and to become a great content writer, check out the best blogging course in Kerala.

So the very next step that you have to adopt once someone has saved your website start your email marketing game and that’s our next strategy;

Email marketing

digital marketing strategy for an e-commerce website

If it is a digital marketing strategy for an e-commerce website, then email marketing is something that is extremely crucial for your business’s growth.

Email marketing inculcates a series of works that should be done correctly at the correct time. Only then can you see the results that you are expecting.

Without dragging this too much let me get straight into the points that you should be focused on when you are opting for email marketing for the growth of your business which goes like this;

▶ Welcome emails

Whenever a new subscriber signed up you have to make sure that there is an effective part of interaction from your side since they speak that. After all, that’s why they signed up.

▶ Personalization

People love it when they find something that is really for themselves, something that is particularly meant for them. Since this is the psychology of prospects, personalization can be a great Ally in aiming your customers’ most fragile points by making them feel important.

▶ Cart abandonment emails

If someone comes to your eCommerce marketing site and they run through all of your products and also have selected some of your products to the cart and suddenly they went away (might be some emergency), and they literally forget that. This can be a great loss when it is viewed from your angle, right?

These situations can be completely avoided with the help of cart abandonment emails where these emails will help your prospects to remember that they have selected some of your products to their cart which can most of the time be converted into a purchase.

▶ Promotional and back to stock emails

Reminding your prospects about the promotional events of your brand and products back to stock can be a really valuable asset because this gives the prospects an effect of frequent updations, which is proven to be effective in almost 70 % of customers. These updates give the prospects a chance to try out the new which can ultimately benefit us.

▶ Create simple email designs

Always try to keep your emails simple and informative to the peak, because too many words can tyre people out. so understand your prospects and cross-check every email that you are preparing to send with the help of the A/B test and other testing tools.

Those were some of the major things that you have to keep in mind while going for email marketing as a digital marketing strategy for your eCommerce business. This is always found to be a non-excludable strategy used by the best email marketing service in Kerala

I think I dragged it too much. but let me tell you that email marketing is a vast area that you have to cover intensely for better results. Without stirring on this too much, let’s move onto the next strategy of the Top 10 digital marketing strategies for your eCommerce business.

Now back to our situation where we are still on an eCommerce website.

Customers always prefer easiness. no matter where it is, they always prefer the ease of use and a tidy vision.

Just imagine yourself going into an eCommerce website to buy a particular commodity and you find that website really Messy with ads, products, sales, banners and everything scattered on the screen. You will find it uncomfortable to shop even though it’s just a screen. There is a great possibility for you to bounce from that site; right?

That’s exactly what I am trying to convey here. You should keep your page tidy and organised so that you won’t shoo away your customers who are coming with great expectations.

This was not a digital marketing strategy but still, you can take it as a digital marketing tip that you have to keep in mind if you want your prospects to stay and dive more into your website.

But the thing that I told about the ease of customers with payment pages is indeed an e-commerce digital marketing strategy. The main area where the prospects expect easiness is, with the payment page and not only easiness payment page should a sure a way for the safe transaction and should also make it even for the prospects for that you have to go for the renowned and trusted online transactional services, that’s where we are going to dive next;

Payment page

digital marketing for e-commerce startup

The payment page is the place where the customers want the most ease and comfort. So there are some points that are a must in setting up a payment page, which goes like;

● As I mentioned before, safe transactional paths. You should make sure that the transaction services that you are opting for are widely renowned and trusted by everyone so that they won’t have to hesitate to pay through that particular service and through which you can show that you won’t lose a purchase.

These are some of the renowned and worldwide trusted online transactional services are :

1. PayPal: 1.3.
2. Google Wallet: 1.3.
3. Amazon Payments: 1.3.
4. Authorize.Net: 1.3.
5. Stripe

Organisation the payment page that’s the very next factor that you have to keep in mind. If someone finds the payment page Messy or hard to get to their destination or if they find so many proceedings to finally make a move, then there is more than 90% of chance for that person to bounce from even from the payment page which can be really a ‘close and missed’. To avoid such situations, you have to make sure that you organise your payment page well and comfortably for your prospects.

This is not only an e-commerce digital marketing strategy but also a must followed aspect because you cannot take customer’s payments that carelessly

The next member taking place in the top 10 digital marketing strategies for your eCommerce business. Is,

search engine optimization

digital marketing strategy for ecommerce website

Since search engine marketing is the process by which your site is organically ranked based on your website’s sole performance both on-page and off-page along with technical factors like servers and other technical aspects, the main purpose of SEO in your digital marketing for e-commerce startup is also the same.

If you take a closer look, you can see SEO and all the other factors are really intertwined. Your website will be only ranked when you have all the factors indeed. But if you want the full potential of these factors in your website, then you should be reached out. And for that, you must be visible and that’s exactly what SEO does for you. Provides visibility.

It is oblivious that people going for a particular search in the search engines will barely go through the entire first page. So it is a must for you to make your eCommerce website rank at the top through SEO. if you want to get people to recognise you, you need to be at the very top in the very first place.

Search engine optimization will optimise and rank your website at the top and there is a high chance for people to get into the first website that they see on the search engine when they search for a particular commodity.

Being ranked at the top of the first page through SEO is not an easy process. It requires time and a lot of work on the websites. Sometimes the factors determining the performance of your website’s effect will be completely out of control.

Mentioning here are the off-page SEO factors, the only thing that we can do here is to make our website perfect in our unique way so that everyone will refer to it and if everyone finds it useful and informative and if they provide some evidence for that too then it’s good for our off pages factors, but it is never in our control.

In that case, the very next thing that comes to your mind to make your website visible at the top is nothing – else but pay per click marketing. 

Pay per click

e commerce digital marketing strategy

Pay per click is simply the strategy where advertisers will advertise your brand and you only pay them every time someone clicks your ad.

Since here we are talking about the e-commerce strategies, bending that into our topic vacancy, pay per click on e-commerce is a digital marketing strategy where it’s on that particular brand or commodity or products are displayed on various social media platforms websites and search engines wherever there is relatable search or scope for this particular product.

Just like the normal pay per click strategy, every time when the ad is clicked you have to pay. Just like the name. That’s why its one of the 10 digital marketing strategies for your eCommerce business

Having a powerful pay per click strategy with you while doing an e-commerce business can be really helpful most of the time.

Talking about advertising, the next digital marketing strategy for your eCommerce businesses creating ads on social media platforms.

Social media marketing

digital marketing for ecommerce startup

Social media is the place or the platforms where 99 % of people spend their time, so there is no better place to advertise than social media. A social media marketing strategy for your eCommerce business can do real good when the game is played well. This strategy is also considered to be the easy and must best e-commerce marketing strategy.

But when opting for social media marketing, it should be done verily and efficiently. because providing some ads and banners on social media platforms with irrelevant content or irrelevant influencers will do nothing.

When going for social media marketing one should realise and study the platform first. Even though all platforms serve the same purpose, every platform has its own uniqueness and characteristics which one has to abide by and follow.

Also check where are the loopholes and perfect places where they can give their ads, with which post will their ads look good and go well, etc. Since it is social media related, also check out who are the influencers that will effectively promote their brands. Should not leave any stone unturned.

Also creating a multiple social media presence will help you with branding, frequent feeds and updates on every social media platform on your brand will always keep yourself trending and people will see you again and again in their feed which will drag them towards you eventually which is our ultimate motive by all this.

Creating meaningful and valuable relationships with prospects through social media will also help in providing social proof and reviews that will help you to increase the review rate of your website too. This is why social media marketing for your e-commerce business comes under the top 10. All this info always seems to be the providence of the best social media marketing company in Kerala as a vague picture.

Is not a digital marketing strategy but when talking about keeping a meaningful and valuable relationship with prospects I thought of telling this that even if it is in the physical world businesses always tend to keep a personal and close relationship with their prospects.

Just take the case of a small shop near us, if we keep going there continuously with a considerable interval period automatically the shop owner will make an effort to bring the bond into a stronger place right. This establishment of a mental attachment is a way of assuring that your customer is not slipping away. Even if they are; they have this mental attachment on their bail.

Indeed this applies to the digital world too. Here too you have to maintain a mental attachment and a great relationship with your prospects in such a way you make sure that they are not slipping away and even if they are you can always reach out to them because of the great relationship that you have created.

Get in touch with the best social media marketing company in Kerala

Moving from psychology to the 10 digital marketing strategies for your eCommerce business; next, we have retargeting.



10 digital marketing strategies for your ecommerce business that you must know in 2021

Retargeting is a common method that is known by most of the people in this field but the good that retargeting brings to an eCommerce business is unknown and immense.

Retargeting is simply the process of reaching again to the customers that were already on your customer list. The major motive behind this is to renew the relationship and make it stronger with a pinch of brand awareness and sales opportunities.

Talking about the retargeting benefits as a digital marketing strategy for your eCommerce business is;

☛ Retargeting helps you to increase your conversion
☛ Retargeting helps you with brand awareness
☛ Retargeting will help you to improve user engagement
☛ Retargeting assures you higher ROI

Now if we move onto the points that you have to keep in mind while going for retargeting are,

☛ Personalizing your ad
☛ Take the help of Google match
☛ Keep a standard control on your retargeting
☛ Try to use email retargeting

Retargeting has the power to influence people’s minds and Peirce the idea of betterness in their heads.

Moving to the next strategy which is really important considering the current digitalization and that is mobile optimisation.

Mobile optimisation

best digital marketing company in kerala

It is not mandatory to have a desktop everywhere you go or someone might not have one. But everyone will have a mobile phone since most of the activities seem to be occurring through mobile phones comparatively with desktops because mobiles are easy to carry and access rather than desktops.

Since it is clear that mobile phones are the ones that are mostly used in the case of social media as well as website traffic too, you should make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. if it is not then there is a vast chance for you to lose a good amount of customers which may be again including a large number of potential shopper people.

There are several tools and start tools that are available with which you can easily cross-check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, like;

✔ Google page speed insights,
✔ bing mobile-friendliness test tool,
✔ Google page developers mobile-friendly test tool

These are only very few of the options of mobile-friendly test tools you can find another bunch of tools to do when you dive deeper.

The very last digital marketing strategy that we are going to discuss to benefit your eCommerce business is the arrangement and organising reviews. 


marketing agencies in india

Reviews are something which is scared by most of the people to approach since there’s a great chance of people to also give negative reviews but you shouldn’t be afraid of these negative reviews, in fact, the providence of negative reviews for your prospects is something that can be taken into an advantage. (Which I will tell at the last).

You should never hesitate to ask your prospects to give reviews on whatever their experiences are and let them give it genuinely. But you shouldn’t be really that bad so that most of the reviews will be considered as a negative ones.

If people give positive and great feedbacks with the service then it’s good, keep it aside and take it as social proof for your targeted customers, and if people give negative feedbacks quick and hurry fix that and let them know that their problem or their discomfort ability has been sorted out and also insist them on giving particular feedback on this immediate action too.

Save like this when you organise and arrange your reviews in a way that fevers you and fix all the problems of your prospects immediately if anything is reported, reviews can do great good. 


what is digital marketing in ecommerce

So that was me giving all the top 10 digital marketing strategies for your eCommerce business.

These strategies are indeed the ones that come under the top applied and successful strategies and are also trusted by a wide number of e-commerce businesses when it comes to their growth.

Hope all that information comes in handy for you.


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